Monday, January 27, 2014

Out 6 months!

Well Family this week was another great one!!!!
Tuesday we had a meeting in Managua for all of the trainers. It was pretty good but I am getting a little sick of the bus rides haha. After the meeting we went with our awesome family Ernesto and Visenta we talked to them about the Book of Mormon last week and this week we started reading it with them. They are so interested and so positive the only thing is they like to take things on their time so that is a little hard for me because I am not very patient haha.
Wednesday we had interviews with President in the morning so we had to go to Leon which meant another bus ride haha. I really enjoy interviews though because it is a change that I have to sit down and talk with the man that has the revelation for all of the mission. It is a little scary sometimes but he really is incredible!!! Later that day we went to Sonrisa again, I love Sonrisa haha. There we were contacting a bit and we started talking to this woman named Rita she told us that she is just there watching her daughters house for the week but that her daughter is a member but is less active. She told us that she has been wanting the missionaries to come teach her daughter again and baptize the husband of her daughter.... so naturally said ok that would be fine haha. The houses in Sonrisa are made of wood and plastic. It didn't really ever phase me until this week and I am not sure why. I am not joking when I say that they just have wood posts in the ground and then like a big black plastic bad over it. But isn't it interesting that these are the people that are the most receptive of Christ? I don't usually like working in the areas that have more money because the people are ruder. hahaha Just a random thought for you all.
Thursday was finally a normal day and we didn't have to go in a bus anywhere. Right now we are teaching a man who is called Jose Larios. He can't walk but he is super interested in the gospel. He is pretty old but he is the cutest old man haha. He always has the funniest questions. He asked us this week if he could still be saved even though he was an old man. There is also a little puppy that lives there and it always bites me while we are teaching haha I literally left with my feet bleeding. In the middle of the lesson I just picked up the puppy and held him out there like Simba in the Lion King haha. I would normally just hold the dogs but here they scare me...haha...  That night we had a Night of .... Brothering? Haha I still don't know what that would be in English... but we talked about the story of Joseph Smith and we had some investigators there. The part that was amazing is that the Members shared their testimonies and now these investigators also want to get baptized. NEVER EVER EVER underestimate the power that sharing your testimony can have. Even if it is scary it is so worth it!!! I love bringing members to our lessons because it helps out the investigator so much.
Friday we had our activity with the two missions. I would send picutres but 1.The internet sucks right now and 2 we couldn't bring in our cameras. It was with Elder Soares he is a member of the 70 and he is from Brazil so of course I was thinking about annie the whole time :) I sure do miss her. He talked to us about the importance of the retention here in Nicaragua. We have a lot of members but a lot of less actives. A lot of our work here in Nagarote is in reactivation. But there is nothing more awesome to see one of your converts super active in the church. That is what brings the true joy!!!! This was also the day that I completed 6 months in the mission. I can not believe time has gone so fast. It really does scare me. Haha.
Saturday in the morning we went to go learn how to make tortillas :) Yes that is right I am now a professional tortilla maker. And they were SO SO SO tasty!! That afternoon the elders had a baptism but they were in Leon so they asked us to fill the font. The problem was that we don't have keys... so we had to break into the church hahahaha I am not going to tell you that whole story but just know that I think we were forgiven because it was for a baptism. So we cleaned out the font and started fillin it up. It takes about 2 and a half hours to fill so naturally we left so that we could teach and it could fill. Haha so then we went to go teach some lessons and completely lost track of time. So at about 12:30 (3 hours later) I remembered and we went sprinting back to the church. When we got there the font was fullllllll but not yet over flowing. So we turned it off just in time but we knew that when the elders got in to baptize, the water would spill out but we just left it hahaha. Oh man... Anyway we invited our two families that have the goal to get baptized to the baptism but they couldn't come. For the baptism my comp and I did a special musical number where I played the piano haha. That night we were out contacting again and we offered to help this lady that was out working in her garden. Surprisingly she said yes!!! So I started digging some holes (in my skirt) and my companion was planting the flowers haha. After that we washed all of her clothes (by hand) She thought we were a little crazy and asked us why we were doing service so we told her who we were and what we were doing. She had never heard of the church before but asked us to come back the next day. We invited her to church and she told us that in the morning she had to go to managua.... Shoot. But that is ok we are going to visit her tonight.
Anyway life here in Nicaragua is as good as usual :) Don't worry mom just about a year left haha. I hope you know I love you all so much and I am sorry if I have been a terrible writer... Time just always flys when we are writing.
I love you all!!!!
Hermana Willardson

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