Monday, August 4, 2014

Letter from Breann’s Companion

June 30, 2014
Hi family!! this is Sister González I'm the Willy's companion as you may know haha.. I'm sorry because my english is not perfect. 
But I'll try to write my fellings for your daughter.
Sister Willardson is a huge blessing in my life, actually she is my favorite companion. She had thaught me a lot!!! and I'm glad that she is with me now!
And I want you to know why I'm saying that she is THE BEST
Here you have a few reasons... (cuz I don't have the time, and the words are not enough to describe exactly how she had blessed my life)
1.She's an EXTRAORDINARY missionary!!
2.She's my BEST FRIEND
3.She's a GREAT example for me and for our investigators
4.She makes me laugh ALL DAY LONG!!!
5.She helps me to feel the SPIRIT daily :)
6.I Love her blue eyes!! hahaha
7.We have seen the blessings and MIRACLES together, and how the Lord prepares the people for us!!
8.She trust me a lot! so I feel the responsibility to improve myself EVERYDAY!!
9.She loves EVERYONE!!
10.She REPRESENTS JESUSCHRIST in every moment.

I just want you to know that you all are lucky to have such a GREAT daughter, MISSIONARY, and FRIEND in your family.
I'm glad that God blessed me with this AMAZING COMPANION!!!

I hope I'll have the pleasure to meet you some day!!
Have a great week!!


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