Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Jan 1, 2014

Well family it was good to see you all on Christmas even if you were making fun of this so called "accent" that I have. Hahaha I still don't believe that I have one... you guys are all just crazy. Hahah Anyway this week has been a bit of a whirlwind. 
Wednesday after we talked I went and bought some ice cream... Hahahaha I really wasn't all that sad. It just felt really weird knowing that you were all just talking to me and then the next instant you were gone. But the good part about talking to you all is knowing for sure that you are all still just doing fantastic. This is really good because now I can refocus on why I am here. I didn't have a hard time getting back to the work and I have you all to thank. So thank you for not making me worry about you all. :) Wednesday night we went to some of our converts house and they had been to the beach earlier that day and had fresh peanuts so we cracked those open, toasted them a bit, and snacked on some peanuts. It was a good old time. 
Thursday we had our branch Christmas activity and we did a little nativity scene for them with the elders. I was a wise man. It was a good old time. 
Friday we were working just like normal and we went to go visit Eva and Juan. I believe that I told you all about them, but they are this cute old couple that we hope to baptize this weekend. They have been living together for 45 years and have kids but they are not married. We talked about the importance of marriage with them and they told us that they are finally ready to take the step. I think the funniest part of this is that he told us that he feels like he finally knows her well enough to marry her. Good thing it only look 45 years hahaha. Just kidding. 
Saturday we went and visited our convert Mileydi she has a pet pig and he is so cute. Now I am not saying that I would ever want to have one but he is cute. Anyway after we were done teaching I went to go get some water and I felt something really big start to climb up my body... When I looked down there was this huge chipmunk just chillin on my hip. Naturally I screamed a little... and my companion just sat there and laughed and laughed haha. Don't worry we got a picture so I will send that to you all. 
Saturday we were out contacting and we decided to contact this one house that kinda looked a little sketchy. We had passed by it before but never had contacted it. Anyway we went to go contact it and it turns out that there are 17 people that live in this one house. It consists of 3 different families. One of the families is a husband (Less active) and his wife that is interested in the church. They were all really receptive of us and want to know more. So we are now working with this big ol family and it makes me think about our family haha. 
Monday we didn't have P-day like normal because of what we did today (I will tell you in a second) So we were invited to eat lunch at the house of some members and we had a good old time. Hahaha I say that a lot don't I... 
Anyway Tuesday we had a Zone meeting and while we were there we were told that we needed to be in Managua by 6:30 that night and that we would have to spend new years there..  We were sad because we had plans with our converts and we had to cancel them. SO we packed our stuff (because we are here until Friday morning) and got on a bus. For new years eve we were sleeping in the house of the nurse with the other TLs of the mission so we had a little party and celebrated a little bit :) 
And today... Oh boy... So we got up at 5:00am and went to the mission office where we met up with all of the Zone leaders of the mission. We rode in a bus to a Volcano that is in Mesaya (South mission) and as I was reading the sign it told me that it is one of the most active volcanos in Nicaragua so I was convinced that President just wanted to kill us. Hahaha so we started hiking and President and his wife came to join us. It was seriously really awesome to see a real life volcano. It smelled really awesome hahaha. We were hikinh from about 8:00 until about 12:00 and then we stopped for lunch. During this time of hiking president would call someone back to walk with him and have a little interview. After lunch we started on another short hike and he called me back to talk with him. I knew that it had to do with the transfers that are coming next week and I was praying that he would tell me that I was just going to stay in my area with my Angel Hermana Cruz... As he started out the conversation I knew it wasn't going to be that way... He told me that he is grateful for the work I have been doing with the Hermanas in Leon (at this point I am thinking that he is going to drop me as a TL) and that he knew I was ready for another challenge (In my mind I am thinking oh no....) He told me that I am going to continue as a TL in Leon but at the same time I am going to train. My newbie is going to be coming on either Monday or Tuesday. In the mission when a person trains it is called the mother and daughter. SO I am going to have a daughter. :) I am really excited for this new challenge but at the same time I know that I will not be able to do it without the help of my Heavenly Father. Please pray for me. I am a little stressed out but I am still really excited. :)
Anyway I hope you know I love you all so much and I will hopefully be able to write on Monday but I have to be in Managua by 4:00 so I might be writing in the morning. 
I love you!!! 
Hermana Willardson

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