Sunday, October 6, 2013

Sept 23

Hey Family! I hope you are all doing well J
This week was pretty good and it flew by faster than I can even handle!
Monday after FHE we had to hurry home because Hermana Raymond and Hermana Gonzales were sleeping over because we all had to go to Managua in the morning and we needed to leave at 5:00, it was fun but our room is tiny so we really didn’t have much space. 4 girls on 2 twin size mattresses and bunk beds. We had a good time!
Tuesday we went to Managua and it was another 6 hour bus ride round trip and these buses always make me sick because the way they drive is absolutely crazy! Anyway we were in our training from 9-6 and it was super super super long. Haha especially because I was so tired! As we left we convinced the bus driver to go to Mcdonalds. So we had to go through a parking garage to get to McDonalds and the bus was too tall. I know because we scraped the top as we passed the bar that tells you how tall your car can be but the bus driver just kept going so when we got to the actual garage we scraped the top again really bad and then finally the bus driver decided we were too tall haha. So we went to another McDonalds and it was so good  I was so excited! I wasn’t even hungry but you better believe I got myself a hamburger.
Wednesday we had splits and I went to another area. This area includes a city called Naranjo and it is so incredibly beautiful. It is like a jungle with little shacks for houses. It was seriously so awesome. A lot of people here have pigs for pets and we went to this one house and the pig had pigglets and they act just like dogs. They were really cute but smelled super bad
Thursday we had a district meeting and I got the letters from the family!! It was super funny that you send 4 different envelopes haha people laughed at that. Then we were tracting and we sat down on the curb for a second and I looked in the street and there was a dead rat so I took a picture and I will send it. It was super gross but for some reason I thought it was hilarious. We had 2 dinners and I thought I was going to throw up, haha I am starting to get sick of Gillopinto already.. this is going to be a long ride.
Friday we woke up early and went running, yes you read that right. I woke up and went running. I tell you what I am a changed person haha it was super hot but I actually really enjoyed it. Then we had to go to the Chalpia to get the marriage papers for Jose and Ingrid because they are getting married and baptized on Saturday J. We also started teaching a woman named Mirna and as we were teaching her this parrot (her pet)came and landed on my head. No joke. I was just sitting there talking about the restoration and then out of now where this bird lands on my head. It scared me pretty good and I screamed hahahahaha holy cow it was so funny!
Saturday we finally found a house and we should be moving tomorrow. President just needs to view the photos and approve it! I am so excited. It is in a complex called Colonial Ayapal I dunno if you want to Google earth that or not.  Then the Elders came and taught Ingrid and Jose with us. I think Jose was happy to have men to talk to haha.
Sundays are always really great but I woke up and I was so exhausted because we had so much to do this week haha, I couldn’t believe it was already Sunday though. Jose and Ingrid came to church with us and their daughter Sarah, and her friend Maribelle that I talked about a couple weeks ago. It was really great!
Today we went and bought some stuff and cleaned and started packing to hopefully move tomorrow. I am still loving it here!! I have the funniest tan lines too. From shoes and my watch and my shirts, it is a nice farmers tan!
That is about all for this week! I love you all and I will talk to you next week!

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