Monday, May 5, 2014

Loving Matagalpa May 5th

Whats up family!!!! I hope you are all doing well!!!! First and foremost, HAPPY BIRTHDAY AMY and GRANDPA LANIE!!!!! Hope you celebrated hardcore... but not too hardcore haha. Lets see how do we start you all off for the week.
Ok so remember when I had that streak of people throwing up when I did divisiones with them?? Well the streak continues. Monday night my companion and I were leaving from writing and we got right outside the church and she threw up. So that was lovely. I am learning how to deal with it better though. I have been SUPER blessed to have never been that sick on the mission. Seriously huge blessing and I am SO grateful. Lets see what else happened this week. I gotta whip out my agenda to see haha all of the weeks seem to blur together.
Wednesday we had to go to Managua, by the way I finally got my package from mom with all the birthday letters, thank you to those who wrote me for my birthday. That was enjoyable :) Anyway we went to Managua for a leaders meeting and when we got there the APs were like ok everyone we are going to go play some kickball!!!! And I was like WHAT?!?!?! WHOOOHOOOO but I secretly doubted we were going to play. But we went outside and there was President ready with the ball. So we played some kickball with President haha it was so awesome!!! Don't worry though it did have a purpose. Later in the meeting we changed a whole bunch of how we are going to do the numbers so that we can have better results and playing kickball helped us understand why. I would try to explain it to you but that is a little boring haha. Anyway I am actually secretly professional at playing kickball in a skirt. Hidden talent that I didn't know I had. haha. Later that night we missed that last express bus again so Elder Ochoa Elder Rigby Hermana Morales and me all went on the normal bus again. 3 hour bus ride back home to Matagalpa haha. Luckily I had all my birthday letters to read so I wasn't bored. 
Thursday we had our zone meeting to teach what we learned in the leaders meeting and we played kickball again.. unfortunately my leg had had enough of kickball and I did something that it didn't like and I believe that I may have torn something in my leg... haha needless to say it was a painful week. Then we did divisions and I was in an area in Matagalpa called Yuguares. It is 100% stairs.... and with a hurt leg it was difficult, haha but the Lord blesses those who serve Him and I made it through the week. But seriously these stairs are unlike anything you have ever seen before and the area is like you are walking through the middle of the jungle haha  Matagalpa is a whole new world I tell you.
Friday I sent my companion to Esteli again haha and I was with an hermana named Hermana
Castro, she is new and it really made me miss training I am praying that I will get the chance to train again because I loved it so so much! We found this family and the husband when we first got there was accusing us that we thought that Jospeh Smith is God and blah blah blah but I asked him if he had 15 minutes in which we could just sing for him. So he said yes, we sang a hymn and the Spirit came so strong. We then taught him about the restoration (I don't know how to spell in Ingles) and he was touched by the Spirit and was asking us much better questions to understand. By the end of the lesson him and his wife had a baptism date for the 17 of may (crossin our fingers) Their names are Vilma and Holman. But this was such a big lesson to me that the Spirit is really the one that teaches. Without the Spirit I really am nothing!! Right now we are also teaching this awesome family named Hilda and Ronald. I don't remember if I talked about them in my last email... but we found them through the popsicle lady... I am pretty sure I talked about that. Anyway they are ADORABLE: Every time we go to teach them they talk about what they read in the Book of Mormon!! Seriously I sometimes just stand in awe at the blessings I am recieving, This family is a HUGE blessing. We have plans to marry them and baptize them this weekend. I am becoming quite the wedding planner haha. But PLEASE PRAY FOR THEM!!!!!! I am really really praying for this weekend for this family. They are so cute.
Saturday was a crazy day because I had to go get my companion from Esteli and we didn't end up getting back to Matagalpa until 3:00. (that is the stinky part about buses) BUT we actually got a ride back with some members from Esteli in their car, and I actually got car sick because it was the first time in about 9 months that I have been in a car. hahaha. But funny story, we forgot to start our fast after lunch so as we were working I was like CRAP WE FORGOT TO START THE FAST!!!!! SO we went to a little cave and started our fast haha, it was pretty sweet to start a fast in a cave. Then we went to the house of a convert and her little boy was kneeling on the floor with his hands on his head, so I was like ummm why is your son on the ground. Then she told me that he had stolen ice cream from another kid so he was being punished haha. I thought it was rather funny. SO Mom and Dad the next time you need to punish Alyssa just make her kneel in the kitchen and put her hands on her head. I will send a picture for and example haha. I think it is rather effective.  
Anyway that was this week for you.. I know I had more to say but I forgot... I will be better about writing down the things I want to tell yall haha sorry. OH today we went to a sweet waterfall for PDAY. It is just one of the million reasons that I love Nicaragua. SO BEAUTIFUL.
Anyway I will be calling around 3:00 your time on Sunday.. I mean if everything goes well at least... (heres to hoping there is electricity.) If something goes horribly wrong I will find someway to communicate with you. Haha but as for now that is the plan. And I secretly practice my english to myself so that on sunday it wont sound so bad. Haha. Anyway I love you all and I am nervous/excited to talk to you on sunday!
Be good read your scriptures hehahehaheha. 
Hermana Willy.

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