Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Dec 1 2014

So here is an embarrassing fact for you all... I totally forgot that thanksgiving was this week because I keep telling myself that it is only October jajaja.
Thursday I was working all day like normal and I was in divisiones so I honestly forgot that it was thanksgiving, but when we got to the house I went to the bathroom (haha I know you wanted to know) to wash my feet as well and when I came out the hermana Reyes had cooked eggs and beans for me and gave me the plate with a big smile on her face and said "happy thanksgiving!!" Hahahaha I just started laughing to see this sweet latina sitting there with a plate of eggs and beans for our thanksgiving dinner :) and honestly, I was very very grateful for that dinner. :)
Ok kids, Puerto is CRAZY!!!! Seriously, I can't even explain it. I want to explain the 3 miracles that happened to us this week.
1. Guerry y Sara, this is a family that the hermanas had been teaching for a long time but they always thought that they couldn't be baptized because sara needed a divorce, so this family has been waiting and waiting to try to get money for a divorce because its super expensive, so last Sunday we did a special fast with them and on Tuesday we went with Hermana Sara to see about the divorce papers, when we got there, I started asking some annoying questions and turns out her other marriage was never written in the books of the country... I don't know how to explain that very well, but the thing is that her other marrige didn't count. This news was AWESOME because she is a member and Guerry has been wanting to get married and baptised for a really long time. SO we called Sara and gave her the good news and told her that they could be married the next day!!!! She was all for it but we knew we would have to get the ok from hermano guerry to do the wedding so fast, so my companion and I went to his place of work (the fire department :) ) and we told him the great news, in that moment I watched his eyes fill with tears of joy... Being able to bring him this news that he has been waiting for was one of the best moments ever. In that moment he got out his phone and called his parents I couldn't hear a lot but what I heard was something like this "Mom... tomorrow I am finally going to be able to marry sara and then be baptized... the hermanas found a way!!!!! I have never felt so happy!!!" Seriously guys it was one of the most rewarding moments. So Tuesday night we called the lawyer and got everything set up, and Wednesday night they got married and hermano Guerry was baptized. He was seriously SO happy... these miskitus are so incredible.. seriously.
Cristina, is our old rich lady :) hahaha when I got here the hermanas had been teaching her and the first time I met her I knew she was ready for baptism!!! She always told us that it was time for her to accept Jesus and she was going to be baptized. So all of this week we were getting her ready for baptism and on Saturday she invited all of her family and was baptized :) when we talked about tithing and the word of wisdom she was super open to it all. She was like "if it is something that the Lord tells me I need to do I need to do it!!!" I call her our old rich lady because she has the biggest house I have seen yet in puerto :) hehehe... 
Ricardo, ok this one was a crazy story, here in puerto we enter the house 1 hour earlier than normal.... just for safety reasons.... anyway so it was 8:05 Saturday night and we were on our way home. When all of a sudden out of no where appears a young man, who stops us and says "hey you guys are the missionaries right??" and with pride I said "why yes we are!!!" he then began to tell us that antes he had been recieving the lessons from the missionaries and was about to be baptized but they called him into the military so he never could. But he told us that he also wanted to be a missionary someday, he is 18, normally when people come up to us like that and say that I feel like they are lying but in this moment the spirit told me that it was true and this kid was telling us the truth. So I opened my mouth and this is what came out "well you can be baptized tomorrow if you want!!!!" Hahaha my companion looked at me like a crazy woman, but the next day he was interviewed and baptized :) He is super pilas (awesome) and has already asked to do visits with us to help us find more people to teach. He introduces us to his friends and everything. Seriously awesome.
The people of puerto have taught me so much. This morning as I pulled my water out of the well and then washed my clothes on a wooden wash board I realized how blessed I have been... But not only for the material things that I have waiting for me in the house but for the chance that I have had to live amoung such incredible people. So humble and so receptive to the gospel... so ready to do what the Lord asks them. If I could only say one thing for the which I am grateful this thanksgiving it is for this time I have been able to come to Nicaragua, to change my life, to love these people, to learn from them and be like them, and to help them find the way to eternal happiness. I am SO incredibly grateful for every morning that I get to wake up at 5:30 to go pull water out of the well :) seriously I am grateful for that. I am grateful when my companion doesn't tell me I am eating turtle until I am done eating haha which by the way turtle is super delicious... but it makes me SUPER sad to eat it.... so I try not to. I am grateful for every single one of you guys that have been there supporting me :) I couldn't do it without you.
Thank you all for everything :) and happy thanksgiving
Also thanks for not telling me that you were in california this week until after it all happened haha. But I am not jealous because my thanksgiving dinner was eggs and beans :)
Love you all!!
Hermana Willardson

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