Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Sept 23, 4 more months and she is on a plane home!!!!!

Hey guys, wasnt it just like yesterday that I was writing you all? I feel like yes it was... Anyway its all good time is flying like usual, thats a lie, it goes by faster every single day. 
So lets get to the good stuff :) 
Tuesday I got to go pick up my daughter from the mission house. For those of you in California that are asking me about Elder Utah Mann he is doing just great. He did the haukka in front of everyone his first day and people think he is the coolest guy ever haha. He has been assigned to Villa Flor which is here in Managua, its not in my zone but it is close. 
But more importantly, my daughter is adorable. Her name is Hermana Palencia and she is from El Salvador, she reminds me a lot of my old companion Hermana Cruz. She has so so so much faith and so much excitement for the work. Seriously this is why I love training. Her faith and energy give this old worn out missionary a boost :) It is funny to me to see her come with her new clothes all cute still and I wake up in the morning to see what skirt hasn't gone see through with all the time haha. Life of the old missionary :)  
So you should all probably remember when I talked about Ryan and Danelia. The family that is adorable and when they read the Book of Mormon they said that they felt something familiar about it? Ok so I have been in so many stinkin meetings that we hadn't passed by in awhile and I was just praying that they were still reading and awesome as usual. Tuesday night we went there and I told Hermana Palencia that we needed to invite them to be married so that they can get baptized (usually this is where we can tell if the investigators are chosen or not haha) so we had the most spiritual lesson that I have had in a long time. Testifying of the blessings of keeping this commandment, I know that the Spirit came and testified that our words were true. We talked about how they can have an eternal family when they get seal in the temple in 1 year (because that is the real goal) and after we invited them to get married and baptized the 27th. They looked at each other for awhile and my heart was pounding... i told them we were going to plug our ears and they could talk about it..... but i didnt plug my ears very well and I heard this sweet conversation between the two of them

"well its true it is a commandment...." Ryan
"It is you are right... I want to have you forever not just for this life" Danelia
"what do you think love? should we do it?" Ryan
"I have this burning in my heart that is saying yes...." Danelia
"ok lets do it :)" Ryan

I haven't cried often during lessons... but in this moment I did. Knowing that they felt and understood the Spirit was so rewarding. And knowing that my daughter (hna palencia) had this strong of a spiritual experience so early in her mission made me just break down in gratefulness. I am so extremely grateful. 
SO RING THE BELLS WE GONNA HAVE A WEDDING!!!!! With all of the weddings that I have planned...  I think i Know what my new carrer choice is. I am going to be a wedding planner. HAhah. 10 days to plan a wedding.. that should be a movie. And then the baptism :) pray for them. They are amazing.

Funny stories of the week. We were walking down the street one day and a little girl comes running after me saying (in English)
Hey white girl hey white girl!!!! Do you speak English?? 
Me :ummm kinda... haha
Little girl: good because my mom needs to talk to you.
Me: ok where is she?
So we go and find this lady sitting on the stairs and she starts telling me that she moved her with her husband because he got deported but now that they are here he has fallen into drugs and all kinds of bad stuff... so I took the oportunity to testify... but my testimony was like this.
Me: look hermana I know that some times things are dificil but you just gotta put your confianza in El SeƱor and He will help you out of it. 
Elizabet:umm I didn't understand much of what you said but I am going to keep praying and I am going to go to your church on Sunday. Maybe we should practice English...

How embarrassing. hahahaha.

Last funny story and then I gotta bounce. There is a little girl named Ericka, she is the daughter of some converts and she is the most adorable little girl ever she has 2 1/2 years. This week I got a call from a number I didn't know and I hear a little voice say
"Hermana Willy tengo hambre"
I imideately recognized the voice as hers but I didnt' know from what number she was calling me from so I asked for her mom and she just started laughing and kept saying tengo hambre tengo hambre so right before I hang up i hear her mom... ERICKA WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!?! Hahahahahaha she had found her moms phone and called me to tell me that she was hungry because she knows that I always bring her snacks. Hilarious :)
Anyway I hope you all know that I am happy and working hard!! I love the mission, I love the church, I love to know that I am going to be with you all forever :)
Love Hermana Willy Willy! 

ps.. trunky thought for you all, in exactly 4 months from today I will be on a plane coming home.

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