Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Dec 22, 2014

Ok family, well this email is going to be short because I want to be able to save my stories for when we talk on Thursday. But don't worry becauase in 1 month I will have you all bored with my stories anyway. I do however want to tell you all that I am so grateful to be a missionary in this time of the year, being able to talk to everyone about Jesus Christ, how He was born, lived, and died for every single one of us. That is the best present that I have ever heard of. So this year try not to get too wrapped up (that is punny) with all of the christmas worldly stuff. Read the story of Christmas and think about what gift you can give back to Him this season. I love you all and I will talk to you thursday :)
Hermana Willardson

Monday, December 15, 2014


More miracles!

Happy Missionary!

Breann loves good food!  Check out that smile!

Miracle Baptisms

The whole district

Dont look too close in this pic

Dec 15, 2014 Miracle Baptisms!

Can I just first start off saying that I love the mission, I love it with my whole heart and its the best thing I have ever done in my life. :) I love Puerto Cabezas, I love the gospel, I love these people, I love spanish, I love miskitu, I love drinking from coconuts, I love being a missionary!!!! 
This week to start off the transfer we had a big bonfire on the beach with the whole zone :) it gave me animo to go and start my last change and we are starting off with a bang.SO remember last week when I told you all about the super awesome family of Anastacia? Well I dont' remember exactly what I told you all but I am going to explain again so taht you are all caught up to the story ;) ok so there is one little house and in this house live 6 people. Anastacia (mom) her son juan and his girlfriend maria izabela (at first I thought she was anastacias daughter but we found out this week that she is actually the girlfriend haha.) Sulema and her husband Josue and their two kids and Jenifer (daughter of Anastacia.) And they are the cutest family in the whole world. They are so so so receptive of the gospel seriously it blows my mind. Anyway the original plan was to baptize anastacia and Jenifer this saturday and the rest of them on sunday. But then we decided it would be more special to have all of them be baptized on Sunday. So we called the lawyer and paid him in advance for the 2 weddings so that we wouldn't be paying on sunday.. hahaha... and got everything ready for sunday. 
Also Friday night we got a call from a number we didn't know, and it was an hermana that only spoke miskitu, So I was listening and the only thing I understood was "two daughters baptism." and the dirrection to their house. So we went to see what was up. When we got there all these little kids came running out and gave us huge hugs, you can imagine our surprise haha. So when we got talking to the mom we were both like... ok laikra we don't speak miskitu, is there someone here that speaks spanish? and her daughter that is 10 told us she could translate. Turns out that this family had just moved from panama and were members there but they were less active for about 2-3 years and when they moved here they really wanted to return to the church and baptized their two daughters. So we told them that the two daughters could be baptized on sunday :) 
So sunday comes and we go in divisions to bring everyone to church. I went to go help anastacia and her family. So we get there and they are all getting ready, bathing and everything so I was like sweet I am going to let you guys finish getting ready and I am going to pass by for a couple more investigators. So I leave and hit up some other houses. check. Get them ready waiting for the bus. Then I returned back with anastacia and Sulema was really pale looking and I asked her if she was ok. She told me that she didn't feel good but that she knew that it was just a trail that Satan was putting in her path. SO I was like "ya hermana just trust in God, He will help you through!" haha. So we get them all ready and head out to the bus stop. In the way Sulema had to take a break because she was feeling dissy so I gave her the crackers that I had packed for my lunch. So then we were waiting for the bus and it was 20 minutes late :( but it finally came and I was incharge of telling the muchacho where he needed to go. So there I was hanging halfway out the door of the bus yelling directions in spanish hahaha it was a good moment. Anyway we stopped to get people on the bus and Anastacia comes up to me and she was like "hey sulema doesn't feel good i don't think we should go" and me being the annoying missionary said "no hermana these are just trials don't worry just trust in God" so she was super cute and said "you're right we are going to keep going!" So then we go to pick up another group of people and the bus gets stuck in the mud...... freak... so there I am with one of the elders because they were also in divisions and a whole bunch of angry members because it was hot and the bus was stuck in the mud. So we start trying to push the bus.... ok... me and like 10 other men start pushing the bus hahaha picture that one. One white girl in a dress and 10 latinos pushing a bus. hahaha... anyway everyone had gotten off the bus and I didn't see sulema so I got on to see if she was there and there she was with anastacia and I saw that she was sleeping... so I go up to them and asked if she was ok. to which anastacia said "hermana, she fainted..." WHAT??!?!?!?!? I was shocked because she told me super calmly hahaha so I was like freak ok I am going to go get a taxi. So I grabbed the teenager that was with me and we went running to find a taxi and of course there wasn't any... haha so we ran for about a mile, in rain boots, and dresses- we finally found one and I sent sulema her husband and her mom to the hospital... I even took her off the bus in my arms ahaha. So then we could see that the bus was not going to move and the branch president called us and said "pay for everyone to go in taxi." So then we had to go looking AGAIN for taxis haha. We FINALLY got everyone to the church and juan and maria izabel, jenifer, juslady, and amy were all baptized :) through the trials came the miracles. The elders also baptized 2 muchachos and it was super awesome. This is why I love puerto. 
Anyway this morning we went to go check up on Sulema (yes we work on pdays :) ) and she is feeling better, the doctors don't know what she has but she was super cute she said "the minute I feel better we are going to the church and I am getting baptized. I love that family... seriuosly they are incredible.
So that was the miracle of the week!!!!!
I hope you all know I love you :)
Love hermana Willy

Thursday, December 11, 2014


Last Transfer!!!!

Hey there family!!!
Wow so this is a strange feeling, I am officially in my last transfer of the mission... Freak.. the time is flying by as well and it scares me. So we aren't going to talk about it. Anyway this week was awesome, and crazy just like all the weeks here in the mission but even more in Puerto Cabezas!!!
So it started out like this, my companion went to managua for the leaders meeting (because they can only take one of us because its expensive so I will go next month.) and I stayed here working with the other hermanas. Here in Puerto there is one companionship of elders miskitus and one of hermanas miskitas and they are in charge of teaching all the people that only speak miskitu. So I went with them and it was seriously so fun. We would get to peoples houses and I would present us in miskitu (because its the only thing I know how to say hahaha) and then they would go off and start teaching hahaha I felt a little useless because I honestly couldn't help them with anything but we all laughed and had a good time with it. if you want to know how to present yourself as a missionary in miskitu say lang nani misionera sna jesus christ priska watla. Hahaha I hope you all try to say that out loud :) but I love love love the people of Puerto. The members here are so supportive and want all of their neighbors to know about the church. Its awesome. 
Anyway so this week we decided that as a zone we were going to go to the big park here in puerto and show the mormon message of christmas i think it is called something like "he is the gift" I just know that it is "Él es la dádiva" so we all bought christmas santa hats and went to go talk to everyone in the park and invite them to the pavillion to watch the short movie about christmas and then invite them to church. It was super fun because we were all dressed up for christmas and inviting people to come unto Christ :) what a better way to spend this holiday season hahaha!! No but really it was really awesome to be able to have this Christmas be even more different from the others where I am really focusing on giving back to God for the gift that He gave to all of us. His only Son.
So this week it has rained a lot and it leaves the streets with little lakes of water so we wear rainboots everyday :) my feet get hot but then I just sick them in a puddle and all is good. But you better believe that we get home with our skirts went and covered in red mud :) 
Hahaha I had a funny moment this week, sunday we were fasting and after church we went home to eat something really quick before the Chirstmas devotional and we were STARVING because it was 5:00pm sunday night so we get home and there is literally nothing but 5 eggs 2 cans of corn and a can of tuna... so we thought hmmm well we need to eat now and at night so lets eat the eggs with tuna right now and save the canned corn for dinner. SO that is how i ended my fast eating eggs and tuna :) then at night opening the can of corn and putting in a little bit of salsa. It was quite humorous and I laughed at my delicious Sunday dinner. :) 
Here in Puerto we don't usually ask for water from the members houses because if we drink too much rain water we get sick so I have started just asking for coconuts instead :) because they grow like crazy here and the people are more than willing to climb the tree and cut you a coconut with their matchete. So this week I drank coconut water every single day.
Ok are you all ready for this? This week we were lost in our area (because we are both new) and we decided to ask this Señora for directions because we were in the middle of a swamp haha. She was super nice so we introduced ourselves and asked her if we could go to her house to meet her family. So she took us to her little wooden house where she lives with 6 adult children. (adult children? does that make sense?) her 5 kids that are adults pues.... and we taught all of them about the restoration of the gospel. They are all so so so receptive and even told us that they knew it was the truth. So we invited them all to church and put a baptism date with them for this weekend and they all accepted. In this house it is Anastacia (mom) Mariazabel (17) Jenifer (20) and her son of 2 months and Sulema and her husband Josue. Sulema and Josue have to be married but they are all so so ready. All of them went to church except Josue because he had to work so this weekend we will have the baptism of Anastacia and her daughters and next weekend will be the wedding and baptism of Josue and Sulema :) I am super excited. I am going to work until my dying breath because I am eternally grateful for the chance I have had to be here. I hope you all know that I love you and I love my Savior. 
Also a special happy birthday Shout out to my lovely mother :) I might not be there but I will be for the next one :) I LOVE YOU MOMMY
Love you all!!!
Hermana Willardson

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Dec 1 2014

So here is an embarrassing fact for you all... I totally forgot that thanksgiving was this week because I keep telling myself that it is only October jajaja.
Thursday I was working all day like normal and I was in divisiones so I honestly forgot that it was thanksgiving, but when we got to the house I went to the bathroom (haha I know you wanted to know) to wash my feet as well and when I came out the hermana Reyes had cooked eggs and beans for me and gave me the plate with a big smile on her face and said "happy thanksgiving!!" Hahahaha I just started laughing to see this sweet latina sitting there with a plate of eggs and beans for our thanksgiving dinner :) and honestly, I was very very grateful for that dinner. :)
Ok kids, Puerto is CRAZY!!!! Seriously, I can't even explain it. I want to explain the 3 miracles that happened to us this week.
1. Guerry y Sara, this is a family that the hermanas had been teaching for a long time but they always thought that they couldn't be baptized because sara needed a divorce, so this family has been waiting and waiting to try to get money for a divorce because its super expensive, so last Sunday we did a special fast with them and on Tuesday we went with Hermana Sara to see about the divorce papers, when we got there, I started asking some annoying questions and turns out her other marriage was never written in the books of the country... I don't know how to explain that very well, but the thing is that her other marrige didn't count. This news was AWESOME because she is a member and Guerry has been wanting to get married and baptised for a really long time. SO we called Sara and gave her the good news and told her that they could be married the next day!!!! She was all for it but we knew we would have to get the ok from hermano guerry to do the wedding so fast, so my companion and I went to his place of work (the fire department :) ) and we told him the great news, in that moment I watched his eyes fill with tears of joy... Being able to bring him this news that he has been waiting for was one of the best moments ever. In that moment he got out his phone and called his parents I couldn't hear a lot but what I heard was something like this "Mom... tomorrow I am finally going to be able to marry sara and then be baptized... the hermanas found a way!!!!! I have never felt so happy!!!" Seriously guys it was one of the most rewarding moments. So Tuesday night we called the lawyer and got everything set up, and Wednesday night they got married and hermano Guerry was baptized. He was seriously SO happy... these miskitus are so incredible.. seriously.
Cristina, is our old rich lady :) hahaha when I got here the hermanas had been teaching her and the first time I met her I knew she was ready for baptism!!! She always told us that it was time for her to accept Jesus and she was going to be baptized. So all of this week we were getting her ready for baptism and on Saturday she invited all of her family and was baptized :) when we talked about tithing and the word of wisdom she was super open to it all. She was like "if it is something that the Lord tells me I need to do I need to do it!!!" I call her our old rich lady because she has the biggest house I have seen yet in puerto :) hehehe... 
Ricardo, ok this one was a crazy story, here in puerto we enter the house 1 hour earlier than normal.... just for safety reasons.... anyway so it was 8:05 Saturday night and we were on our way home. When all of a sudden out of no where appears a young man, who stops us and says "hey you guys are the missionaries right??" and with pride I said "why yes we are!!!" he then began to tell us that antes he had been recieving the lessons from the missionaries and was about to be baptized but they called him into the military so he never could. But he told us that he also wanted to be a missionary someday, he is 18, normally when people come up to us like that and say that I feel like they are lying but in this moment the spirit told me that it was true and this kid was telling us the truth. So I opened my mouth and this is what came out "well you can be baptized tomorrow if you want!!!!" Hahaha my companion looked at me like a crazy woman, but the next day he was interviewed and baptized :) He is super pilas (awesome) and has already asked to do visits with us to help us find more people to teach. He introduces us to his friends and everything. Seriously awesome.
The people of puerto have taught me so much. This morning as I pulled my water out of the well and then washed my clothes on a wooden wash board I realized how blessed I have been... But not only for the material things that I have waiting for me in the house but for the chance that I have had to live amoung such incredible people. So humble and so receptive to the gospel... so ready to do what the Lord asks them. If I could only say one thing for the which I am grateful this thanksgiving it is for this time I have been able to come to Nicaragua, to change my life, to love these people, to learn from them and be like them, and to help them find the way to eternal happiness. I am SO incredibly grateful for every morning that I get to wake up at 5:30 to go pull water out of the well :) seriously I am grateful for that. I am grateful when my companion doesn't tell me I am eating turtle until I am done eating haha which by the way turtle is super delicious... but it makes me SUPER sad to eat it.... so I try not to. I am grateful for every single one of you guys that have been there supporting me :) I couldn't do it without you.
Thank you all for everything :) and happy thanksgiving
Also thanks for not telling me that you were in california this week until after it all happened haha. But I am not jealous because my thanksgiving dinner was eggs and beans :)
Love you all!!
Hermana Willardson

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Another week of Hermana I need you 11/17/14

Well here we are again.. I am sure by now you are all bored of getting these letters haha don't worry soon enough  you will be missing them :)
This week was a busy, fast, and hard working week.. just like all weeks :) But thats the way uh hu uh hu I like it uh huh uh huh (just thought I would throw that song in there). 
People have always told me that when the Lord gives a lot to a person He also expects a lot from them. Sometimes I wonder how I am capable to do all the things that the Lord has commanded me to do. And then the voice of good ol Nefi comes to mind "the Lord will give no commandment unto the children of men sin preparales la via para que cumplen lo que El Señor les ha mandado." spanglish.... but thats how my brain works. Hahaha.
This week the primary president of a different ward called me in a panic and asked me to accompany the primary in their program on Sunday at 8:00, our meetings start at 10:00 and normally we are out colecting investigadores at this time so in my mind I was thinking that it would be imposible to help her but when I opened up my mouth out came the words "of course hermana, when can I get the music from you?" This was thursday night and Sunday morning I had to play... even though I didn't practice until Sunday morning it actually went surprisingly well (tender mercy jajaa)
This primary program was super cute and it made me think about my cute nieces and nephews.. which by the way are GIANTS.... goodness when did that happen. 

This week me toco a ir afuera... shoot... english... I had to work a lot outside of my area and leave my daughter here to take care of the area. In total I was only in my Area Saturday and Sunday.. but I am SO GRATEFUL because my daughter did an awesome job :) She has been a huge help to me and I am grateful for my little Hermana Palencia. It was another tender mercy :) 
This week when I was in a different area we went to go visit a family that the hermanas were teaching. When we got there the investigador looked at me from head to toe and said... "you have been a missionary for a long time haven't you?" 
"well kinda.. why hermana?" said me.
"because your clothes are old and your shoes have holes in them, also your plack is fading..."
"uhhhh... well thats embarrassing... hahaha"
"Hermana what shoe size are you?"
"ummm like 9 why?"
so I sat there and waited for this lady to come back.
When she came back she had a pair of brand new shoes in her hands.. she told me to put them on to see if they fit. Which they did. And then she looked at me and told me that she was going to give them to me... It was a moment that is hard for me to explain.. watching this woman.. that has a tin roof, and just rice and beans to eat, so selflessly giving a pair of shoes to a white girl that has a house in the united states with hot water... I wish you all could feel what I felt in that moment.. 
The mission has taught me what is humility... what it means to be selfless.. to be Christ like.. Nicaragua is a land of miracles.. and a land of people that are so open to the gospel. I am so impressed and I stand all amazed at the love these people have for complete strangers.. I am so grateful for everything that I have been able to see here in the mission and I know that these things that I have learned will help me to be a better person.
This weekend if all goes well we will have the baptism of Alfonzo.. I don't remember if I talked about him.. but here is his story. We contacted him in the street when I was with hermana Gamboa.. he said he wanted to leave behind his addictions and become better. SO we startred teaching him but he never came to church so we stopped teaching him. 3 weeks ago he showed up alone, and said "so did you guys get bored of visiting me?" haha that night we invited him to be baptized and he accepteed. This Friday he will be getting baptized :) you are all invited!!!
Anyway I hope all is well in the winter wonderland. Save me some hot chocolate.
Love you all!
Hermana Willardson



Hey Fammmmmmmm

To: Gayle Willardson
Hey kids, I don't have much time today because we were enjoying pday in Nicaragua. HAhaha sorry...
Anyway this week was a week of a lot of working because we needed to find more families to teach. Luckily The Lord was on our side. We were able to find a lot of really cool families, the thing that I love about being a missionary is that I am able to find out a lot about peoples lives in the first few minutes of talking to them. I have lost all knowledge of the words "personal life" and the best part is that here in Nicaragua they will tell you everything you want to know!! Hahaha. I love Nicarauga, seriously. 
so I am going to tell you a little bit about Ixta y Erving.
Erving is the papa de Ixta and he is the husband of a member of 4 years. She is named Jasmina, but she is a bit less active. Last week Ixta came to the church by herself and told us that she wants us to visit her dad and she wants to be baptized. This week we went to have a lesson with them. In our companionship study we have been practicing a lot in how to follow the Spírit and I kid you not this was one of the most spiritual lessons I have ever had. WE talked about how the Lord used his daughter to guide us to him, to be able to help him repent of his sins. It was so strong that he cried.. Seriously I wish I could express better what it is to see a grown man cry to know that he can be forgiven of the things he has done... I want to be a missionary FOREVER!!!!!! They are being prepared to be baptized this 22. 
Nora and her whole family.. I am not going to write all of the names because there are like 12 people that live there with her. We were walking down the street one day in divisions and I was with Hermana Gamboa (my old comp) and I had the feeling to talk to a lady that was walking with her two kids. So as she got closer I said "HI HOW ARE YOU?!?!" Super excited haha and she was taken by surprised and was SUPER receptive, she told us that she works all during the week until 9:00 at night... so we have been sacrificing a little to be able to teach her. WE get to her house at 9:00 and tehre she is waiting for us every night :) She is so loving and so receptive of the Gospel. She hasn't accepted a fecha... oops... baptismal date yet but I know she will soon. Pray for them!!!
And this week we celebrated being in Nicaragua and we baught a piñata!!! Everyone here loves piñatas so we broke it open as a district and it was a grand old time, eating sandwiches of eggs and rice :) hahahaha. 
I hope you all know that I love this work, I am so eternally grateful to be here as a missionary, growing and learning everyday. Falling, and standing back up again. Watching people change their lives, and feeling that rewarding feeling of knowing that I have been an instrument in the Lords hands. I am so grateful :) Even if I won't be eating turkey this week I know that there is a big plate of beans and rice waiting for me!!!! And i couldn't be happier :)
I love you all!!
Hermana Willardson!

Monday, November 3, 2014

Nov 3

Hey there family!!1
Well not much to report from my end this week... things were pretty normal :) and definitely can't complain. As usual the time is flying by and I am not sure how to handle it. Most of the time I just work and work and then I am in bed and I think wait... what day is today...? HOLY COW ITS NOVEMBER!!!!!! This week I literally felt scared because eventually I am going to have to come home hahaha. And with all of the news I have been recieving lately... I feel like I am not going to recognize anyone or anything... BUT who cares because I am still here in my little happy town of Nicaragua :)
This week was the week of service and with that came a lot of little miracles... 
It started like this...
 Wednesday meetings all day :(
Thursday, "hermanaWilly... my companion is sick and the nurse said that she needs to rest.. I cant find members to do divisions with us until 5:00 but my companion needs medicine.. what can we do?"
"i'm on my way sister!" so I go to drop off the medicine and work in the area of the other hermanas for a little bit so that they don't stress out. Then we return back to our area with my daughter :) 
Friday "hermana Willy, can you come talk to our family that is supposed to get baptized this Saturday they are passing through a rough time and are doubting the baptism"
"I'm  on my way Hermana!"
Saturday "hermana... remember that family you talked to? So they are getting baptised and married today but we also have another baptism... can you go help the hermana get ready?"
"I am on my way sister"
"hermana thank you for bringing the family... one more favor... can you decorate the church for the wedding?? we had members that were going to do it but they never showed up...."
"I am on my way sister"
"hermana.... could you please sing a musical number in this baptism??"
".... I am on my way sister"
all in all it was a very exhausting week hahaha and I was feeling a little down because a lot of it took me out of my area and we didn't have very many people committed to church.... to be honest I felt a little un animated... or whatever that is in ingles. 
But Saturday night.. in the middle of a thirst filled fast... I prayed a very desperate prayer with all the faith that I could scrounge up-
Sunday morning we left the house early and started looking for every single investigator we have at the moment... and none of them were going to come... tears filled my eyes and I felt defeated... In that moment a family started walking our way and I felt the impression to invite them.. but my natural woman said "no dude... you don't know them... church starts in 30 minutes they aren't going to go..." But God is merciful and whispered to my companion as well she started talking to them and we invited them to come to church. :) And for some miracle they went.
This moment was such a testimony to me that we can not lose the faith... even when it seems like there is no escape. GOD WILL PROVIDE.
I am so grateful to be serving :) it makes me so happy!!!!
I love you all and wish you all a fantastic Weelk!!!!
Hermana Willy. 

Friday, October 31, 2014


Breann Falling asleep while praying!

Breann with  her friends

Breann with daughter and grand daughter

Baptism time!

Breann loves the Nicaraguans and they love    her!



Hey family!!!! i hope all is going well over there in the states... its starting to get cold isn't it... what a chilling thought hahahaha that was funny. 
Its still hot and rainy here in my beautiful Nicaragua :) and things are going great on this end.
Well first and foremost, WALTER AND CANDIDA... this week we were getting everything ready for their baptism and they were so prepared honestly I was a little shocked because there is ALWAYS some sort of problem before every baptism but they were so prepared that there didn't seem to be any problem. Saturday morning we called them and all was good :) so we started getting everything ready... and then 20 mintues before the baptism there was a HUGE rainstorm and it knocked out the phone lines...  My companion looked at me and said "freaking Satanas" hahahaha so we said a prayer that they would be able to get to church and everything would go well. That the members could also asistir. It was 6:15 and no one had showed up... the baptism was scheduled for 6:00 so I started worrying just a little but we had faith that everything was going to work out alright. At 6:45 in walked Walter and Candida soaking wet but with big smiles on their faces- And shortly after them came the members. They told me that they wouldn't miss this day for the world. Seriously I can not express the gratitude that I feel. Seriously I am so grateful that the Lord has blessed me to see these miracles in my Nicaragua. These people have changed my life. Hermana Candida shared her testimony and it brought me to tears. The Spirit testified so strongly that she is going to do great things here in the church and that she is going to remain strong. This has been the best part of finishing the mission.. all of my converts are so awesome!!!! But these last couple of families have a better understanding and all of them have goals to go to the temple. Seriously... I have been so incredibly blessed. 
This week I was in divisions with Hermana Villacorta and we decided to contact a bus again :) I enjoy contacting busses because I can be like a preacher hahaha "RAISE YOUR HAND IF YOU BELIEVE IN JESUS!!!!!" ahhahahaha "THOSE THAT FEEL THE POWER OF THE HOLY SPIRIT WILL KNOW THAT NOW IS THE TIME TO REPENT AND BE BAPTIZED!!!" thats right... they call me the preacher willy. Just kidding no one calls me that.. but if they could they would. Its rather exciting and I think I will do it in the States as well. :) 
Things are going great here in my neck of the woods we are working hard with high goals... even though my time might be coming to an end the work continues and I will not rest until I am on that plane home. :)
Have a fantastic week, I love you all! 
Hermana Willy willy. 

Monday, October 20, 2014

Oct 20,2014

Before I post Breann’s letter I just want you all to know….she will be home 3 months from today!!!!!!
Ok so I am just a little excited!  Her homecoming will be Jan 25th at 12:50

Hey there family!!  
Well this week was another good one... haha I think I start all of my letters like that.. Are you guys bored of reading that same line..? OK this week was another AMAZING WEEK in the work haha.. even though nothing too extraordinary happened it was a good one. :) 
It all started with Monday night, I was sitting on the floor because the tile is always cold and all of a sudden I feel the earth start to shake.. So naturally and calmly I said to my companion "hey do you feel that" to which she replied no. So I told her to come sit on the floor with me and as soon as she sat down the earthquake was even stronger so she jumped up and yelled and ran outside hahaha I wont lie it was a hilarious thing to see because I was totally calm just chillin on the floor and she just jumped up and left me. It was a pretty strong earthquake but the good news is that nothing too major happened. 
I am going to update you all quickly on the status of the investigators. 
Emilio y Maria, They are still progressing well, they just have a couple of questions about why they need to be baptized again but that is an easy obstaculo... wait... obstacle.. I think thats how thats spelled. haha silly English. They weren't able to come to church this Sunday because Emilio had to work, but I still have faith that they are going to be baptized. Keep praying for them
Candida y Walter.. Walter is the son of Candida I think I told you that... but they are seriously incredible. This week we mixed things up a little bit. Everyday we left them with homework and then the next day we would come back and give them our nametags and we played "you be the missionaries" (a little twist on the game dad loves of you be the parent haha) So then they would teach us what they learned and Walter even invited us to be baptized that kid is going to be and incredible missionary. Anyway it all ended with them saying that this Saturday (25) they are going to be baptized at 2:00 :) I know that they are going to be some of my favorite converts... I know I am not supposed to have favorites.. but I just love that little family. They have so much love as mother and son and they just have such a thirst to know the truth. I love teaching them. Candida told us that this week she went early morning walking with some of her groupies and she taught all of them about the book of Mormon.. We have 3 new people to teach this week thanks to her. I am always amazed at how the Lord works... He brought us to them, and now through them we are finding even more people to teach. I always felt like this area was small but now I am seeing that it has so much potential. I am also so grateful for my little companion :) even though she is new she teaches with such power. The Spirit is in every single lesson. She has been learning so fast and I am seriously so happy to have her :) I am grateful to know that we are going to be together for next change too. 
I am grateful for this gospel and for the chance that I have been able to see it change not only my life but the lifes for so many others. :) I know that Christ lives, I know He died for me. I love Him and I will serve Him.
I love you all and wish you all the best week ever!!!!
Hermana Willy willy...
ps funny story, mom the candy you sent me is the brand Wonka.. and here everyone calls them willy wonkas so as I was giving candy to some kids they were all laughing because willy was giving willy wonka.. I was straight up the candy factory this week :) 

Saturday, October 18, 2014


Hey familiy, so this is the third time that I am writing this email because this computer has problems... and it always crashs right about when I am about to finish. 
Anyway I got your package today, thank you so much for your love and candy. It was just that extra boost that I needed.
I wanted to share with you guys a couple of the miracles that we saw here this week with my Daughter... that just added to my testimony that Heavenly Father takes care of my area even when I am not here because I am helping other Hermanas.
Rejina, she has been an investigator ever since I got to the area. We were working hard with Hermana Behan to try to get her baptized but she never wanted to. So as the time went on we slowly stopped visiting her. This week I got the strong impression that we needed to go visit her. So as we knocked on the door she answered with a huge smile on her face and said. "I knew you guys would come." :) So then we asked her how she had been and she started to cry uncontrollably... now we all know that I am not the best when it comes to people sharing their emotions so I just stood there awkwardly patting her back as she continued sobbing. When she finally got herself together she looked up at me and said.. "I know that the church is true.. I have been waiting for you guys to come back.. I am going to be baptized this Sunday." This moment was such a tender moment to see that she had realized that the message that we have will and did change her life. So this sunday after church our sweet Rejina was baptized.
Also this week we found a really cool new family.. It is actually and interesting story. We were out looking for references and one of them led us to a house but it wasn't the people we were looking for. But I was like hmmm we are going to talk to this lady anyway. So we contacted Maria and she asked us to come to her house the next day. SO the next day (Saturday) we went to her house and taught her and her husband and her 2 teenage girls the Restauracion. It was a very powerful lesson and the Spirit was so strong. We left them with the Book of Mormon and invited them to church. They then told us that they had been pastors of their own church and had established 3 churches but as we testified that today there is a living Prophet Hermana Maria started weeping... she told us that she had always known and that she just needed a little help. They hadnt been going to church for a whole year. So sunday they came with us and fell in love. It was testimony meeting and as I bore my testimony about eternal families.. I started to cry... I don't cry very often these days but in that moment the spirit was very strong and I was overwhelmed with gratetude for my eternal family. As I looked at our little family of investigators all of them were (was?) crying as well. That afternoon after church we went and taught them again. They are now preparing to be baptized the 24th of this month to celebrate my 15 months in the mission. Pray for them
My last little miracle is about a lady named Candidad... she is the latina clone of aunt Kaye.. I kid you not... It freaks me out sometimes. Anyway we have been teaching her for the passed to weeks with her son named Wallter, she left her husband because he was a drunk (ok.. that isn't like aunt kaye.. but her personality is...) hahaha. So we invited her last Saturday to go to conference with us and when we passed by she was all ready and in Inglish told me "lets go home girl" hahaha I laughed really hard. Then we taught her during the week and all of them were lessons that ended with us laughing super hard. This Saturday we wanted to take someone to see a baptism so we showed up at her house and invited her 15 minutes before it was going to start. TO which she replied hold on let me get sexy first. HAhaha so she threw on her dress and came to the baptism. Yesterday in Church we were in Relief Society (we had taught her the plan of salvation) and they asked her to share a small testimony. SO she talked about how all of our thoughts need to be directed to the Celestial Kingdom... I sat there amazed at how much she knew. Seriously this woman is incredible. WE haven't been able to get her to accept a firm baptismal date but I know she will be entering into the waters of baptism pronto.
I am so eternally grateful for the Love that my Heavenly Father has given me. He knows I am tired and a little worn out but I am still giving it my all and for that he blesses me. I am grateful to be a missionary and I hope it never ends. I love you all :) 
Until next week!!!
Hermana Willy willy

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Pics from the week

10-6-14 Raining!

Well family it is officially winter here in Nicaragua.. I say winter but what I mean is that it is still hot it just rains all the time. Right now it is about 76 degrees outside and I am in a sweater... good heavens I don't know what is going to happen with me when I am in snow... hahaha.
This week was a really busy but really great week. I have been put in charge of the hermanas in Tipitapa which only has one companionship of hermanas because supposedly it is slightly dangerous. But don't worry nothing happened while I was there, but the divisions along with the meetings that I had last week meant that I had to leave my companion here in the area with other hermanas for 3 days straight.. poor girl... I felt bad because the poor thing is still new but I guess the Lord wants her to learn fast haha. This week as a missionary is like Christmas. Being able to bring people to General Conference is a huge deal because the Spirit is SO STRONG and no one can deny that that cute old Prophet is a Prophet of God. So we worked really hard this week and we were able to bring 3 families to the conference. We went Saturday afternoon and to both on Sunday. But let me just explain to you all how Sunday went down. Ok so we woke up early (5:00) and started getting ready. We studied for an hour and by 7:00 we were knocking on the doors of Less Actives, Recent Converts and Investigators. Sometimes I think to myself how many friends I would have if I was this annoying at home on a Sunday morning hahah. Anyway, so we do the usual... Knock knock "what do you want" 
"hermano its time to go to church" 
"I don't want to"
"thats too bad, we are here and we are coming in!!"
So we walk in and help them cook breakfast, iron thier clothes, and even sometimes put on thier shoes. Hahaha. All for a good cause right.
Then we hop in the bus, yup we take a bus to church. And this Sunday in particual I was thinking about you guys home on the couch watching the conference and there I was, sweating, riding a bus full of stinky people, not even sitting but standing in said bus, tired, and smelly, but with a big smile on my face. How blessed have I been to be here in Nicaragua helping people recieve this Gospel that is really helping them change their lives? So blessed. I never have felt the joy that I feel as I watch people file into the church to be able to hear the voice of the prophets and apostles. Blessed :) Then we leave to go grab some lunch because I was STARVING. So we shoved it all down and set out for round two.. but this time God gave us a twist... RAIN and a lot of it... so there we were soaking wet barging into peoples houses and getting them ready to go to church... I ended up giving my rain coat and umbrella to different investigators. hahahha but when we got to church we sent them to sit down and we dried ourselves with the paper towels from the bathroom. Shower Nicaraguan style. I am really learning to rock the wet dog look just so you all know. Then we enter the room and some crazy man has the air conditioning on... so I froze just a little but it was so worth it. 
I just want to end with my testimony that I know that God has called prophets today, that we are so lucky and so blessed to be part of the ONLY church that has communication directly with a loving Father in Heaven. I know that the church has been restored and that we are living in the recogimiento de Israel. Cuan grande es nuestro llamamiento!!!!!
Les Amo!!!!!
Hermana Willardson 

Monday, September 29, 2014

Pics from Sept 2014

Ryan and Danelia Baptism

Breann’s daughters

Breann the wedding planner

Hermana Palencia, Breann, Elder Mann and Elder Gonzalez

H.Willardson and H. Palencia

Wedding of Ryan and Danelia