Friday, October 31, 2014



Hey family!!!! i hope all is going well over there in the states... its starting to get cold isn't it... what a chilling thought hahahaha that was funny. 
Its still hot and rainy here in my beautiful Nicaragua :) and things are going great on this end.
Well first and foremost, WALTER AND CANDIDA... this week we were getting everything ready for their baptism and they were so prepared honestly I was a little shocked because there is ALWAYS some sort of problem before every baptism but they were so prepared that there didn't seem to be any problem. Saturday morning we called them and all was good :) so we started getting everything ready... and then 20 mintues before the baptism there was a HUGE rainstorm and it knocked out the phone lines...  My companion looked at me and said "freaking Satanas" hahahaha so we said a prayer that they would be able to get to church and everything would go well. That the members could also asistir. It was 6:15 and no one had showed up... the baptism was scheduled for 6:00 so I started worrying just a little but we had faith that everything was going to work out alright. At 6:45 in walked Walter and Candida soaking wet but with big smiles on their faces- And shortly after them came the members. They told me that they wouldn't miss this day for the world. Seriously I can not express the gratitude that I feel. Seriously I am so grateful that the Lord has blessed me to see these miracles in my Nicaragua. These people have changed my life. Hermana Candida shared her testimony and it brought me to tears. The Spirit testified so strongly that she is going to do great things here in the church and that she is going to remain strong. This has been the best part of finishing the mission.. all of my converts are so awesome!!!! But these last couple of families have a better understanding and all of them have goals to go to the temple. Seriously... I have been so incredibly blessed. 
This week I was in divisions with Hermana Villacorta and we decided to contact a bus again :) I enjoy contacting busses because I can be like a preacher hahaha "RAISE YOUR HAND IF YOU BELIEVE IN JESUS!!!!!" ahhahahaha "THOSE THAT FEEL THE POWER OF THE HOLY SPIRIT WILL KNOW THAT NOW IS THE TIME TO REPENT AND BE BAPTIZED!!!" thats right... they call me the preacher willy. Just kidding no one calls me that.. but if they could they would. Its rather exciting and I think I will do it in the States as well. :) 
Things are going great here in my neck of the woods we are working hard with high goals... even though my time might be coming to an end the work continues and I will not rest until I am on that plane home. :)
Have a fantastic week, I love you all! 
Hermana Willy willy. 

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