Monday, August 4, 2014

July 21, 2014

SO what is up?? How is your summer going? Thank you to the 4 people that wrote me today. That was a good surprise, in fact I am going to name them off. Thank you to Mom Dad Alyssa and Amy (for the picture) You guys rock! Hahaha. This week all was pretty calm, nothing too crazy to report. Except that this week in Nicaragua they were celebrating being free from war for 19 years (I believe..) And the people went CRAZY!!!! My heavens. I will explain it all. But if I don't go in order I will forget haha so lets start with Tuesday, Tuesday we went to Managua for a leaders meeting. All of the District Leaders, Zone Leaders, and Sister training leaders. I always enjoy these meetings because whenever I am with President I learn a whole bunch. 
Wednesday we went to go visit one of our recent converts. And bless her soul she loves us so much that she just wants to give us everything she has. I mean the womans house is 4 posts with plastic walls and a tin roof and she still finds a way to give us things. So this week she gave us dresses. Bless her heart.. hahah... I will be sending pictures of these dresses. 
Then it was just normal work, we have been leaving our area for a couple hours to go work in the areas of the other hermanas so really I feel like we are never in our own area. Luckily the Lord protects our area... seriously. He knows that in order to do the work that we do sometimes we have to leave the area abandoned. But He has blessed us with awesome investigators and a couple awesome members that will visit them when we aren't here. The work is hastening and everyone can be a part of it. I have gotten to know a good chunk of Matagalpa and Esteli because I have the privelege of being a leader here and with that I have gotten to know a ton of amazing people. The Nicaraguans are one of a kind I tell you. From the old ladies without teeth to the kids running around without clothes they are some of the most selfless people I have ever known. Even when they barely have enough to eat themselves they always offer us some rice and beans. They are so special. I love the nicaraguenses.
Anyway getting to Saturday... SO everyone left to go to managua because the buses were free... so ALL of the buses from Matagalpa had to go to take people. The busses were SO FULL that people were riding on top. (pictures will follow) This was horrible for 2 reasons.. 1. NO one was home... or in the streets. It was awful. 2. because there were no busses we had to walk to our area which is an hour walk, then go back to the church for a baptism, then go back to our area. 3 hours wasted of just straight walking. Sure we talked to people on the way but it was a bad day. Haha. I didn't enjoy it very much. BUT that is ok because the rest of the week was awesome. 
Anyway that is about all!!! I hope you know that I love you all and 6 months from tomorrow I will be there with you, freezing my buns off :) I am excited but extremely sad with how the time is passing. But now is just time to work until I can't work anymore. 
I love you!!! Be good, say your prayers, read your scriptures, and brush your teeth!
Love Hermana Willardson-

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