Monday, May 12, 2014


Hey Fam!!!!     5/12/14
So we all just talked on Saturday so I don't have a ton to tell yall but I will tell you about the rest of Saturday, Sunday and Today.  :) 
First I just gotta tell you all that skyping was really funny, even if we had a couple difficulties and you all just laughed at me for this "accent" ya crazies. hahaha. Just because I couldn't remember (and still cant remember) what that thing outside is called. paragola or something like that. But that is a HARD english word ok???
Anyway Saturday night I was feeling really happy and just glad I got to talk to you guys. I didn't feel sad at all just an emotional high :) So we went to all go eat hamburgers because we were starving. When we got there I was just chilling and i looked out the window and saw a little boy in clothes that were super worn and he was super dirty... this wasn't the first time that I had seen kids like that but it just kinda caught me off guard again. (Talking to you guys threw me back into america for a second.) And my District leader went outside to give him some fries and I just felt so guilty, seriously I just felt awful, so I bought him a roasted chicken and told him to take it to his family. He told me that his parents are in the Hospital but that he was looking for money with his brother. I don't know if it was a true story or not.. but it just threw me back into reality... Nicaragua has made me so so so grateful for the things I have back home. It was easy for me to adapt to my surroundings because I knew that I wasn't going to be living here forever... But now I honestly love Nicaragua because it has changed my life. Anyway, so he ran off with his chicken and I felt so happy inside. So here is a little hint, if you are ever feeling down, do service. 
Sunday was a pretty good day, we got up early and went to go get our investigators. Hilda and Ronald came with us to church and also a little girl named Jaqarelis (good luck saying that one mom haha) She is the daughter of some less actives and she went ALONE with us. I know she is going to be a huge help to her family. Her other sister was going to come with us too but when she saw my companion she ran away and started crying.. so I went to go find her to figure out what happened and she told me that she was scared of my companion because she has freckles hahahahahahahahahaha it was one of the funniest things I have ever heard... so she promised me next week she would come because I will have a new comp. Then we were walking down a mountain and I fell.... yup skirt came up and I flashed a couple dogs... haha but I got some good scrapes on my hands and legs because it is all rocks. So I fell on some sharp rocks and I got to church all bloody haha... what do you do right? Then that night we were walking around saying goodbye to people for my companion and the lights went out.... that was scary because we were walking in pure darkness. I didnt like it so much. Jaja. But anyway, Morales was pretty sad. Then we were up all night packing her stuff. Oh you just gotta love changes. 
This morning we got up at 5 and I took her to the bus stop with all of her stuff... i was very tired. Then I went with Hermana Cahan and hermana Janzen (two white girls) and we went and spent pday together. We took a little nap in the morning and then when I went to shower the most incredible thing happened IT WAS HOT WATER!!!!!!! YA!!!!!!!! The first time in 9 and a half months!!!!!! I scared me a little because I forgot what it was like jajja. Anyway then we had an american day. We went and bought donuts and waited for my new comp to come from Managua. We went and looked in tourist shops haha things that normal americans would do if they were here. Then at about 3:00 I got a call saying that Hermana Gonzalez was here so we ran to the terminal and when I got there she came running towards me to give me a big hug!!!!! I AM SO STINKIN EXCITED TO BE HER COMPANION!!!!!! She always says "my willie" when she is talking about me to other people. Seriously she is so adorable. Then all of the hermanas were together so we went and got some Pizza and now we are here writing yall haha. So that is what has happened the last 3 days. 
Anyway I hope you are all still doing good and don't miss me too much haha. Thank you for all your support and love, I couldn't do it without you!!!
Hermana Willie. 

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