Monday, March 17, 2014

Holy Hotness

Hey there dear sweet family of mine :) I hope that this day finds you all well and happy and in good health hehehehe... I am still here doing great watching the weeks fly by like days and the days fly by like hours. It is a crazy thing to experience. But the best part of it is is that I know I still have time. So I just work really hard so that I don't have time to regret anything haha. Don`t you worry though I am still the same old me :) I am going to start you guys off with a couple funny experiences from the week.. This first one mom you might not like but I laughed my head off so I have to tell you. So I don't remember what day but one day this week we started the morning off normal.. Wake up, pray, eat, shower, study you know the norm. So I finished eating and headed off to shower. I had my Mormon Tabernacle Choir playing and I was jamming along at the same time. (Yes it is possible to jam along to the MOTAB) and all of a sudden my companion is pounding on the door yelling something. I couldn't understand and I was in the middle of showering so I just thought I would talk to her in a minute. Then out of no where this really really loud noise started happening. It sounded just like a really loud leaf blower... and since I have now lived here for almost 7 months I knew exactly what it was... Fumigation... Hahahahahahahaha so there I am with bubbles in my eyes and they are fumigating the house (Don't worry I was locked in the bathroom so they didn't come in or anything) and the gas was starting to leak in. So with suds still in my hair I put my clothes on as fast as I could and ran outside so that I wouldn't breathe in more toxic gas.. I am not kidding when I say I still had suds in my hair.. hahaha so I ran into our back yard and the members that we live with were laughing their heads off at me. So I laughed too and we had a good time waiting outside for the gas to leave our house. The funny thing is that it doesn't even kill the mosquitos I actually think it attracts more in... haha. Don't worry though my blood is Nicaraguan now so the mosquitos don't like me as much. I am sorry if my spelling is bad but I am sweating so my fingers are slipping all over the keyboard haha just kidding my english is just horrible. 
Ok another funny story and then I will give you 2 Spiritual stories. So we were out working in the little neighborhood called "Sonrisa" again and there is a little school there that people always told me the "gringos" built. So one day we were walking and all of a sudden I heard a bunch of English and I was like what the... Turns out they are adding on to the school and there were a bunch of white people here working on it. So I went to the house of our investigator that lives right in front of the school and watched them for a little bit.. It was really really weird for me to see so many white people. You might think I am just exaggerating but I am being dead serious. I felt really weird... So I watched them secretly for a good 5 minutes and then I finally had the courage to go talk to them.. Hahaha so I asked them where they were from and all of that good stuff. They are a group from New York and they had been there for a week working on the school. Then the lady I was talking to asked me if I was from Nagarote... I was like... Lady I am white too.. Just kidding I didn't say that but I definitely thought it. Haha. I told her that I was from Utah and she asked me if I had spoken Spanish as my first language and I told her no and then she asked me why I had such a strong accent... I told her I didn't know I had one and she laughed at me. Hahaha I told her a little bit about the church but I felt really weird contacting in English.. I didn't know what to say haha. Silly white people. But then she started telling me that the living situation of the people here makes her want to cry. It kinda struck me weird because I haven't ever been sad for the way the people here live. They are all just so happy that I have never had to feel sad... or maybe I am just heartless who knows hhahaha. But even white people think that I am a Nicaraguan hehehe. I am going to practice my english before mothers day so that you don't all laugh at me. :) 
Ok so a really espiritual experience of the week. We had our Stake conference this weekend and it was via satalite from SLC. Elder Oakes and Elder Perry spoke and so we knew that if we had investigators there it would be really awesome. The problem was that we had to go to Leon and it was going to be an all morning kind of thing. So we fasted a lot and prayed really hard that we could have investigators in the church we were able to bring 10 people and 2 families!!!!! It was a miracle because almost no one wanted to go all the way to Leon but all of these people that went now have heard messages from apostles and have such a strong testimony I know they are going to get baptized here pronto. 
Ok this next story is a story of incredible faith. We have a family that we are teaching right now that we contacted the grandma in her store and she asked us to come teach her and all her family later that night. Of course we said yes. Haha. When we got there we got to know them and had a little lesson on faith (the plan was to talk about baptism but I felt like we should change it when we got there) so we talked about how the faith is the key to everything. At the end of the lesson the mom and grandma were in tears and they told us that her son Estephan had been really really sick for the passed 2 weeks not being able to eat anything and they had taken him to the hospital and they didn't know what was wrong with them. They asked us to say a prayer specifically for him inside the house. They asked me to say it and I was a little scared because to pray you used a little bit different spanish and I just felt like my companion could do it much better than I could but they really wanted me to do it. So as I prayed I had one of the most spiritual experiences I have ever had, I felt the words flow out of my mouth with ease and the Spirit was so strong. I knew in that moment that Estephan was going to be healed. But it wasn't anything that I did, it was through the faith of these two women that recognized us a representatives of our Savior and had the faith that He could heal Estephan. When we came back the next day Estephan was outside running and playing around as if he had never been sick at all. Venus (Gma) and Lorraina (Mom) came out crying and hugged us. We told them that we didn't do anything, that it was through their faith that they saw this miracle. I am so grateful to be here as an instrument in the Lords hands. Striving everyday to do as He would. I have felt my Saviors love everyday and I will stand as a testimony that He lives and He loves us. Have the faith, have the hope. 
I love you all!!!
Until next week :)
Hermana Nicarauga 

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