Monday, May 26, 2014

May 26 2014

Man family, this week has probably been one of my favorites in the mission. It had its moments of stress as usual but probably some of the happiest moments I have felt as well. So I am going to start you off with some funny stories that happened this week and then I am going to talk about the miracle of May. 
So I was in divisions with Hermana Ewing (another white girl) this week and we were walking down the street to go to an appointment when we heard the truck that has all the fumigation coming. The problem was that we didn't know what dirrection it was coming from. So we walked to the corner and out of nowhere comes the truck right at us spraying this horrible gas, so we took one look at eachother and just started bookin it the other direction. It was like a movie moment haha and you know what the bums in the truck did... they started driving FASTER!!!!! Luckily we are missionarys and we are super fit so we outran them haha but once we got to a safe spot we just started laughing pretty hard. Ok... so that story probably wan't that funny for all of you but it was funny for me... guess you had to be there. This next one is a good one though.
So I was riding in the bus this week and this old man came on and sat in the seat next to me. After about 30 seconds I started hearing this chirping noise so I was like hmmm that must be someones weird ringtone on their phone or something. But the noise kept going and I realized it was coming from the old man sitting next to me so I was like what the.... old chirping man.... right as I looked over at him he pulls out a baby chick from his pocket!!!!!! I was like what in the world?!?!?! Ya a real live baby chick. He then tells his little chick to be quiet or he wont give him dinner and then puts the baby chick back in his pocket! Poor little chick... so I just sat there looking at him all astonished and then he looked over at me and winked!!! I bust up laughing. 
Another funny bus story, we were heading over to one part of our area and on the buses they sometimes play really old music in english. I was sitting there thinking about where we were going and what we were going to teach and things like that when out of nowhere this little boy stands right next to me (the bus is moving by the way) and starts singing to me. The song is the one that says "I WANNA KNOW WHAT LOVE IS, I WANT YOU TO SHOW ME!!!!" He just stood there singing me the whole song and at the end of it pulled out a little flower from his pocket and asked me to be his girlfriend. I asked him how old he was....7 years old ladies and gentlemen. He was adorable but I told him I was a missionary and that it just wouldn't work out between us... I felt bad... haha so I bought him a chocolate. 
Alright well now that hopefully you all got a little giggle from my stories I am going to tell you the best part of the week. SO remember last week when I talked about the family we met that we were planning on baptizing this weekend?? The single mom with 6 kids?? Well, they got baptized!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOOOOOHOOOOOOOOOO. It went like this, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday we taught them everything. First we taught the W.O.W so that they would stop drinking coffee (because all 6 kids and the mom drank coffee, they even gave it to the 9 month old baby) So they all agreed to stop drinking it and we bought them some stuff that they could use to replace it. Then Thursday night we were getting everything ready so that on Friday they could get interviewed by our District leader. As we were leaving Sindy (the one that talked to us first, she is 12) told us that she didn't want to get baptized anymore. We were shocked because she was the one that found us and said "hey when can I be baptized" but something that I have learned in the mission is that there is always oposition before the miracles. SO we left her some homework in the Book of Mormon to read. That night we started a fast so that Arlen (mom), Sindy(12), Oscar (10) and Hector (9) would all be baptized this weekend. We took the elders to interview them on Friday and Sindy told us that she still didn't want to be baptized but she agreed to be interviewed anyway. We put a lot of faith in the Lord that He would answer our prayers and our fast. Saturday morning we went to go pick up the family to get baptized. When we got there Sindy went to go "buy corn" and didn't come back for about 45 minutes, I was praying the whole time that she would feel in her heart the desire to come back. Right as we were walking out the door to go baptize the other 3 she showed up. She told us that she didn't want to get baptized so I said "ok but at least come support your family." so she agreed and we left. When we got there I said to her "Sindy what is it that you are afraid of?" She then told me she was scared of drowning..... hahahahahahahahahahahaha I explained to her that I am a lifeguard and I would never let that happen. But she was still insistant that she wanted to wait. So my companion and I said a little prayer. When we gave the white clothes to her mom and brothers she came up to me and said. "ok give me my clothes I want to be baptized!" Family, I have a STRONG testimony in the power of fasting and prayer. When these things are done WITH FAITH, there is no stronger power. Before in the mission I had fasted, but this time I did it with a different attitude and with lot of faith, knowing that if I did my part the Lord would do His. The baptism of this family was a little piece of Heaven here in Matagalpa. Watching Arlen start to put her life in order, Sindy overcoming the obstacles, Oscar and Hector having such great faith. I love this family more than I can describe and I feel unbelievable grateful with my Heavenly Father for allowing me to be the one to teach them and know them. I love the mission more than anything, I love that I am able to be here learning the things that I never would have been able to learn at home. I am grateful for this Gospel in my life and for who it has turned me into. Thank you for your prayers, thank you for your support. I love you all!!!!
Hermana Willardson 

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