Monday, August 4, 2014

Aug 4, 2014

August 4, 2014
Man oh man, I have so much to tell you guys I just don't even know where to begin... 
Ok lets begin with last week, I didn't have much time to write because we did an activity as leaders in the whole mission for pday. We went to the zoo and played sports like kickball, soccer, basketball, volleyball and the coolest part is that all of the animals were right around us. It was quite fun if I do say. I got to see some good friends and we had a good time. I have realized something though... I still have horrible hand eye coordination... and my eye-foot coordination is worse. Soccer is NOT my sport haha. But after we all played we got certified to teach.. umm I am going to explain that.. President is doing this new program where you get certified in teaching the lessons. It is actually super awesome because if you are good at teaching, the people will understand why they need to get baptized. I had already been certified so I got to go certify other missionaries. I kinda felt some what important haha. Then on Tuesday we had our regular leaders meeting. The thing that I love about the mission is that things are always changing, things are progressing and the Lord is giving us the tools we need to do His work. :) WOOOOOOHHHHOOOO. Anyway then on Wednesday I was with Hermana Janzen in divisiones, it is always funny to be with another white girl because people always want to talk to you. For the record now if I ask people where they think I am from 78% of the time they say Spain, 10% the US and 2% Guatemala... haha I think that since I have had many companions from Guate I might have picked up a couple of words from there. 
This week we found some AWESOME investigators. And here is how it all happened, we were looking for some Less Actives because a lot of our appointments had fallen through, well we went to like 4 different houses looking for them and nothing. I was a little bummed because I don't like it when people lie about where they live... so I was kinda just in a bummer mood. Anyway, we were walking around and I saw a woman sitting on the ground and I had the overwhelming feeling that I needed to talk to her.. but since I was being a punk I pushed away the feeling and kept walking. As we walked passed her I got this feeling AGAIN that we should contact her... but I didn't (I know you are all probably thinking right now that I am a bad missionary... sorry) But then I felt REALLY guilty and I repented. SO we went back to talk to her, Her name is Kelen and she lives alone with her 3 kids, she has passed through some hard times and was praying to God to give her a sign that He exists... when we walked passed her without saying anything she took it as a sign that He doesn't.. (Ya I felt really bad.. I promised to never push off a prompting again.) But then when we came back she felt His love through us. It never ceases to amaze me that even though a lot of times I am hard headed the Lord still allows me to be part of this work, to see the miracles and witness the changes in His children. Gosh I am so lucky :) Well I would tell you more about the investigators but I have some big news. I had transfers... I found out on Saturday and I was SUPER sad... I loved Matagalpa. I am now in Managua... I had forgotten how hot it is here... holy moses... Hahaha I am in a Trio. With Hermana Behan (we were together in Leon... if you read back on my letters I am sure you will find her name) And we are going to finish training a newbie Hermana Colado. Hermana Behan and I are the TLs here in Managua it will be interesting to see how it all works out. I have never been in a trio before or had a white companion. But they are AWESOME.. I don't know Hermana Colado muy bien but I am STOKED to work with Hermana Behan. WE are going to throw fire here in Managua. Literally because I am dying... I haven't sweat so much in a long time.. Just preparing me to return to Utah in January... hahaha. But as with every change that meant that I had to say some pretty hard goodbyes.. One of the hardest parts of the mission is telling someone that you have come to love like your own family that you wont be there to see them anymore. And leaving behind work, and a companion that you love.. Gahhh but with every change comes more things to be learned. I am excited :) and ready to just keep giving it my all. Yes I was really sad to leave Matagalpa, but just like every transfer I know that there are people here that I need to find. My new area is called Las Americas, so Dad if you wanna Google maps that you can. We live really close to the church. Oh also there is no one here to wash my clothes so it looks like this white girl is gonna learn some other talents. :) I will be washing all of my clothes by hand like in the olden days. I am gonna get some good arm muscles. :) 
I am going to write you all my testimony in Spanish just because I haven't in awhile. 
Yo sè que Jesucristo vive, que nos conoce y nos ama. Sè que El es mi Salvador y que por medio de su expiacion podemos ser limpios de nuestras pecados. Estoy tan agradecida por la oportunidad que he tenido a ser una misionera. Se que El Señor me ha bendecido bastante y siempre serè agradecida. Yo se sin ninguna duda que El Libro de Mormon es verdadero y que junto con La Biblia contiene la plenitud del Evangelio de Jesucristo. Doy gracias a mi Padre Celestial por el tiempo que me ha dado a estar tan cerca a su Espiritu. Se que esta es la Iglesia verdadera y que las familias pueden ser eternas.
I love you all :) Have a great week!!!
p.s Dave thanks for writing me.
Hermana Willy Willy. 

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