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July 30 From the CCM

¡Hola Familia!
Man this week has been crazy! I have so much to tell you I just hope I can get it all in! Since there is so much, I am just going to start from the beginning!
So first things first, the Book of Mormon story. While we were sitting at our gate, there will probably about 49 other missionaries with me so we were all trying to start off being righteous so we all had out something to study. So I whipped out my B.O.M that I had the impression to pack just that morning. As we were waiting the woman next to me started asking about it and so I basically gave her the whole first lesson. haha It was kinda funny because I just kept thinking, man the Lord really doesn't waste time. So at the end I was actually even able to give her the B.O.M and i gave her the whole spcheel on reading it and praying to know it is true. It was a miracle that I had packed that one extra B.O.M that morning. So that is the very moment my mission started. When we landed in Dallas I had a minute to call you Mom and tell You I was safe. Then we got some lunch and the people at McDonalds thought all of us were in one family hahahahahhaha He probably thinks Mormons are loco. Anyway when we finally got to Mexico the airport was crazy because people thought I spoke spanish and they kept saying something about a green button or a red button and I remembered pushing a red button but I guess what it meant was that I had something in my bag that they needed to look at so then the airport police came over to search my bag haha it was hilarious because I couldn't tell them I wasn't a terrorist. hahahahha. anyway this very nice gentleman that knew English and Spanish finally helped me sort out the situation. Apparently when I pushed the red button there was a sign that turned green and that lets them know I am not a terrorist. haha. I still think it is hilarious. I hope you are all laughing at that language barrier issue. Mexico City... holy Moses.. it is unlike any City I have ever seen. There are houses upon houses everywhere you look. Seriously if they see some place they want to pour cement and build a house they do. So we are driving through the streets almost killing everyone we pass and we finally approach this gate with armed guards and high tech security. When we got in it was so beautiful.. it is spacious and has palm trees and the buildings are white and ahh man. Just polar opposite of what is outside the walls. We got our companions and our house numbers. My companion is Hermana Kent. So then I wrote you and went to bed.
On Wednesday the fun and craziness started the sweet cooks here in Mexico want to try to make us Americans feel at home with the food. Unfortunately the way they thought was best to do that is with hot dogs.. Luckily as the week went on the food got better. But for breakfast they gave us corn dogs.. yummy.. and then sent us on our way to class. Class was... interesting. From the second we walked in to the second we walked out they only spoke to us in Spanish.. I thought I was in a dream. They gave us a tour and went over the rules.. but I maybe understood half of it. So if i accidentally break a rule I probably wont even know. Any way then for lunch they gave us rice and beans and tortillas. I like it a lot more when they feed us Mexican food. It was delicious. So then we had some meetings that were good and they went over being modest and such, so ya. Anyway then we went to dinner which was some unknown meat.. so I stuck to the fruit because it is always so freaking delicious.
Thursday was a hard day, we had class again and I was struggling with the language and with homesickness. They fed us tamales for breakfast but they were odd.. so I had fruit loops. haha there was alot of study time so I spent it studying spanish because I wasn't getting anywhere not knowing what people were saying, we also had to start preparing our first lesson for our fake investigator Fernando. All in spanish. My mind was hurting and it was a struggle of a day. For dinner we had hot dogs hahaha our first lesson actually ended up going a whole lot better than I thought it would. Big surprise.
Friday was much better, it was just a reminder that if I ask my Heavenly Father to help me he will. I just need to not be so stubborn and actually ask, that is a hard lesson for me haha. Anyway I was finally starting to understand Spanish and speak back. No I am not professional but I can pray and bear my testimony and talk to the cooks and find the bathrooms. Thats all you really need anyway right? haha. We had another lesson with Fernando after our breakfast of corn dogs haha. Then we had fried chicken for lunch. It was like Christmas. That is sad.. haha anyway, as we were studying I realized I knew a lot more in Spanish than I was giving myself credit for. We have a lot of study time every day so even though I don't talk about much that has happened that day just know the whole day from 630 to 1030 is all full. We had our first gym day and I got to play volleyball it was so fun. I loved it.
Saturday was another hard day, I had gotten confident in myself and not in the power of the Lord so he had to teach me another lesson haha. its all good though. Our lesson went well again, I usually do most of the talking but we invited him to come to church with us and he said he would so then I was all sorts of excited. For breakfast we had EGGS!!! YAY!! NO HOT DOGS!!! and for lunch it was delicious chicken but for dinner we had burritos and it made a lot of people really sick. By some miracle I was not one of those people.
Sunday, praise heavens for sundays. Best day of the week for sure for sure. In relief society we sang "Tu me has dado muchas bendiciones, Dios" which is because I have been given much. And it totally put me back in perspective. I remembered the reason I was here andit made a huge difference. Then they some how found out I knew how to sing and told me I had to be in the choir haha so I will be singing later tonight for a Devotional. I definitely don't mind though. I love music. It is an outlet of stress for me. Then we watched a devotional from Elder Holland. Freaking heck I love that man. He is so powerful. And then we got to watch the movie "Legacy" Is that who Eliza is named after? I kept wondering.
Monday was a day sent from the heavens. The gift of tongues is REAL I have no doubt about that. I was able to invite our fake investigator to baptism and he accepted. I have never been more happy in my life. The funny thing is that something I had eaten that day was making me super sick and I didn't know if I would be able to make it through the lesson but I toughed it out and right when we walked into the room that we teach him in I felt 100% better. I have seen miracles. It was unbelievable.
And Tuesday is today and we get to email. Seriously I logged in this morning and it felt like Christmas morning all over again. Sooo many loving emails!!! YAY for mail!!
I haven't recieved any Dear Elders because I think they actually send them in the pouch, not print them off here. So there was no outside communication. It was rough. There are TONS of mosquitos here but for some odd reason they do not bite me. Another Miracle. usually they love me. Anyway to answer some of your questions, The MTC is beautiful, seriously so so beautiful. There are palm trees and everything. It is pretty cold for Mexico though, I am wearing the only sweater I brought everyday. Strange. There are a lot of police sirens coming from outside the walls and at night the dogs bark a lot and there are stray cats that roam around the streets here. My spanish is definitely progressing. I can understand what people are saying and at lunch time we sit with the natives so I can practice. Hermana Kent likes to eat in silence though which is fine haha I get spanish practice. Dad, NO I DO NOT LEAVE THE WALLS OF THE MTC! I would be snatched up so fast! It scares me out there. My poor feet... the shoes I got were not broken in and my feet decided to swell and are very blistered and bruised, please pray for them. PLEASE. They are still trying to figure out the kinks of the MTC so we are Guinea pigs for a lot of things but I don't mind. Thank you for the letters you snuck in my suitcase and mom and dad thanks for the notes rolled up in my underwear haha. gross. OH I forgot to write down any addresses or emails haha typical me. So if you want to hear from me personally you're going to have to write me first.
Yo se que Jesucristo es el salvador y yo se que Su Exiacio´n es verdad. Yo se que si usted orar con sinceridad corazon puede sabe la verdad. Yo se que El Libro de Mormon es las palabras de Dios. Te Amo mi Salvador.
Until next time my sweet family and friends. Thank you for your prayers and emails.
I love you all so much and miss you all everyday.
Con Amor,
Hermana Willardson.

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