Sunday, October 6, 2013

Sept 30th 2013

¡Hola familia!
This week I learned a lot about how trials proceed miracles. I am very grateful for this opportunity to have learned this lesson even though it was a hard one to learn.
Monday I was having a rough day, I was homesick and physically sick and just not having a good day. But we got to move into our new house thank heavens! But as a was praying that night and asking for help I realized that my head wasn’t in the right place. I realized that I need to take the word “I” and put it away for the next 16 months. And I tell you what after I figured that out the week was much better. Now I am not saying that magically everything was fine but I have realized that when you focus on the work everything else will fall into place the way it is supposed to.
Tuesday I hit my two month mark and it is hard for me to believe it has already been two months. Although sometimes it has felt like longer hahaha after we finished moving the rest of our stuff we were sitting outside with the elders that had helped us move and we bought them cokes to say thank you. And as I was sitting there on the steps of a rundown apartment building drinking coke from a glass bottle it kinda hit me that I am living in Nicaragua! I was filled with so much joy I just started laughing. People thought I had lost my mind haha. That night Hermana Lopez was telling me that her calf was really sore so I let her use some of my Icy Hot and it was the first time she had ever used anything like it… hahahaha she was rubbing it on her leg and then turned and looked at me and said “HERMANA WILLY MY LEG IS ON FIRE!!” In this cute broken Hispanic accent. I laughed so so hard! It was really funny until I went to take out my contacts and I had forgotten that I used a little of the cream too.. haha. Let’s just say I don’t think my eye will ever feel the same.
Wednesday morning they came and fumigated our apartment which they didn’t give us any notice but its ok we just had to let it air out for a little while. But we went back in and resumed studying and I was reading my Book of Mormon and all of a sudden a dead cockroach fell into my lap. Hahaha I tell you what I have had more strange experiences with animals here in the past month than I have my whole life. Then as we were teaching one of our investigators their next door neighbors started to have a party and they were playing American music.. It was extremely difficult for me to not stand up and start dancing right then and there!! But for the sake of my companion, investigators, and the seriousness of the lesson I restrained myself. Ha but it was not easy. That night there was an awesome lightning storm with horizontal lightning! I can’t explain it very well but it covered the whole sky with never ending lightning! It was so so cool!
Thursday we had interviews with president everyone was nervous and I was calm as a rock. Rocks are pretty calm right? And I am still not sure why people were so nervous but oh well haha anyway we forgot to close one of our windows and there was a really good rainstorm. A few of my books got really wet and things don’t dry very well here so we will see if I can still use them. Hopefully I will be able to. While we were waiting for our interviews we decided to go contact a bus. I was a little nervous I won’t lie. Just because I am insecure with my Spanish but I stood at the front of the bus and invited everyone to be baptized haha. It was actually super fun but I probably won’t be doing that again anytime soon. We did get one person that was interested. But they live in a different area so we gave the other missionaries her information.
Friday we had to get everything ready for the baptism and wedding. Which was a lot of work haha we pay for the lawyer and buy them a cake on our little missionary budget haha. But I was more than willing to help out. They had their interviews and we faced some difficulties and cold feet but by the end of the day everything was ready to go.
Saturday morning we found out that the bus that was supposed to take us to the Ocean wasn’t going to leave until 3:00pm which would mean we wouldn’t get back until 9:00pm and Ingrid didn’t want to do that so we just went to the chapel, which was still beautiful.  That morning we helped her get ready and made sure nothing happened to them before their baptism. And then at 12:00 they got married then baptized. My heart was so full of joy and love for this family that I love so much. I know that I saw a miracle this weekend and it made every trial that I have had worth it. I am grateful for the chance I have to be here and be a helping hand of a miracle. After the baptism at 6:00 we had a dinner and the cake and Hazel (Ingrids friend that we have been teaching too) told me that she wants to be baptized ASAP!!! Another miracle, we are hoping that on October 12th she will be married and baptized as well!!!!
This week has just shown me how the night is always darkest before the dawn. (Thank you Batman.)
I am grateful for every one of my trials because I know that it either means that I am about to witness a miracle or learn a lesson that I will be able to take into my life forever. I am learning so much here, not only about myself but about life as well. I wouldn’t trade this experience for anything. Yes there are going to be hard days, but if it was always easy what would I learn? I am so grateful for the support of my family and friends. I know it isn’t easy for you all to have me be gone haha but I am grateful for your letters and support.
I love you all!!
Hermana Willardson

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