Monday, January 13, 2014

First week training!

Jan 13,1914
Well family here we are again, another week has passed by super super fast. My time with my Hermana Cruz is over but I am now with my daughter Hermana Alan. She is so so so so awesome and I just love her so much already. 
So Wednesday is where we are going to start this week. Things started out like any normal day, we planned out our day with some awesome lessons and right as we were about to walk out the door the Zone leaders called us and told us that we needed to be in Leon at 5:00 which meant we would have to leave here at about 3:30. So that messed up some of our plans. Haha and we needed to sleep in Leòn because the next day we were going to have our zone meeting. SO we had lunch then ran over to our converts house so that they could meet Hna Alan. After that we ran home to get our stuff together and head out to Leòn. There we had a meeting with the Stake President and it was really nice to hear what he had to say. He told us a lot about how whatever thing we need he would be there to help us. It was really nice haha. That night we slept with some of the Hermanas in Leon. We pushed the two beds together and the four of us slept on one big bed. It was super cute and cozy.
Thursday morning we had our zone meeting where we talked a lot about starting the new year right. I was in charge of getting people animated. I am not sure why people always put me in charge of that but I am getting really good at making up chants in spanish haha. Then we came back to Nagarote. Right now we have a family named Christina and Gustavo and they have a 4 year old daughter. Christina is so loving and so positive. Everytime we go over she yells and runs to give us a big hug. If the font was full she would baptize herself haha. The only problem is that she isn't married to Gustavo. We had a hard time finding a time when they were both there. Thursday we had planned to go see them at 7:00 at night but after lunch I had the strong feeling to go visit them right then. So we went and FINALLY we were able to talk to them both. It was the first time in about 2 weeks that we were able to be there when he was there. We had a really good lesson and the spirit was so strong. As I was testifying that families can be together forever I started to cry for the first time ever in a lesson. The thing that I love so much about the mission is that everything I am teaching to the people I know I am learning to know for myself. I know that my family is eternal and I am so grateful to my parents for living their lives in a manner in such that we can be eternal. It was a lesson I will never forget. He accepted to be married and baptised the 24th of this month. Pray for them please... They still have their difficulties. I also really want to baptize with Hna. Alan to show her that it is possible. 
Friday we were in Sonrisa visiting a less active family when we decided to contact a little in the area. We randomly ran into the first counselor of the branch and asked him what he was doing. Turns out he working on a house that is in Sonrisa so we asked him if we could go with him to meet the family that lives in the house he is working in. He of course said yes and we went. This family is named Omar and Karen. They have 3 and a half kids because she is pregnant. He is very interested and had a lot of questions. We will be working hard with them this week so please also pray for them. 
Saturday we went to help the branch president with his corn. I felt like Pocahontas out there picking corn in the hot sun and I actually really didn't mind it!! I was out there singing Pocahontas and my companion joined in. In that moment we became best friends. Even if she was singing the songs in Spanish. You better believe I will be learning those Haha. 
Sunday after church we went to go see Edda and Juan. Our converts. While we were there they asked us if we could pass by every day in the morning to keep them company because they just love to spend time with us haha. It was kinda sad that I had to tell them no but I think they understand. But we will be passing by with them more. Edda cant read but she loves the Hymn Families can be together forever. So every time we go she asks us to sing that song. Yesterday as we were singing it I realized that I really feel like they are my Nicaraguan Grandparents. I love them so much it is almost incomprehensible. I can feel the Saviors love for them every time we are together and it always makes me so happy. That is why in all of my photos I look so happy. It is because I am :) I can feel my Saviors love so easily here. It is incredible. For lunch they gave us soup again and again I ate it before asking what it was.. Again it was super delicious so I asked what it was... You won't believe this but they gave us IGUANA SOUP!!!! ya... That was a shocker to me.
Anyway I don't have much time and I know I have been a horrible letter writer so I am going to go work on your personal letters now. But I love you so much!! I know the church is true and the book is blue!!! 
Keep on Smiling :)
I love you!
Hermana Will

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