Wednesday, July 24, 2013

First letter from the CCM!!!!

Hola Familia!
I have a quick minute to write you here from the CCM in Mexico!! I want you to know I made it safely, although I will admit I did fear for my life on the drive to the CCM (MTC) Seriously the streets are total sketch town. I picture it like New York except instead of taxis they are buses! Ya try to picture that one for me. My ComapaƱara is Hermana Kent, she was on my flight here to Mexico and she is actually the second person I have met that is going to my exact mission. The first one that I met was actually in the line behind me in security at the SLC airport but she doesnt leave until October so that was really neat to see her. There were 59 missionaries on our flight to Mexico Crazy but super super nice. I didnt feel alone at all. sorry I cant figure out where the apostophe is... haha anyway one quick story, I placed my first Book of mormon already. I don{t have time to finish but I will write you later!
Much Love
Hermana Willardson

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