Monday, October 14, 2013

What the Bat?

Hola Familia!!
I am still here in Ayapal with Hermana Lopez J We hope to be together until she finishes the mission. That would be awesome. Our area is really starting to thrive and I am grateful. Cambios were today and some of my friends that I have grown close to are leaving which is sad. The mission is a strange time. Haha but I am grateful to be having the experiences I am having here in Nicaragua!
Tuesday we had our normal District meeting and it was a pretty normal day. It started pouring rain in the middle of the day and we were drenched in about 2 minutes haha. It’s a good thing I know how to swim because the streets literally turn into rivers when it rains here. It is crazy, I think I am going to buy a raft and when it rains we will just paddle ourselves to our different appointments haha. The Bishops dad died and the Bishop invited us all to the funeral, I tell you what if you are ever looking for an awkward experience go to a funeral of someone you didn’t know. It was a little awkward… haha
Wednesday we were walking to another appointment and it started pouring again so we took shelter on the front porch of one of our investigators. While we were waiting out the storm drunk Joseph found us again. ( I told yall about him last week) Anyway this time he had a bowl with him and he would scoop up the water from the street and drink it from his princess bowl. Then he proceeded to tell me that he knows 4 different languages. He is quite the funny guy, but he always seems to find us and he will always try to speak English but I swear he is always drunk. It is quite humorous to be honest.
Thursday we were with Emanuel for his baptismal interview and there has been an outbreak of Dengue so they are fumigating like crazy. The funny thing is that they fumigate very differently here. So we were sitting outside talking to Ingrid while Elder. Vivas talked to Emanuel and all of a sudden there was this loud buzzing noise. Ingrid stood up and ran into the street then came back and started yelling, in what I think was Spanish, grabbed the chairs and ran to the other side of the road. You can imagine my confusion. Naturally we followed and coming down the street was this pickup truck with a big tank in the back. It had a mister attached to it and it was spraying all the houses, kind of like a big sprinkler, but only one side of the street at a time. So as it passed we were all coughing up a lung because we were inhaling the pesticide, don’t worry I am sure it’s safe to breathe... Haha It was a fun experience
Friday we did splits and I was with Hermana Rojas. She is from Costa Rica but served in Nicaragua and was back visiting her recent converts. I learned a whole bunch from her and it was really good for our area. We went back to the house for a second to get stuff to do splits and we walked in and there was a bat flopping around on the floor. Scared the crap out of me and Hermana Lopez haha. We had to sweep it out with our broom but very carefully because we didn't want it to bite us. It was a little frightening I won't lie.  It was also the Cumplimes of Hermana Lopez so we bought a pizza and Coke and for a moment I felt like I was home again. The pizza was super super tasty J
Saturday Emanuel and Jerry were both baptized. I tell you what there is nothing quite like watching people you have worked so hard with finally take the necessary steps. It was a very tiring but rewarding day. Both families wanted to feed us after plus we had our lunch appointment so we ended up having 3 lunches. I almost barfed haha I haven’t been that full in a really long time.
Sunday was a normal day, nothing too exciting happened. We were looking for people in the morning to bring to church like usual and I invited this random old man and he told me that he would come (which  is what they all say.) and then we were sitting in church and what do you know Julio walked in (the old man). I was pleasantly surprised. As I was playing the piano for the Hymns the fan was on high so the pages wouldn’t stay. So I had to use one h and to hold the page and the other to play. It was really exciting. I will have to try to figure out something to do about that.
Anyway I hope you are all doing well and know that I love you! I am loving Ayapal and things are going really well! I am taking extra precautions with the mosquitos because 8 people have died in the last 2 weeks from Dengue.. don’t tell mom… haha just kidding. Anyway I am sorry this email was a little boring. But I love you all!
Love Hermana Willardson

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