Monday, March 10, 2014

Another amazing week

Well Family here we are again, another pday come and gone and i am still just here loving life! I am still here in Nagarote :) that is a blessing. Transfers are the first week in April. I realized that April is kinda a big month for me. I will be hitting my half way mark and turning 21, if anyone feels like sending me a little birthday surprise missionaries always love letters. :) Hahaha but seriously... Things are heating up here... literally and ummm the other way. The hottest months of the year are upon us and I feel like I am walking in an oven. Now don't you for one second think that I am complaining about the heat. Just that I thought I would let you all know that if you want to visit Nicaragua April probably isn't the best month. And if you start to wonder why I am red or brown in my pictures that would be why hahaha. But everyday that I am walking down the road sweating from every part of my body I just give thanks that there is no snow :) That would be much much worse. Haha. Sorry for all of you that are still suffering from the cold. I will think of you everyday and try to put myself in your shoes. 
This week was a good week because I got to work. I have become an addict to working... I know big shocker right? Hahaha. I have been exhausted and probably dehydrated but SO SO SO happy. Not a day goes by without at least one moment of undescribable happiness. PAUSE I am going to apologize for my bad english right now..... Sorry I promise in 11 months I will improve haha. Lets see. This week we have been working a lot with asking for references from everyone. Even if they are just street contacts. WE ASK EVERYONE hahaha it is real fun actually because people think we are here to help people stop smoking and drinking so we get references to a lot of drunk people but we just laugh and move on. We have been waking up at 5:30 so that we can leave an hour earlier to work and it has taken a toll on me. We work hard, because I don't want to waste my time here. I know that this is a privelege and I don't want to have to come home with regrets. Also time is flying by so I want to give it my all. 
This week I had to go to Chinandega to help with a problem there. 4 hours in a bus :( Luckily the Lord has blessed me with this incredible talent so that I can sleep in whatever place haha. So I took a nice nap and almost missed my stop hehe whoops... White girl problems. 
Funny story of the week we were invited to eat at the branch presidents house monday night so we went and they served us our dinner. I don't know if I told you this but here no one eats with us. They cook it up and they serve it and then they go hide... I am never sure where it is that they go... but that is just how it is. Hahaha so they served us up and we started eating and I was like mmmmmmm this is tasty. So I asked my companion what it was and she didn't know either. Then we started talking about food we can't eat and I told her that the only thing I had heard that is super dangerous for us to eat is pig head because it made some missionaries extremely sick not to long ago. So we continued eating. After we went to go wash our plates and I asked the Hermana what it was that we ate... to which she responded that it was pig head... hahahaha ya... you can imagine the surprise.. So we left and went around the corner and I said the most fervent, sincere prayer that I could think of so that we wouldn't get sick because we needed to work hard this week. Well as you all know the mission is of miracles :) luckily nothing happened to us and we have been fine!!! What a miracle seriously.. 
We had some of the most spiritual lessons this week that I think I have had in all of my mission. It is incredible how strong the Spirit can be here in the mission. We went to go contact a reference that we had and we found out that his cousin had just died so we started talking about the plan of salvation. The Spirit was so strong that he started to cry (his name is Wilber). How great is it that we have the knowledge that families are forever? The peace that comes from this knowledge is life changing.  
Ok last funny story and then I need to start responding emails. I forgot to tell you all this story last week and it was hilarious. I am not going to tell you where this happened or who did it.. just know that is it a true story... SO last Sunday was testimony meeting right and there was an old guy sleeping in his chair so a missionary got the brilliant idea to wake up the old man and tell him that it was his turn to give the closing prayer (the meeting had just started and only 2 people had given their testimony.) So the old guy woke up and started walking to the pulpit and before the missionary could do anything he started praying hahahhahahahahahahahah all the people in the congregation started looking around like what the heck is this old guy doing... After the branch president got up and said... "thank you for that inspired prayer... we are going to continue with the testimonies and finish 5 minutes to the hour." Hahahahahahaha oh man... what a funny story right. I hope that all made sense.. Writing stories is the hardest thing for me. 
Anyway I gotta go now so that we can get to work. But I hope you all know I love you and I will think about you all everyday!!
Hermana Nicaragua 

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