Monday, November 3, 2014

Nov 3

Hey there family!!1
Well not much to report from my end this week... things were pretty normal :) and definitely can't complain. As usual the time is flying by and I am not sure how to handle it. Most of the time I just work and work and then I am in bed and I think wait... what day is today...? HOLY COW ITS NOVEMBER!!!!!! This week I literally felt scared because eventually I am going to have to come home hahaha. And with all of the news I have been recieving lately... I feel like I am not going to recognize anyone or anything... BUT who cares because I am still here in my little happy town of Nicaragua :)
This week was the week of service and with that came a lot of little miracles... 
It started like this...
 Wednesday meetings all day :(
Thursday, "hermanaWilly... my companion is sick and the nurse said that she needs to rest.. I cant find members to do divisions with us until 5:00 but my companion needs medicine.. what can we do?"
"i'm on my way sister!" so I go to drop off the medicine and work in the area of the other hermanas for a little bit so that they don't stress out. Then we return back to our area with my daughter :) 
Friday "hermana Willy, can you come talk to our family that is supposed to get baptized this Saturday they are passing through a rough time and are doubting the baptism"
"I'm  on my way Hermana!"
Saturday "hermana... remember that family you talked to? So they are getting baptised and married today but we also have another baptism... can you go help the hermana get ready?"
"I am on my way sister"
"hermana thank you for bringing the family... one more favor... can you decorate the church for the wedding?? we had members that were going to do it but they never showed up...."
"I am on my way sister"
"hermana.... could you please sing a musical number in this baptism??"
".... I am on my way sister"
all in all it was a very exhausting week hahaha and I was feeling a little down because a lot of it took me out of my area and we didn't have very many people committed to church.... to be honest I felt a little un animated... or whatever that is in ingles. 
But Saturday night.. in the middle of a thirst filled fast... I prayed a very desperate prayer with all the faith that I could scrounge up-
Sunday morning we left the house early and started looking for every single investigator we have at the moment... and none of them were going to come... tears filled my eyes and I felt defeated... In that moment a family started walking our way and I felt the impression to invite them.. but my natural woman said "no dude... you don't know them... church starts in 30 minutes they aren't going to go..." But God is merciful and whispered to my companion as well she started talking to them and we invited them to come to church. :) And for some miracle they went.
This moment was such a testimony to me that we can not lose the faith... even when it seems like there is no escape. GOD WILL PROVIDE.
I am so grateful to be serving :) it makes me so happy!!!!
I love you all and wish you all a fantastic Weelk!!!!
Hermana Willy. 

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