Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Letter Number 2

¡Hola mi familia!!
First and foremost I would like to give a couple of shout outs! Annie Craig!!! Holy Cow I am so freaking excited about your mission call! Brazil!! What?! That is seriously so so so exciting! Mr. and Mrs. McQueen congratulations on your wedding! I could not be happier for the two of you! I wish you the best and wish I could have been there! Happiest of birthdays to my awesome brother in law Chris on the 8th and to his sweet daughter and my cute niece Rachie on the 12th!
Well kids that is all for today. Hahaha nah just playin.
Tuesday was P-Day and it was definitely needed. I finished my laundry and took a nap. It was the best nap I think I have ever taken in my life. Then I got to sing at the devotional that night and it was incredible. Then that night while I was showering our hot water decided to go out. That was a big surprise if you could imagine. I hyperventillated as I washed out the rest of my conditioner. It was quite cold.
Wednesday was awesome, we committed our fake investigator to baptism. Which is a miracle in itself that I was even able to communicate that in Español haha. When we sat with the natives at lunch they gave me some great compliments on my Spanish which was totally nice of them. We were supposed to have a service project to do but things are still a little unorganized here and no one knew what we were supposed to do. So we got an extra hour of gym time :) it was so nice. We played volleyball (I am becoming pro) and ping pong with the Elders. Lets just say I should have stuck with volleyball. Ping pong is not a skill of mine. When we got back to the casa they had fixed our water so I turned it on so I could make sure it was warm and the most disgusting brown water came shooting out of the shower head. Ha ha I laughed pretty hard at that because it was so disgusting. Not only did that happen to the shower but it happened to the water in the sink and in the toilet as well. I tried to get a picture but they didn't turn out.
Thursday was a day of miracles. When I woke up and put my shoes on I noticed something was different so I looked down at my feet and I kid you not they were completely healed. Honestly it was a God sent. Then when we got to breakfast they had these scrumptious burritos. In class I was able to understand everything my teacher said even though it was spanish the whole time. For lunch we had Carne Asada.. Holy cow I cried it was so good. Then when we were teaching "Fernando" I didn't have to use my notes at all!!! I was so happy. Then for dinner we had fried chicken and I went back for seconds because I didn't know when the next time would be that I would love every meal ha ha. Then the rain stopped just in time for volleyball! It was a fantastic day. Thank you for your prayers in behalf of my feet I can testify that prayer does work!
Friday was stressful, I feel like after every good day comes one that really stinks. Our "investigator" became our teacher and he is super intense. Which is good at times but mostly it is just really overwhelming. For breakfast we had this like omelet thing but instead of using eggs they used hot dogs ha ha. Sometimes you just have to laugh at that. Anyway I was just kinda having a bummer day thinking about a lot of things and I wasn't in the mood to play volleyball so I was sitting on the grass watching the sunset and it turned into the prettiest sunset I have ever seen in my entire life. Palm trees with a orange, red, and pink back drop. It was something you would see in a travel magazine. And as I was sitting there in marvel at this sunset D&C 121: 7-8 came into my head and pierced my heart. Which I think we all know, but it says "7. My son (daughter) peace be unto thy soul: thine adversity and thine afflictions shall be but a small moment; 8. And then, if thou endure it well, God shall exalt thee on high; thou shalt triumph over all thy foes." And it brought a feeling of such a deep peace. It was unlike anything I have ever felt before.
Saturday was better. We had cereal for breakfast and then meatballs for lunch that definitely were not cooked all the way ha ha. Its ok I prayed for them ha ha Then we started our fast at 1:00 that day. My first 24 hour fast.. ha ha ha so anyway since we didn't have dinner our district played hang man and just kind of relaxed for a second. It was much needed. That night there was this really loud mosquito that kept waking me up and I didn't sleep much at all. Its all good though, I killed it in the morning.
Sunday was very good as always. We didn't have breakfast because we were still fasting which meant we got more study time. It was great! Then we had the usual, relief society, Sunday school and sacrament. Testimony meeting in the MTC is unreal. The spirit was definitely present. Then we got lunch and it was delicious. They somehow got ham inside of chicken.. don't ask me how haha. and we got Ice Cream. I love ice cream so so so much. Then we watched a devotional by Elder Holland. Boy that man sure can give a speech! ha ha We are all hoping he will come to Mexico to speak to us. Then we had dinner which I can't remember what it was.. but then we got ice cream again!!!!! YES YES YES! I love ice cream.
Monday way intense again, we got a new investigator and I get to carry most of the lesson by myself since Hermana Kent is still working on her Spanish. She is definitely progressing though. After we taught I got super sick from something I ate. Don't worry though after 4 trips to the bathroom I felt much better. Anyway I didn't have lunch because I was still feeling pretty sick but for dinner we had Pasta. It was good. Our old investigator\new teacher complimented my Spanish :) It was awesome.
So yes that was my week, to answer some questions. No I have not received any mail except email yet. My tan has completely faded. We do get to go to the temple on P-Days unfortunately it has been closed for cleaning since we got here. Hopefully it will be open again next week. The milk here is super sweet. I don't really think it is milk.. but I drink it anyway ha ha. My Spanish is coming along really well. I feel like I have a really good grasp on it which is a miracle no doubt.
That is about all from me this week, Thank you all so much for your prayers and letters. The days here feel like weeks but the weeks feel like days. Its some sort of weird time warp. I love you all so much and miss you dearly, but this work is good. I am becoming the kind of person I have always wanted to be. :) don't you worry though I am still myself and have silly moments. Which reminds me of a funny story that I want to tell you really quick. One night last week there was this super loud noise in the middle of the night that woke me up from a dead sleep and I thought for sure someone was breaking into our house. So immediately I hid under my bed, I think it is the fastest I have moved in a long time. Anyway I was hiding under there for a good 15 minutes when I finally decided to move a little and see if I could see anything. As it turns out my calender just fell off the wall. Hahahahahaha I had a good laugh at myself and went back to bed. Seriously though for a split second I thought I was going to die that night. It was hilarious. I also often wake up in the night because I hear someone talking. Only to realize it is just me, I sleep talk a lot here. I am not sure why, luckily Hermana Kent sleeps like a rock and never hears me. I think it would freak her out.
Anyway I love you all! Have a fantastic week and I will write you again next Tuesday!!
Con amor,
Hermana Willardson

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