Monday, September 8, 2014

Sept. 8 2014. Thor in Nicaragua!

Sept. 8, 2014
Hey Fam!!!! How are you all doing this week?!?! I am doing just great, although I honestly feel like it was maybe 4 hours ago that I was writing you all last. Time is FLYING!!! I think this week might have been one of the fastest weeks that I have had so far. 
We had the privelege of having Elder Alonzo (70) Here in the mission with us this week. Honestly it was awesome to have a general authority, you can just feel the power. No joke. Someday I am going to be friends with a general authority and just have him sit there and talk to me about the Gospel. This email is going to be a little short because they changed the rules on us and now we have less time to write but I am going to fit in as much as I can! 
Basically all of this week I was in meetings, learning how to teach in the Lords way. Seriously if I could teach even a little bit like the Lord I know that all people would want to flock to the baptismal font. So that is what my studies have been focused on. To teach how the Lord taught. It has been quite interesting if I might say so myself. 
This week I was able to see how much the Lord blesses me as a leader, he knows that somedays I am not in my area, but he protects my investigators every time. Seriously He loves me. 
We have an incredible family that we are teaching right now, Brian and Danelia. This week we taught them about the Book of Mormon and then when we went back to see if they had read this is how the conversation went. 
"hey hermana how are you!!!"
"I am so great!"
"oh awesome! So did you guys get a chance to read what we left in the Book of Mormon?"
"YES!! And as I was reading it we felt something different... like if we had heard this story before... we felt something familiar.." 
In that moment the Spirit was SO STRONG... and the only thing I could think was "well I bet thats because they are probably related to the Laminites." And so thats what I said. I testified that Christ came to the Americas, and I know it is true. I know that He loves all of us. Seriously the spirit was so strong. Then they told us that they had cravings to read the whole book but they didn't know if they could read more than what we had left them :). So they are reading!!! Then in the closing prayer Danelia said "God, thank you for sending me the Hermanas.. I know what they are teaching is true. I am grateful for the prophets that were here in the Americas, that helped my ancestors follow thee."
They are preparing to be baptized for the 27th of this month. Pray for them!
Funny stories of the week,
I was out teaching this week and we saw a group of old people. So I thought, Hey lets go talk to them!! hahaha so we started preaching to them and I decided to ask one guy what year he was born to which he responded "I was born a baby!!" hahaha... ummm... thats interesting because I was born an adult.. haha. I think he must have gotten confused at my question.
So some of you might have heard about the falling star that fell really close to where I live this week... scared the living daylights out of me.. Hahah there I was sleeping peacefully when all of a sudden BOOOOOMMMMMM... and everything started shaking!! I woke up and my hands were gripped tightly on my bed. I had no idea what had happened so I was like "hey compa did you hear that?"...... Zzzzzz nothing... hahaha. So I got out of bed and walked to the door. All of the car alarms were going off and dogs were going crazy. I had no idea what had happened. I thought that maybe an airplane had crashed... but then a ton of dust started falling and I was like... what in the world is going on here. Then I realized I was tired and went back to bed haha. But the next day the whole world was talking about it. My theory is that Thor has come to Nicaragua. I am going to find him and teach him the gospel. 
Anyway short but sweet, I love you all. See you next week!!!
Hermana willy willy.

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