Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Another week of Hermana I need you 11/17/14

Well here we are again.. I am sure by now you are all bored of getting these letters haha don't worry soon enough  you will be missing them :)
This week was a busy, fast, and hard working week.. just like all weeks :) But thats the way uh hu uh hu I like it uh huh uh huh (just thought I would throw that song in there). 
People have always told me that when the Lord gives a lot to a person He also expects a lot from them. Sometimes I wonder how I am capable to do all the things that the Lord has commanded me to do. And then the voice of good ol Nefi comes to mind "the Lord will give no commandment unto the children of men sin preparales la via para que cumplen lo que El Señor les ha mandado." spanglish.... but thats how my brain works. Hahaha.
This week the primary president of a different ward called me in a panic and asked me to accompany the primary in their program on Sunday at 8:00, our meetings start at 10:00 and normally we are out colecting investigadores at this time so in my mind I was thinking that it would be imposible to help her but when I opened up my mouth out came the words "of course hermana, when can I get the music from you?" This was thursday night and Sunday morning I had to play... even though I didn't practice until Sunday morning it actually went surprisingly well (tender mercy jajaa)
This primary program was super cute and it made me think about my cute nieces and nephews.. which by the way are GIANTS.... goodness when did that happen. 

This week me toco a ir afuera... shoot... english... I had to work a lot outside of my area and leave my daughter here to take care of the area. In total I was only in my Area Saturday and Sunday.. but I am SO GRATEFUL because my daughter did an awesome job :) She has been a huge help to me and I am grateful for my little Hermana Palencia. It was another tender mercy :) 
This week when I was in a different area we went to go visit a family that the hermanas were teaching. When we got there the investigador looked at me from head to toe and said... "you have been a missionary for a long time haven't you?" 
"well kinda.. why hermana?" said me.
"because your clothes are old and your shoes have holes in them, also your plack is fading..."
"uhhhh... well thats embarrassing... hahaha"
"Hermana what shoe size are you?"
"ummm like 9 why?"
so I sat there and waited for this lady to come back.
When she came back she had a pair of brand new shoes in her hands.. she told me to put them on to see if they fit. Which they did. And then she looked at me and told me that she was going to give them to me... It was a moment that is hard for me to explain.. watching this woman.. that has a tin roof, and just rice and beans to eat, so selflessly giving a pair of shoes to a white girl that has a house in the united states with hot water... I wish you all could feel what I felt in that moment.. 
The mission has taught me what is humility... what it means to be selfless.. to be Christ like.. Nicaragua is a land of miracles.. and a land of people that are so open to the gospel. I am so impressed and I stand all amazed at the love these people have for complete strangers.. I am so grateful for everything that I have been able to see here in the mission and I know that these things that I have learned will help me to be a better person.
This weekend if all goes well we will have the baptism of Alfonzo.. I don't remember if I talked about him.. but here is his story. We contacted him in the street when I was with hermana Gamboa.. he said he wanted to leave behind his addictions and become better. SO we startred teaching him but he never came to church so we stopped teaching him. 3 weeks ago he showed up alone, and said "so did you guys get bored of visiting me?" haha that night we invited him to be baptized and he accepteed. This Friday he will be getting baptized :) you are all invited!!!
Anyway I hope all is well in the winter wonderland. Save me some hot chocolate.
Love you all!
Hermana Willardson



Hey Fammmmmmmm

To: Gayle Willardson
Hey kids, I don't have much time today because we were enjoying pday in Nicaragua. HAhaha sorry...
Anyway this week was a week of a lot of working because we needed to find more families to teach. Luckily The Lord was on our side. We were able to find a lot of really cool families, the thing that I love about being a missionary is that I am able to find out a lot about peoples lives in the first few minutes of talking to them. I have lost all knowledge of the words "personal life" and the best part is that here in Nicaragua they will tell you everything you want to know!! Hahaha. I love Nicarauga, seriously. 
so I am going to tell you a little bit about Ixta y Erving.
Erving is the papa de Ixta and he is the husband of a member of 4 years. She is named Jasmina, but she is a bit less active. Last week Ixta came to the church by herself and told us that she wants us to visit her dad and she wants to be baptized. This week we went to have a lesson with them. In our companionship study we have been practicing a lot in how to follow the Spírit and I kid you not this was one of the most spiritual lessons I have ever had. WE talked about how the Lord used his daughter to guide us to him, to be able to help him repent of his sins. It was so strong that he cried.. Seriously I wish I could express better what it is to see a grown man cry to know that he can be forgiven of the things he has done... I want to be a missionary FOREVER!!!!!! They are being prepared to be baptized this 22. 
Nora and her whole family.. I am not going to write all of the names because there are like 12 people that live there with her. We were walking down the street one day in divisions and I was with Hermana Gamboa (my old comp) and I had the feeling to talk to a lady that was walking with her two kids. So as she got closer I said "HI HOW ARE YOU?!?!" Super excited haha and she was taken by surprised and was SUPER receptive, she told us that she works all during the week until 9:00 at night... so we have been sacrificing a little to be able to teach her. WE get to her house at 9:00 and tehre she is waiting for us every night :) She is so loving and so receptive of the Gospel. She hasn't accepted a fecha... oops... baptismal date yet but I know she will soon. Pray for them!!!
And this week we celebrated being in Nicaragua and we baught a piñata!!! Everyone here loves piñatas so we broke it open as a district and it was a grand old time, eating sandwiches of eggs and rice :) hahahaha. 
I hope you all know that I love this work, I am so eternally grateful to be here as a missionary, growing and learning everyday. Falling, and standing back up again. Watching people change their lives, and feeling that rewarding feeling of knowing that I have been an instrument in the Lords hands. I am so grateful :) Even if I won't be eating turkey this week I know that there is a big plate of beans and rice waiting for me!!!! And i couldn't be happier :)
I love you all!!
Hermana Willardson!

Monday, November 3, 2014

Nov 3

Hey there family!!1
Well not much to report from my end this week... things were pretty normal :) and definitely can't complain. As usual the time is flying by and I am not sure how to handle it. Most of the time I just work and work and then I am in bed and I think wait... what day is today...? HOLY COW ITS NOVEMBER!!!!!! This week I literally felt scared because eventually I am going to have to come home hahaha. And with all of the news I have been recieving lately... I feel like I am not going to recognize anyone or anything... BUT who cares because I am still here in my little happy town of Nicaragua :)
This week was the week of service and with that came a lot of little miracles... 
It started like this...
 Wednesday meetings all day :(
Thursday, "hermanaWilly... my companion is sick and the nurse said that she needs to rest.. I cant find members to do divisions with us until 5:00 but my companion needs medicine.. what can we do?"
"i'm on my way sister!" so I go to drop off the medicine and work in the area of the other hermanas for a little bit so that they don't stress out. Then we return back to our area with my daughter :) 
Friday "hermana Willy, can you come talk to our family that is supposed to get baptized this Saturday they are passing through a rough time and are doubting the baptism"
"I'm  on my way Hermana!"
Saturday "hermana... remember that family you talked to? So they are getting baptised and married today but we also have another baptism... can you go help the hermana get ready?"
"I am on my way sister"
"hermana thank you for bringing the family... one more favor... can you decorate the church for the wedding?? we had members that were going to do it but they never showed up...."
"I am on my way sister"
"hermana.... could you please sing a musical number in this baptism??"
".... I am on my way sister"
all in all it was a very exhausting week hahaha and I was feeling a little down because a lot of it took me out of my area and we didn't have very many people committed to church.... to be honest I felt a little un animated... or whatever that is in ingles. 
But Saturday night.. in the middle of a thirst filled fast... I prayed a very desperate prayer with all the faith that I could scrounge up-
Sunday morning we left the house early and started looking for every single investigator we have at the moment... and none of them were going to come... tears filled my eyes and I felt defeated... In that moment a family started walking our way and I felt the impression to invite them.. but my natural woman said "no dude... you don't know them... church starts in 30 minutes they aren't going to go..." But God is merciful and whispered to my companion as well she started talking to them and we invited them to come to church. :) And for some miracle they went.
This moment was such a testimony to me that we can not lose the faith... even when it seems like there is no escape. GOD WILL PROVIDE.
I am so grateful to be serving :) it makes me so happy!!!!
I love you all and wish you all a fantastic Weelk!!!!
Hermana Willy.