Monday, October 20, 2014

Oct 20,2014

Before I post Breann’s letter I just want you all to know….she will be home 3 months from today!!!!!!
Ok so I am just a little excited!  Her homecoming will be Jan 25th at 12:50

Hey there family!!  
Well this week was another good one... haha I think I start all of my letters like that.. Are you guys bored of reading that same line..? OK this week was another AMAZING WEEK in the work haha.. even though nothing too extraordinary happened it was a good one. :) 
It all started with Monday night, I was sitting on the floor because the tile is always cold and all of a sudden I feel the earth start to shake.. So naturally and calmly I said to my companion "hey do you feel that" to which she replied no. So I told her to come sit on the floor with me and as soon as she sat down the earthquake was even stronger so she jumped up and yelled and ran outside hahaha I wont lie it was a hilarious thing to see because I was totally calm just chillin on the floor and she just jumped up and left me. It was a pretty strong earthquake but the good news is that nothing too major happened. 
I am going to update you all quickly on the status of the investigators. 
Emilio y Maria, They are still progressing well, they just have a couple of questions about why they need to be baptized again but that is an easy obstaculo... wait... obstacle.. I think thats how thats spelled. haha silly English. They weren't able to come to church this Sunday because Emilio had to work, but I still have faith that they are going to be baptized. Keep praying for them
Candida y Walter.. Walter is the son of Candida I think I told you that... but they are seriously incredible. This week we mixed things up a little bit. Everyday we left them with homework and then the next day we would come back and give them our nametags and we played "you be the missionaries" (a little twist on the game dad loves of you be the parent haha) So then they would teach us what they learned and Walter even invited us to be baptized that kid is going to be and incredible missionary. Anyway it all ended with them saying that this Saturday (25) they are going to be baptized at 2:00 :) I know that they are going to be some of my favorite converts... I know I am not supposed to have favorites.. but I just love that little family. They have so much love as mother and son and they just have such a thirst to know the truth. I love teaching them. Candida told us that this week she went early morning walking with some of her groupies and she taught all of them about the book of Mormon.. We have 3 new people to teach this week thanks to her. I am always amazed at how the Lord works... He brought us to them, and now through them we are finding even more people to teach. I always felt like this area was small but now I am seeing that it has so much potential. I am also so grateful for my little companion :) even though she is new she teaches with such power. The Spirit is in every single lesson. She has been learning so fast and I am seriously so happy to have her :) I am grateful to know that we are going to be together for next change too. 
I am grateful for this gospel and for the chance that I have been able to see it change not only my life but the lifes for so many others. :) I know that Christ lives, I know He died for me. I love Him and I will serve Him.
I love you all and wish you all the best week ever!!!!
Hermana Willy willy...
ps funny story, mom the candy you sent me is the brand Wonka.. and here everyone calls them willy wonkas so as I was giving candy to some kids they were all laughing because willy was giving willy wonka.. I was straight up the candy factory this week :) 

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