Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Half way through the CCM Week 3

Hahaha sorry that was necessary. I know it isn't a church song but it is so applicable to my life right now that I am sure God understands. Haha. So Friends and family this marks my halfway point of the MTC. I am super super excited to get out and to Nicaragua. Don't get me wrong I love love love the CCM but I am super excited to actually apply the things I have learned and speak Spanish and get to know people whos lives I will be changing! I am so so stoked! We get to go to the temple today which means we will venture outside of the walls. I am excited :)
So here is what my week was like. Not much to report.
Tuesday: We emailed and did our laundry and cleaned our house because tile floors show everything and it was gross. Then we decided to write some cards for the Elders in our district so thanks to Sarah Young I actually had thank you cards and they had the perfect amount. It was awesome. It was a pretty good day. I got to take a quick nap and then we had pizza because that is what they feed the "noobs".
Wednesday: Was pretty normal we had class and we didn't teach that day so I decided I wanted to study outside. It was a super nice day and I studied under a palm tree :) what more could this girl ask for right? Haha we had these awesome tacos too they had like mashed potatoes in them.. ok that sounds disgusting. BUT they were really good I swear. Please excuse my English grammar. I am starting to forget how to spell in English. Mom you might want to proof read these before you send them out. haha. We did service and our job was to help clean the Kitchen. So we stacked plates and filled up the cereal containers and then I got to mop. But it is Mexican mopping. Which basically means you fill up a bucket of water and soap and dump it all over the floor (they have drains in the floors don't worry) and then take a broom and sweep it to the drain. Haha I found it quite humorous. I will send a picture of me Mexican mopping.
Thursday: We had this thing called TRC where we teach real members from México and I loved every second of it. I had to ask her to speak a little slower a couple times but it was cool that I could actually have a conversation with her. It was awesome and we will get to do it every Thursday. So while we were practicing teaching a reporter for the church news came and asked if he could take our picture. He said his article will be out by Saturday SO LOOK FOR ME I AM FAMOUS! Hahaha I told him that my Mom would probably pee her pants if she saw me in the news so he had to put it in. :) hopefully he will. If it isn't in the actual article in the newspaper he said it will for sure be on lds.org so look for me :) Also I forgot to tell you, watch the stuff in between conferences this October, You will see me :) We had corn dogs for dinner haha
Friday was one of my best days here at the MTC. I got my first letter as a missionary (Props to Cody Hilton) and I got the Dear Elders that my mom send on the very first day haha. Silly mailing problems. It is seriously so awesome to get mail as a missionary. People would always tell me that but now I really do believe it. Then I got really sick, but its ok. You learn how to deal with it and you move on. So I was in the cafeteria and guess what they had, MANZANITA SOL!!!!! For any of you that really really know me you will know that I love this drink. It is so so so so so good. If you haven't ever had it go to your local A-Fresh market and drink some in my memory. I am not even joking. It was such a blessing. Then to top things off they gave us ice cream sundaes. You can bet that even though I was super sick I had myself one of those. There was another mini monsoon this day and I got drenched even with my umbrella. I will send a video of it if I can get it to send. Then they were fumigating the building for mosquito which is silly because everyone leaves the windows open during class anyway... haha oh well.
Saturday I was really really sick so I went to the Doc. and I have a bug that makes me sick every time I eat. So that isn't fun but I have learned to deal with it :) I knew I was going to get sick sooner or later so it is all just part of the ride. Then we were playing volleyball, which I am pro at. And I had this super nice spike lined up that actually won us the game. Unfortunately I sprained my wrist real nice while winning. Haha so I got to go back to the Doc. and he told me no more volleyball :( sad sad day. I am praying it just heals really fast so maybe my last day I can play again. :)
Sundays at the MTC are always great, but this one will make you laugh. Someone decided to tell the MTC president that I really really wanted to give a talk for sacrament meeting. So my branch president called me into his office and told me I was to give a 15 minute talk on the Fall of Adam all in Spanish, with only an hour to prepare. So it was definitely interesting.. I mixed up my words and instead of saying that Adam fell so that we could have joy I said Adam fell that we could have fat. Hahaha the good news is that I caught myself and the natives found it hilarious. So that was exciting. Then we had some corn dogs for dinner ha ha nothing like a corn dog for Sunday dinner. And they ran out of Ketchup so it was a delicious plain corn dog. I should find out how to say corn dog in Spanish.. Anyway, we were sitting in the auditorium waiting for the devotional to start and it was a recording of Elder Ballard at the Provo MTC and for their opening song they sang "Consider the Lilies" I was overwhelmed with emotion as I sat and thought about my Grandma (This was her favorite song) and I instantly without doubt felt her arms around me. This is a really spiritual moment for me and I wasn't going to share it with everyone but I wanted to let you all know that I KNOW, without a shadow of a doubt that the plan of salvation is real. We will be reunited with our families again in the next life and I am so grateful that I have this knowledge. We are truly loved.
Monday was another Christmas morning because I got the package that had all the letters from the family reunion :) It was so nice to read those and I was definitely rejuvenated

 for this next week. Thank you thank you thank you. I laughed until I cried during a lot of them :)
And now here we are, on Tuesday again :) halfway there. Some things that I found out this week that I wanted to share; The Peru and Argentina MTC's are COMPLETELY FULL. Which means we will be receiving a lot more today and we will double or triple our numbers by the time I leave. Holy cow. That is a lot of missionaries ha ha. This MTC will shortly become the biggest MTC in the world. That is pretty crazy, and I got to be here only 3 weeks after it opened :) The dear elders are starting to get to me but they take a little while.
Thank you all so much for your love and support. I feel your prayers. I love you all and miss you but I am so grateful for the opportunity to be here. It is where I am needed without doubt.

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