Tuesday, August 20, 2013

¡Hola Familia y Amigos!

Como le van? I hope you are all well :) First things first, I want to thank all of you who prayed for my health. I am glad to report that I am 100% again : ) Thank you thank you thank you! Man so this week didn't have too many exciting things happen but there are a few cool experiences I will share with you all.

Tuesday: We got to go to the México City temple and it is seriously so beautiful. I love it because México city is very dangerous and kinda scary and just driving through it again was another big eye opener. We are very lucky to have such a beautiful place to study in in the middle of such a sketchy city. Anyway the temple sticks out like a sore thumb obviously and has very high security ha ha. But it is beautiful and even though everything was in Español I was still able to feel the Spirit very strong. The Church is true regardless of what country you are in. Then we came back and only had a couple minutes before dinner that I hurried and used to email a couple more people. After dinner we watched a devotional that was being broadcast live from the Provo MTC from Elder Ballard. It was life changing. He is such a good man and a real Apostle. It was cool to have it broadcast for the first time. It was being broadcast to 5 different MTC´s for the first time but I can´t remember which ones they were.

Wednesday was pretty normal I started to feel a little better which was a big blessing. We were supposed to have service again but no one was there to tell us what our project would be ha ha. I think eventually they will get it all straightened out. Hopefully :) We got spaghetti for dinner and it was so delicious. I loved it.

Thursday I decided to break in some of my other shoes, so my feet are a little sore ha ha but not nearly as bad as that first week so its all good. I was feeling about 65% by this day until they gave us hot dog soup for dinner ha ha ha. Ya you read that right, hot dog soup. Mmm delicious. :) We also got to teach members again but there were not enough volunteers so we ended up just teaching other missionaries.

Friday we had coaching with our teachers and Hermano Sanchez told me that in our lesson today he wanted me to leave Hermana Kent hanging so that she would have to use her Spanish. I was scared because I didn´t want to make her mad. But it ended up ok once I told her afterward why I left her hanging. Ha ha ha we were on our way to teach our fake investigator and this super loud alarm went off and people started running to the meeting spots that I told you about the first week so I started panicing because I was certain that it was for an earthquake. So picture 1000 missionaries plus teachers standing in these green circles looking super confused and scared. Turns out it was just a drill but at least it is good to know what the alarms actually sound like. The funny part is that there are light poles around alot of these circles so if it really were to be an earthquake those poles would fall right into the middle of these "safe spots" ha ha I love México. Then for gym we did splits because Hermana Kent wanted to run and you all know how much I love running... Not. So I made a man in the sand of the volleyball court with Hermana Maughan it was super fun. I would send a picture but H. Maughan took it on her camera so I will have to hunt her down. It was the cutest sandman I have ever seen in my life.

Saturday my hunger came back with a vengence. And guess what they served for breakfast? Corn dogs :) You better believe that I am starting to really love them... ha ha. not.. But it´s all good. Then we got meatballs for either dinner or lunch I can´t remember. THEN WE GOT ICE CREAM!!!! I won't lie I took two. It was so good. Then that night I woke up at 4:00am because there was the most putrid smell coming from our bathroom. I kid you not I believe that it was a decomposing body in the drain. It was so awful. I wish I could have captured the smell in a bottle so that you could have smelled it. It was so so so awful. ha ha ha anyway we opened our little window and closed the bathroom door.

Sunday was pretty normal until we got to the devotional after lunch (corn dogs) and I am just sitting there in my nice comfy seat and I look up to see that it is a devotional from October 2012 and I remember that Tyler my sweet cousin was in the MTC at that time so in my head I was like "oh hey maybe I will see him when we sing the opening song" because they usually show the audience. So we start singing and we sing in Spanish as they sing in English and I look up to see a close up of TYLER!!!! I almost screamed I was so excited, it was so awesome to be singing along with him even though that was almost a year ago. I love that I get to share these experiences with quite a few of my cousins. We so awesome. Then as the devotional went on. Sister Bednar invited an Elder Mansell up to the stand and I was like huh I wonder if it is someone I will know. Lo and behold it was Darren Mansell. Apparently he stayed with their family for like 6 weeks when he was on his mission. Basically the Mansell side rocked that devotional. It was weird ha ha but I loved it.

Monday ha ha ha oh Monday, so we went to the computer lab in the morning to study and we finish up and go to head out. Well somehow we had gotten locked in.. Ya don't ask me how. So we were like well crap what are we supposed to do?! So we realize our only way out is through the window that has probably a good 6 foot drop. Now keep in mind that we are in skirts. So we were like well we don't really have any other choice. So we get a chair and jump out the window. In skirts. After we had gathered ourselves we looked up to see two little Méxican Janitors laughing their heads off at us. Instead of coming and unlocking the doors they just sat there and watched us jump ha ha. I got a good laugh out of that one. Then we had to explain why we were late to class and our story brought our teacher to tears. So then we carried on with the day and Mondays are really like Fridays here because Pday is Tuesdays so we were all pumped for P-day and kinda struggling to focus and study. What else do you expect from teenagers and young adult right? But we had a good time and it was good to laugh. Then for dinner they fed us hot dogs ha ha. I think it is so funny. Seriously every time they feed us either corn dogs or hot dogs I laugh out loud.

Anyway that is about all for this week, thank you all again for your love and support and prayers. They are felt and appreciated. Thank you Thank you Thank you. Oh also!! This is important. If any of you have the desire to send me a letter send it to Nicaragua. I only have 14 more days here and I most likely will never get it if you send it here after today. Much love!!

Be good and laugh often I love and miss you all!!

Hermana Willardson

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