Monday, January 20, 2014

Hey Family! 
I hope you are all doing just fantastic :) This week was a really good one. Even if all the days are blurred together.. I had to bring my agenda to the Cyber so that I can remember what day happened what things haha. It is a problem! 
Tuesday we had our usual District meeting. I was asked to share an experience of Faith or success, I shared the following. On Sunday we were a little sad because we didn't have many investigators in the church and every one that we were counting on suddenly had things to do. So we were a little sad and I was feeling stressed. I didn't know what to do so I decided that after church we would go visit our recent converts Edda and Juan. While we were there they expressed with us how much they loved us and how grateful they were for us. In this moment I realized that the numbers just don't matter. What matters is the love that we feel for the people. The converts I have are so so special to me. I feel a love for them that I don't know how to describe, every day I am learning more and more about the love of Christ because I can feel it really strong here. 
Wednesday I went to do Divisions in Leon with another newbie. We went to their investigators and talked about preparing for baptism. After one of the lessons the investigator asked me why they sent me to Leon so I told him I was just there to help out the sisters to which he replied "Ahhhh there is reason, its because you are a good missionary that is why I am feeling that I need to get baptized today!!" it made me laugh out loud. Haha although at times it is really stressful I am grateful that I have the chance to be a TL and a trainer. This week I am letting my daughter take more control, she is learning how to teach effectively and listen to what the Spirit tells her. It fills me with so much joy as I watch her follow the things I am doing. Well.. that is if the things are correct haha. Training is also hard but it is one of the most rewarding things I have ever done. I love Hermana Alan so much. She is such a good learner and such a good sport with all the divisions. I am blessed to have her.
Thursday I got back from Leon a little late so we ran to eat lunch and to go teach our family Cristina and Gustavo.. this was a little sad because Gustavo told us that he will never marry her or anyone else.... then he left really angry and she told us that she wanted to move out... I am not sure what to do with this family.. Please please please pray for them. Or pray that we will know the best way to help them. Then we had our noche de hermanamiento where we shared a little message and after we played chareades (I don't know how to spell that but it is where you try to act out the word.) anyway we were there with some pretty old people and it was really funny to watch them play haha. It was just the pick me up I needed. 
Friday was finally a normal day of teaching. We have a new family named Ernesto and Bisenta they were assisting (I think she means attending) the church about 5 years ago for a whole year but never got baptized. Then they moved and didn't know that there was a church here in Nagarote. We are now teaching them and they are very positive. They are pretty wealthy so I enjoy going to their house a lot haha... It makes me feel a little closer to home. Then we went to go teach Osmar and Carol. They are also very positive and really interested to learn. He always has a ton of questions and we do our best to answer them using scriptures so that he knows we aren't just making this stuff up. I am learning a lot from the scriptures!!!
Saturday in the morning we went to Leòn to participate in an activity to help out the missionaries there. We had all the missionaries in the zone go out with one page of the names of the members and less actives to see what it is they needed help with or why they were inactive. In my group we were looking for this one house for a good 45 minutes just to find out that the lady had died about 3 years ago hhahaha It made me laugh really hard that we were looking for the dead for so long. Funny right??
Sunday we had two families of investigators in church and Cristina. This was proof to me that right before every miracle there is a trail. So whenever you are feeling like things are getting really hard, have faith that your miracle is right around the corner!!!!!!!
I love you all so much and I will write you again next week!!!!
Love Hermana Willardson 

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