Monday, December 15, 2014

Dec 15, 2014 Miracle Baptisms!

Can I just first start off saying that I love the mission, I love it with my whole heart and its the best thing I have ever done in my life. :) I love Puerto Cabezas, I love the gospel, I love these people, I love spanish, I love miskitu, I love drinking from coconuts, I love being a missionary!!!! 
This week to start off the transfer we had a big bonfire on the beach with the whole zone :) it gave me animo to go and start my last change and we are starting off with a bang.SO remember last week when I told you all about the super awesome family of Anastacia? Well I dont' remember exactly what I told you all but I am going to explain again so taht you are all caught up to the story ;) ok so there is one little house and in this house live 6 people. Anastacia (mom) her son juan and his girlfriend maria izabela (at first I thought she was anastacias daughter but we found out this week that she is actually the girlfriend haha.) Sulema and her husband Josue and their two kids and Jenifer (daughter of Anastacia.) And they are the cutest family in the whole world. They are so so so receptive of the gospel seriously it blows my mind. Anyway the original plan was to baptize anastacia and Jenifer this saturday and the rest of them on sunday. But then we decided it would be more special to have all of them be baptized on Sunday. So we called the lawyer and paid him in advance for the 2 weddings so that we wouldn't be paying on sunday.. hahaha... and got everything ready for sunday. 
Also Friday night we got a call from a number we didn't know, and it was an hermana that only spoke miskitu, So I was listening and the only thing I understood was "two daughters baptism." and the dirrection to their house. So we went to see what was up. When we got there all these little kids came running out and gave us huge hugs, you can imagine our surprise haha. So when we got talking to the mom we were both like... ok laikra we don't speak miskitu, is there someone here that speaks spanish? and her daughter that is 10 told us she could translate. Turns out that this family had just moved from panama and were members there but they were less active for about 2-3 years and when they moved here they really wanted to return to the church and baptized their two daughters. So we told them that the two daughters could be baptized on sunday :) 
So sunday comes and we go in divisions to bring everyone to church. I went to go help anastacia and her family. So we get there and they are all getting ready, bathing and everything so I was like sweet I am going to let you guys finish getting ready and I am going to pass by for a couple more investigators. So I leave and hit up some other houses. check. Get them ready waiting for the bus. Then I returned back with anastacia and Sulema was really pale looking and I asked her if she was ok. She told me that she didn't feel good but that she knew that it was just a trail that Satan was putting in her path. SO I was like "ya hermana just trust in God, He will help you through!" haha. So we get them all ready and head out to the bus stop. In the way Sulema had to take a break because she was feeling dissy so I gave her the crackers that I had packed for my lunch. So then we were waiting for the bus and it was 20 minutes late :( but it finally came and I was incharge of telling the muchacho where he needed to go. So there I was hanging halfway out the door of the bus yelling directions in spanish hahaha it was a good moment. Anyway we stopped to get people on the bus and Anastacia comes up to me and she was like "hey sulema doesn't feel good i don't think we should go" and me being the annoying missionary said "no hermana these are just trials don't worry just trust in God" so she was super cute and said "you're right we are going to keep going!" So then we go to pick up another group of people and the bus gets stuck in the mud...... freak... so there I am with one of the elders because they were also in divisions and a whole bunch of angry members because it was hot and the bus was stuck in the mud. So we start trying to push the bus.... ok... me and like 10 other men start pushing the bus hahaha picture that one. One white girl in a dress and 10 latinos pushing a bus. hahaha... anyway everyone had gotten off the bus and I didn't see sulema so I got on to see if she was there and there she was with anastacia and I saw that she was sleeping... so I go up to them and asked if she was ok. to which anastacia said "hermana, she fainted..." WHAT??!?!?!?!? I was shocked because she told me super calmly hahaha so I was like freak ok I am going to go get a taxi. So I grabbed the teenager that was with me and we went running to find a taxi and of course there wasn't any... haha so we ran for about a mile, in rain boots, and dresses- we finally found one and I sent sulema her husband and her mom to the hospital... I even took her off the bus in my arms ahaha. So then we could see that the bus was not going to move and the branch president called us and said "pay for everyone to go in taxi." So then we had to go looking AGAIN for taxis haha. We FINALLY got everyone to the church and juan and maria izabel, jenifer, juslady, and amy were all baptized :) through the trials came the miracles. The elders also baptized 2 muchachos and it was super awesome. This is why I love puerto. 
Anyway this morning we went to go check up on Sulema (yes we work on pdays :) ) and she is feeling better, the doctors don't know what she has but she was super cute she said "the minute I feel better we are going to the church and I am getting baptized. I love that family... seriuosly they are incredible.
So that was the miracle of the week!!!!!
I hope you all know I love you :)
Love hermana Willy

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