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July 14,2014

July 14, 2014
Hahaha I hope you all enjoyed the subject of this email. Don't worry I will explain. This week was a pretty good one, I definitely can't complain :). I just want to start off letting you all know that the mission is awesome. If you are thinking about going or not.. GO. I love it. Hahaha anyway I am going to fill you all in on what is going on here in good old Nicaragua. Yes it is still rainy, but there are days were it is super super super hot and then days where I am shivering haha reminds me of Utah a little bit. Bipolar weather. Anyway everyone here this week was hyped up about the world cup and all so it was a little hard to get in to teach but we still managed.. I dont even want to imagine how it was for Annie... I thought about that a bit this week. I hope you all enjoyed your time in California, jealous but at the same time... not too much haha. 
So I am going to fill you all in on this week. Well basically I am going to tell you some stories from this week because I don't remember what days happened what. hahaha... oops... anyway here are some highlights from the week.
I went to Esteli to work with Hermana Ewing, she is one of my favorites because I started the mission one transfer after her but we were in Chinandega together. We always have a good time when we are in divisions. Anyway we got into one lesson where the lady just started yelling at us and we had brought a member and so the member and investigator just started yelling back and forth... uggggg. Those lessons leave you feeling kinda awful and I still haven't learned how to control what I say very well.. So I told her when her heart is more open to give us a call.. haha I know I shouldn't be so sassy but I don't like it when people say stupid things and think they are right... Anyway, haha moving on. At the end of the day the Zone Leaders called because the... whats it called... uhh... mission couple? sure thats what we call them.. haha.. Well they were in the area installing fire alarms in all of the houses of the missionaries because no one has one. So we had to go to the house to let them in and I was a little bummed because I didn't want to end the day early but then the Barkers told us that they were going to take us out to eat at BURGUR KING!!!! Oh how I have missed a good burger. 
This week I also got stung by a bee... ya go figure that one.. hahaha turns out I also have a small alergy.. I didn't spell that right... anyway.. haha. My WHOLE ARM swole up so big I was so embarrassed. I had forgotten what a bee sting feels like. SO I will explain the story. I was walking with my companion and we were talking and laughing like always and all of a sudden my arm started hurting super bad! I was like what in the world is going on... I looked down and saw the bee and I was like are you kidding me.. haha. Then my whole arm went to sleep it was the weirdest feeling. It HURT but it was like asleep... I dunno how to explain it.. So we dug around my arm to get the stingger out and I put my jacket on and we went to go teach. At the end of the night I took my jacket off and my arm was huge and I was like... what the... hahha so I called the nurse up and she told me to buy some allergy medicine. Don't worry now we are all good. It is still slightly swollen but eh what do you do :)
Lets see, then on Friday I was in divisions with Hermana Janzen (that is why it was a week of white girls divisions with two gringas) Apparently we look a lot a like because everyone asked us if we are sisters. Sometimes we said yes. Haha but we were teaching one lesson and I sat in a little kids rocking chair to teach the lesson and I was quite comfortable but when I got up to hand them by Book of Mormon the chair was stuck on my butt hahahahaha I laughed so hard. We all had a good laugh that day. Also I have a convert that at night he guards some fruits in a fruit stand so we were passing by and he was like hey hermanas lets switch, you guys guard here and I am going to go out and talk to people about the gospel. So just to play along I was like ya ok. So I went and sat in his chair and he left... well turns out he wasn't joking all that much.. hahaha. He seriously left for 10 minutes. I didn't know what to do. So I sold fruit for 10 minutes of the mission :)
Man even though I love to tell you guys funny stories of the mission I hope you know that I am also having a ton of spiritual experiences.. sometimes they are just a little harder for me to share. But I will share with you that I know that the Lord protects His children ESPECIALLY as missionaries. Even though sometimes things happen, I have felt His protection. I know that if I am obedient He will save me from danger. I am grateful that I have had this time here in Nicaragua and I wouldn't change it for the world. I have learned so much and I am a different person, well, I am a better person now. I love the Gospel and I love you all as well. 
Be good, say your prayers, and maybe pray for the safety of the missionaries :)
I love you
Hermana Willardson.

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