Monday, October 28, 2013

10-22-2013 Sorry this is late

Hey there family! I hope you are all doing well!! This week was just another normal week in the missionary life!
Monday we went to the park with all of the Elders that we are friends with because 4 out of the 5 had transfers. So we went to the park and the Elders got hamburgers I got myself a big cup of cacao- It is like chocolate milk but 100 times better- 
Tuesday was just a normal day. We had our last lunch with the Elders and then said goodbye. Then we worked like usual and we were both kinda having a bummer day so we decided to make it a "eat like an American night" I got a super delicious hamburger and Hermana Lopez got a hot dog. It was so so delicious! 
Wednesday we had a meeting for the Zone to meet all the new people. We played mafia and had introductions and I told people that I was from Nicaragua haha. I think some of them actually believed me too... That day we found Rina y Leonardo. They were standing outside and I got this overwhelming feeling that we needed to talk to them SO we did. Turns out they live in the area of the Elders. But the Elders gave us permission to teach them :)
So Thursday we went looking for their house. They live in what is called "La liña" it is a much poorer area then ours and is a little dangerous so the Elders have to accompany us. It is all dirt road and tin shacks, but oh my lanta it is beautiful. There are plam trees and flowers and the people are so incredibly happy and friendly. I love it so much there. Anyway they are going to be baptised and married in December because Leonardo has to go to Managua for a month for his work I am praying I will still be here. They are so awesome. 
Friday we were walking and out of no where this guy asks us if we have anywhere to go for the next half our because he wanted to talk about Jesus with us... so we said sure and went with him. He invited us inside and told us to sit down. Before we knew it there were 7 more people that came through the door. Turns out it was a meeting for a different church haha... but by that point we couldn't leave... hahaha so we polietly sat there as they sang and prayed. As we were leaving we ran into the Elders.... that was a little awkward to try to explain. Haha that night the Bishop fed us dinner, he wanted to make me feel at home so he got us hot dogs. But with jalepeños inside. It was a spicy hot dog. 
Saturday was pretty normal, we were out tracting and out of nowhere came this huge storm. Normally we can tell when it is about to rain because there are clouds but this time it was just like the movies where there was a random crack of thunder and then downpour!!! We were soaked within minutes. Haha its a good thing I know how to swim. 
Yesterday we had 3 lunch appointments... I have never been so full of gaillopinto in my life. Hahaha. We had to roll ourselves home.
Today we had to go to Managua in the morning to renew the identification for H.Lopez, we left here at 5:00am and I am very very tired. We had to walk through the market to get to the bus and it was really exciting. It was like in the movie Aladdin, I enjoyed it but it kinda smelled like old fish so that wasn't super enjoyable.  And now here I am writing you all. Sorry this email isn't super exciting!! Just living life in Nicaragua :) I hope you know I love you all!
Hermana Willardson

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