Tuesday, May 20, 2014


Well family, here we are again! I feel like it was just yesterday that I was writing you guys last. I know I talk about time every time but it just flys by and it scares me. Haha. Anyway...  some funny things have happened this week. First off I am going to start you all off with the funny quotes of my companion. She learned english listening to popular songs in english so the phrases she knows are SO FUNNY!!!!!!
Ok so on Monday 2 hermanas more slept with us because it was the day of changes and their area is super far so they stayed the night with us. The owner of the house came to talk to us at 9:30 and he is super...annoying... and he got mad that the other 2 hermanas were there... so when he left my companion looked at me and said "Sorry for party rockin." Hahahahaha I laughed so hard.
Last night we were taking out the numbers of the week (which is really boring) so I pulled out the coke that we had in the fridge and my comp said "hmmm I`ll drink to that!!" Hahaha its so funny because she says it with her little accent and everything. Holy cow she keeps me laughing constantly. I am seriously so happy to be with her because she likes to work. The other day she said "Willie you are like an "Uh Oh Oreo"... White on the outside but black on the inside, and I am like a normal oreo, black on the outside but white on the inside. That is why we get along so well" Hahaha I am also super excited to be with someone that is ready to work!!!! It makes things so much easier, and the best news is that she hasn't even throw up!!!!!!
In other news WE CHANGED HOUSES!!!!! Wahoooooo!!!!! We were done with waking up with animals in our beds and flees so ya we changed... oh by the way I had flees for like a week haha but don't worry we have changed houses and I got rid of them. Flees are the worst by the way.... So this is how we found another house to live in. We were contacting one night and I really wanted to contact a super rich house so I was like "Hey Gonzalez lets go contact that rich house" so we went and we were talking to this super cute old lady and I asked her who else she lived with us. She told us that she lived alone and I was like WHAT??? But your house is gigantic... it has 2 floors..... and she was like I know.. it is kinda lonely sometimes and I have been thinking about renting out the second floor... SO I was like... well hey... we are looking for a place to live.. how about we pull the ol' switcheroo and live with you!!!!! (That rhymed...) and so today we changed houses... yall would have been impressed with us. Moving all our stuff ALONE (all of the elders were in Manauga) up and down mountains. Ya. I am exhausted but we are happy.  Ok I don't have tons of time today so I am just going to finish off with our miracle of the week.
We have been fasting and praying for this area because... well it is kinda a hard area... and this week we were hiking up a huge mountain... dead middle of the day.. the sun killing us... fasting... and I thought for sure I was going to die. And this little girl stops us and says "hey is it true that you guys are baptizing people in your church?" we were all like "YA!" and she says "when can I be baptized?" We were like... ok little girl why you be playin with our minds like that... so we asked if we could talk to her parents. She was like YES PLEASE!!!! Well she lives  with her grandma (Maria Luisa) her mom (Arlene) her (Cindy) and her siblings. And we talked with her mom and grandma and the siblings that are older than 8 and all of them had gone to church before but before they could get baptized they had to move and lost contact with the missionaries. They expressed thier desires to be baptized and we put a goal with them to be baptized this saturday :) On Sunday ALL of the family came to church!!!! It was so beautiful and such a big miracle. We are now going to be working with them to help them reach the goal of this weekend. Family PLEASE PRAY FOR THEM. We are going to be fasting and praying so that we can help this area become a better area and help strengthen the branch here in Matagalpa. 
I am still doing great, loving my new companion and working hard. I promise to work hard until the end!!! I hope you know I love you all so much and I pray for you everyday.
I love you
Hermana Willardson 

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