Monday, October 28, 2013


Mi familia chelita!                        
Man can you believe that I hit my 3 month mark this week? Time is flying so fast! I know that before we all know it I will be living back at home. That is a scary thought hahaha just kidding! This week was good as usual J
Tuesday we were helping Manuel with smoking because he is having troubles again. We helped him destroy a whole pack of cigarettes!! It was the first time I have ever held a cigarette haha who would have thought that the first time would be on my mission ;) It was awesome to see him take more steps to change. I know it was hard for him but it was great to see how happy his family was.
Wednesday we did splits with the teenagers of the ward, I really enjoy working with them because a lot of them want to go on missions so this gives them an opportunity to see what a mission is really like. As we were visiting Hazel in the night she told us that she wanted to be married and baptized the next day. You can imagine our surprise and exceeding joy! So we called our District Leader and she had her interview. We have been working with her husband as well but he is tough. He believes that he doesn’t need a baptism, so we have met with him a few times.
Thursday we had the marriage of Hazel y Jinmey and the baptism of Hazel. The bishop was there and he bore testimony of how important baptism is and it was perfect for Jinmey!!! After Hazel was baptized we were waiting for her to get dressed and the ward mission leader had me directing hymns. He came up to me after we sang a couple and asked me what my favorite hymn was, so I told him it was How Great Thou Art. To which he turned to the people there and said “Hermanos y Hermanas vamos a cantar por ustedes.” (brothers and sisters we are going to sing for you.) You can imagine my confusion and shock. He counted to three and we both started singing Grande eres tu! Hahaha. Talk about always having to be prepared, you’d think I was a boy scout or something. Anyway after we were done the bishops wife told me that I am learning Spanish because I am supposed to marry the ward mission leader… Awkward… haha. People always love to joke about me marrying people here. But anyway I laughed about the surprise duet for the rest of the day.
Friday we had a meeting with the other Chinandega zone and President Collado. We also had the privilege of hearing from an area 70 Elder Maravilla. It was very spiritual and I learned  a lot! I also got my package (Thank you mom) J And I don’t know if Sarah Young reads these letters or not, but if she does I just want to say thank you for your letter! Mail means so much to a missionary, I don’t think people understand unless they have been on a mission. So if anyone else feels like sending a letter feel free! Haha, but seriously….
Saturday was pretty normal, there was a soccer game on that everyone was watching and it reminded me of how Utah is on the day that BYU plays U of U. It made me miss sitting on the couch with Dad watching the games.  I have decided that I really do like watching soccer though. So that is something else new that I have picked up from here J
Sunday was another day of rain. In the morning we did splits to bring more people to church and at 1:30 we did splits again because one family told us that they could only go to the 2:00 meeting. So Hermana Lopez stayed at the church with one of our families and a teenager and I set out with another teenager into the monsoon. I kid you not the taxis were like boats. The water was up to our mid-calf. So we swam to the house and it turns out they weren’t there. I gave my umbrella to the teenager I was with because she was in a white dress and by the time we got back to the church I literally had to wring out my clothes. I felt like I had jumped into a pool fully clothed haha. Oh the life of a Nicaraguan missionary. That night we had dinner at the family of Jerry (the Escorsias) and her food is always so good. It is nice to have good food on Sundays because it makes me feel like home. Anyway all of their family came over and we were all laughing and having a good time. It reminded me of how lucky I am to have family that all loves each other and the good relationships that we have. I know that we are incredibly blessed to have the family that we do. I know that Heavenly Father blessed us with our family because He knew that we would need each other. I am grateful every day for the love and support of my family. So thank you to my Grandparents, Aunts, Uncles, Cousins, Parents, Brothers, Sisters, Nieces and Nephews for your love and support. I know I couldn’t do it without you all and the help of my Father in Heaven. Until next week J keep on smiling!
Hermana Willardson

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