Saturday, October 18, 2014


Hey familiy, so this is the third time that I am writing this email because this computer has problems... and it always crashs right about when I am about to finish. 
Anyway I got your package today, thank you so much for your love and candy. It was just that extra boost that I needed.
I wanted to share with you guys a couple of the miracles that we saw here this week with my Daughter... that just added to my testimony that Heavenly Father takes care of my area even when I am not here because I am helping other Hermanas.
Rejina, she has been an investigator ever since I got to the area. We were working hard with Hermana Behan to try to get her baptized but she never wanted to. So as the time went on we slowly stopped visiting her. This week I got the strong impression that we needed to go visit her. So as we knocked on the door she answered with a huge smile on her face and said. "I knew you guys would come." :) So then we asked her how she had been and she started to cry uncontrollably... now we all know that I am not the best when it comes to people sharing their emotions so I just stood there awkwardly patting her back as she continued sobbing. When she finally got herself together she looked up at me and said.. "I know that the church is true.. I have been waiting for you guys to come back.. I am going to be baptized this Sunday." This moment was such a tender moment to see that she had realized that the message that we have will and did change her life. So this sunday after church our sweet Rejina was baptized.
Also this week we found a really cool new family.. It is actually and interesting story. We were out looking for references and one of them led us to a house but it wasn't the people we were looking for. But I was like hmmm we are going to talk to this lady anyway. So we contacted Maria and she asked us to come to her house the next day. SO the next day (Saturday) we went to her house and taught her and her husband and her 2 teenage girls the Restauracion. It was a very powerful lesson and the Spirit was so strong. We left them with the Book of Mormon and invited them to church. They then told us that they had been pastors of their own church and had established 3 churches but as we testified that today there is a living Prophet Hermana Maria started weeping... she told us that she had always known and that she just needed a little help. They hadnt been going to church for a whole year. So sunday they came with us and fell in love. It was testimony meeting and as I bore my testimony about eternal families.. I started to cry... I don't cry very often these days but in that moment the spirit was very strong and I was overwhelmed with gratetude for my eternal family. As I looked at our little family of investigators all of them were (was?) crying as well. That afternoon after church we went and taught them again. They are now preparing to be baptized the 24th of this month to celebrate my 15 months in the mission. Pray for them
My last little miracle is about a lady named Candidad... she is the latina clone of aunt Kaye.. I kid you not... It freaks me out sometimes. Anyway we have been teaching her for the passed to weeks with her son named Wallter, she left her husband because he was a drunk (ok.. that isn't like aunt kaye.. but her personality is...) hahaha. So we invited her last Saturday to go to conference with us and when we passed by she was all ready and in Inglish told me "lets go home girl" hahaha I laughed really hard. Then we taught her during the week and all of them were lessons that ended with us laughing super hard. This Saturday we wanted to take someone to see a baptism so we showed up at her house and invited her 15 minutes before it was going to start. TO which she replied hold on let me get sexy first. HAhaha so she threw on her dress and came to the baptism. Yesterday in Church we were in Relief Society (we had taught her the plan of salvation) and they asked her to share a small testimony. SO she talked about how all of our thoughts need to be directed to the Celestial Kingdom... I sat there amazed at how much she knew. Seriously this woman is incredible. WE haven't been able to get her to accept a firm baptismal date but I know she will be entering into the waters of baptism pronto.
I am so eternally grateful for the Love that my Heavenly Father has given me. He knows I am tired and a little worn out but I am still giving it my all and for that he blesses me. I am grateful to be a missionary and I hope it never ends. I love you all :) 
Until next week!!!
Hermana Willy willy

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