Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Emergency Transfers! What? Sept. 1

Sept 1
Well Family,
This week has been quite the week, it has definitely been tiring but very rewarding!! As you all know this area definitely hasn't been the easiest one... is it impossible? NO! But it does require a lot more work than some of my other areas. But I am ok with that :) It keeps me on my toes. 
This week started off great, we have been working a lot with the members, getting them pumped up to share the Gospel. We had a little training session with some of the wards most awesome members to train them in how to share the mission lessons so that they would feel more comfortable joining us. Then this week we set out looking for new people to teach. Through references we were able to find about 15 new people and 5 new families!!! It was SWEET!!!!
The plan was this, and I am going to tell you because I am proud of this inspiration that I got haha.
We have a DVD that has a mormon message that I really like, it is called "because of Him" (you can probably find it on YouTube). Anyway with this movie we went and visited the members and less actives and showed them this movie and invited all of them to think in someone that they could introduce us to. Then we set specific appointments for when we would come back so that they could introduce us to their reference and then have a lesson with them. It was incredible how some of the members responded. They were SO excited!!! And we were super excited too because I know that references are SO much more effective than knocking doors. Anyway so during the week we had more lessons with members than we did without! That is a sweet thing!! Haha especially because a lot of the members that we took out are converts of less than a year.. They are still super new in the church but have such a strong desire to share the gospel. Incredible. So then thursday came around and at about 5:00pm we recieved a phone call from the zone leaders....
"Hermana Willardson...?"
"Ya thats me"
"Can you put me on speaker phone?"
"well... ya...." (my heart pounding because I know that is never a good sign...)
"Hermanas, you have emergency changes, Hermana Colado is going to Chinandega to be senior companion, Hermana Willardson will stay here in you area as a TL and will be recieving Hermana Gamboa as her new companion. Have all of your stuff ready and be in the chapel at 8:00 tomorrow morning."


So my sweet little daughter grew up really fast and now she is senior companion in Chinandega. And I have a new companion. Hermana Gamboa, she is from Mexico, and she is pretty awesome!
Alright, so now onto Sunday... game day....
We knew that we had to get Dinora and her family to church so that they could be confirmed... When we showed up Ashley was still in bed. (small confession... don't mess with me on Sunday morning.. I don't take no for an answer) So I was like Ashley what the heck are you doing we need to go. And like every teenage girl she was like "I don't want to shower just let me sleep!!!" Well... I wasn't going to take that for an answer so I walked right into her bedroom and picked her up off of her bed... yes ladies and gentleman... I did that.. and I carried her into the bathroom and put her down and said "Shower right now we are leaving in 20 minutes.." hahahaha you can all imagine the look on my new companions face :) but luckily she just laughed really hard and we left to go get some other investigators. And like normal a lot of them still had some stupid excuse.. so I was like... well at least we are going to have some comfirmaciones today. So we went back to go get Dinora and family... and Diana can't find her shoes... Good heavens...we start tearing apart the house and nothing... so.. I gave her mine hahaha. And I walked to church barefoot... was it a dumb idea... yes, because now i have burns on my feet.. BUT hey all of them were confirmed members of the church :) ALSO I thought we weren't going to have any investigators at church but when we got there two members came up to us SUPER excited and said " We brought a family to church with us!!" In that moment, I cried. I am so grateful for the things that I am learning in this area, it hasn't been easy but that is why I am grateful. It streches me to my limits, physically, spiritually, and emotionally. And just when I feel like I have done more than I thought I could do the Lord shows His hand. Always. So we will be working with this family and we will continue working with the members. They are so vital in this work. 
I am so grateful for every single one of the trials, every single one of the bad days, because I know that they mean that I am going to have a really awesome day soon!! :) I feel my Saviors love and I cannot deny it.
I love you all!
Hermana Willardson

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