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Whirlwind week

Jan 7
Whirlwind week!
Well Family here I am again, sorry for the delay in writing and crazy writing schedules but don't worry I think after today everything will be more or less back to normal.
Alright so to catch you all up on what happened this week....
Thursday we had our meeting with all the leaders in the mission. It was really good because you can always feel the spirit so strong there!!! I love how much excitement and faith that the other leaders have. It is definitely inspiring. Then after the meeting I left my beloved Hermana Cruz in Managua to do divisions with Hermana Raymond. I love doing divisions with her because she always knows what to say. She knew I was stressed out because I found out that I would be a trainer as well and that is a lot of responsibility so it was really timing to be with her. 
Friday Hermana Raymond and I worked really hard and she taught me a lot of really great things. We found a new family that is super positive and will be getting baptized here in a couple weeks. She also helped us out with Edda and Juan to get them ready for their baptism this passed weekend. Then we did another division and she went to Leon to help out there and one of the sisters from Leon came with me to Nagarote. During all of this time Hermana Cruz was working in Managua with Hermana Ayala. 
Saturday in the afternoon Hermana Cruz finally came back to the area and I was really glad to have her back. We had a meeting with the Stake President and all of the leaders in the Branch and he let them know that if we want to turn this Branch into a Ward the members need to help us out. It was a good lesson for the members and it got the animated to work with us. 
Sunday we had the baptism of Juan and Edda. I love this little family. They are old but I sure do love them. We didn’t have a woman’s shirt that would fit Edda so we had to use a mans shirt that was huge... hahahahahahaha It was really funny to me and I am not sure why. I will send pictures for you to see. It was like she was in a dress. But they were so excited and so happy. I know that in the pictures they don't look like it but they were happy. Haha no one here smiles for pictures. But I promise they are happy people. Sunday night they started telling us what would happen for transfers. I got a call from the AP to confirm that I would be training and that I needed to be in Managua at 3:00 on Monday. I felt a lot of different emotions but I know that I can take on this calling because it is direct revelation. They also told us that Hermana Cruz would be heading to Manauga to be the new MTL and the companion of Hermana Raymond. She was really nervous but I know she will be awesome. 
Monday we went to Leon in the morning to say goodbye to the zone and figure out the rest of the transfers. Then I went with Hermana Cruz and another Hermana that will be training and we went to Managua. While we were there Hermana Cruz went with her new companion and I was there in the trainers meeting. They showed us pictures of our newbies and the minute I saw her picture I just loved her so much. It is really weird because I honestly do just love her and want her to have the best experience possible. They talked to us a lot about the keys to being a good trainer. I am really excited for this experience. We got done with the meeting at about 8:00 so we went to the nurses house to sleep. 
This morning I got permission to go to the chapel in Managua because Hermana Lopez was going to be there because she goes home this Thursday. It was really bitter sweet to say goodbye to my trainer.. I learned so much from her and she was a big part in making me who I am as a missionary. It was bittersweet because now I have the chance to impact a new missionary and teach her all that I can. Then we went to the house of Pres. to meet our daughters. I didn't go with the rest of the group though because I was with Hermana Raymond and Hermana Cruz. SO I had to wait in the Kitchen of President for about 45 minutes while my greenie was just outside the door. All I knew was that her name is Hermana Alan and she is from Costa Rica and that I loved her. Then when the rest of the trainers got there I went outside with them and they called us in one by one to meet our trainees. I was the last of the Hermanas and I was really nervous. I think it was the most nervous I have ever been in the whole mission. So I said a prayer because I knew there wasn't anything else I could do. As I walked through the front door I felt and overwhelming Spirit of peace and in that moment I knew that God would not let me fail. He called me to be a trainer and He will help me as long as I am worthy and asking. When I saw Hermana Alan my heart just opened right up. She is so happy and SO excited for the work. She is an answer to my prayers and I know we are going to be good friends. She is from Costa Rica and only has 12 days in the mission. She is so humble and so loving and just so cute. I am so so so lucky to have her. Everyone loves the people from Costa Rica too. They say that the Costa Ricans are just like white girls hahaha. I gave her a big hug and told her welcome to the best mission in the world. Then I told her all about Nagarote and how much I love it. I am going to be working with the excitement that she has and the faith that she has because those are two vital things that every good missionary needs. So I am going to try my hardest to keep her faith and excitement high. :)  I am really excited to have this chance to train. I know that I have this opportunity because I need to learn still too!! I am grateful... every day for every single day that I have here in Nicaragua. I love everyday of the mission. Even though it isn't easy. But I think that is why I love it so much. You work so hard and you really do see miracles. I don't know if I can ever come home :) 
Anyway I don't have tons of time to write today because it is kinda late and my poor daughter left the MTC at 2:00am this morning. 
I love you all!
Hermana Will

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