Thursday, December 11, 2014

Last Transfer!!!!

Hey there family!!!
Wow so this is a strange feeling, I am officially in my last transfer of the mission... Freak.. the time is flying by as well and it scares me. So we aren't going to talk about it. Anyway this week was awesome, and crazy just like all the weeks here in the mission but even more in Puerto Cabezas!!!
So it started out like this, my companion went to managua for the leaders meeting (because they can only take one of us because its expensive so I will go next month.) and I stayed here working with the other hermanas. Here in Puerto there is one companionship of elders miskitus and one of hermanas miskitas and they are in charge of teaching all the people that only speak miskitu. So I went with them and it was seriously so fun. We would get to peoples houses and I would present us in miskitu (because its the only thing I know how to say hahaha) and then they would go off and start teaching hahaha I felt a little useless because I honestly couldn't help them with anything but we all laughed and had a good time with it. if you want to know how to present yourself as a missionary in miskitu say lang nani misionera sna jesus christ priska watla. Hahaha I hope you all try to say that out loud :) but I love love love the people of Puerto. The members here are so supportive and want all of their neighbors to know about the church. Its awesome. 
Anyway so this week we decided that as a zone we were going to go to the big park here in puerto and show the mormon message of christmas i think it is called something like "he is the gift" I just know that it is "Él es la dádiva" so we all bought christmas santa hats and went to go talk to everyone in the park and invite them to the pavillion to watch the short movie about christmas and then invite them to church. It was super fun because we were all dressed up for christmas and inviting people to come unto Christ :) what a better way to spend this holiday season hahaha!! No but really it was really awesome to be able to have this Christmas be even more different from the others where I am really focusing on giving back to God for the gift that He gave to all of us. His only Son.
So this week it has rained a lot and it leaves the streets with little lakes of water so we wear rainboots everyday :) my feet get hot but then I just sick them in a puddle and all is good. But you better believe that we get home with our skirts went and covered in red mud :) 
Hahaha I had a funny moment this week, sunday we were fasting and after church we went home to eat something really quick before the Chirstmas devotional and we were STARVING because it was 5:00pm sunday night so we get home and there is literally nothing but 5 eggs 2 cans of corn and a can of tuna... so we thought hmmm well we need to eat now and at night so lets eat the eggs with tuna right now and save the canned corn for dinner. SO that is how i ended my fast eating eggs and tuna :) then at night opening the can of corn and putting in a little bit of salsa. It was quite humorous and I laughed at my delicious Sunday dinner. :) 
Here in Puerto we don't usually ask for water from the members houses because if we drink too much rain water we get sick so I have started just asking for coconuts instead :) because they grow like crazy here and the people are more than willing to climb the tree and cut you a coconut with their matchete. So this week I drank coconut water every single day.
Ok are you all ready for this? This week we were lost in our area (because we are both new) and we decided to ask this Señora for directions because we were in the middle of a swamp haha. She was super nice so we introduced ourselves and asked her if we could go to her house to meet her family. So she took us to her little wooden house where she lives with 6 adult children. (adult children? does that make sense?) her 5 kids that are adults pues.... and we taught all of them about the restoration of the gospel. They are all so so so receptive and even told us that they knew it was the truth. So we invited them all to church and put a baptism date with them for this weekend and they all accepted. In this house it is Anastacia (mom) Mariazabel (17) Jenifer (20) and her son of 2 months and Sulema and her husband Josue. Sulema and Josue have to be married but they are all so so ready. All of them went to church except Josue because he had to work so this weekend we will have the baptism of Anastacia and her daughters and next weekend will be the wedding and baptism of Josue and Sulema :) I am super excited. I am going to work until my dying breath because I am eternally grateful for the chance I have had to be here. I hope you all know that I love you and I love my Savior. 
Also a special happy birthday Shout out to my lovely mother :) I might not be there but I will be for the next one :) I LOVE YOU MOMMY
Love you all!!!
Hermana Willardson

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