Monday, September 29, 2014

Sept 29th! 2014

Hey guys!!!!!
I hope your week is going great :) mine sure was awesome!!! ok be patient with this email we are at a different cyber today and this keyboard actually works.. It is weirding me out that I don't have to push down the keys with all the force of my fingers. Strange. 
Ok so first of we are going to start you with the funny story of the week, Yesterday we were sitting at lunch and Hermana Behan called me, this was the conversation.
"willy what are you doing?"
"eating lunch why?"
"oh good stop eating we need you here in our house in 20 minutes, your companion will need to bring stuff to sleep in."
"Wait.. why?"
"ok see you soon."
well ok.. hahaha basically I have just learned how do say "yes dear" and do what I am told. It is one of my best traits now a days. So we run home pack my companions stuff and go to Behans house when I get there this is how the conversation goes. 
"hey why am I here?"
"oh we are going to sing in a devotional in 10 minutes we need to pick a song and pratice it."
well ok.. so we pick a hymn and send our companions out to work as we run over to the church.
Turns out this devotional we were singing at was for young single adults and President was giving them advice about getting married... talk about feeling out of place... anyway so we get up there and we sang a primary song but when we get there behan says
"so does anyone here play the piano?"
and this kid stands up awkwardly and starts walking to the piano when 
I realized.. we don't know the words to this song and we are the only ones with a primary hymn book. So I told Behan that and she was like oh crap...
"that is great that you can play the piano... hahaha you may sit down now...." hahahahahaha it was hilarious. The poor guy was so embarrassed.
Another funny story is that there is a parrot here in this cyber that keeps saying HELLO HELLO?!?!?!?! HAHAHAHAHAHa and its laugh is like an evil witch haha now it is yelling CHELITA CHELITA (white girl white girl) and now it started meowing... what the... hahahaha anyway so I am typing and laughing at the same time-
Ok time for the miracle... SO last week I told you all that Ryan and Danelia were going to get married and baptised so this week we were focused on getting them ready. I put to test my creativity to get everything decorated and ready with balloons flowers the whole shabang... So they show up saturday and everything is great..then  the lawyer asks them for their papers----- whivh they had left in the house... SO I go RUNNING full speed with my companion to their house and we bust into their room and start looking for these papers... luckily we found them pretty fast. So we go booking it back to the church just DRENCHED in sweat... seriously it was disgusting. BUT the good news is that they were married and then Baptized :) There little boy when he saw the baptismal font said... "look mom a pool!!!!! I want to go in!!!!" hahaha but There was such a strong spirit there that testified to me that they are going to help the church here and go on to make lasting covenants in the temple- That is what I am here for. I couldn't care less about the numbers I am not here for that, I am here to help people make lasting covenants so that they can be with their families forever. I am so eternally grateful for the oportunity that my Padre Celestial has given me to be here as a missionary. All of the miracles he has allowed me to take part in. I love this Gospel, I love being a missionary!!!! I love you all!!
Love Hermana Willardson

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