Monday, December 2, 2013

Nagarote and Leon

Well family! I hope all of your thanksgivings were awesome and a special Happy Birthday to Diane!!! I hope that Thursday was a good day :) this week also feels like it didn't even happen. With all that I am doing the weeks fly by, it scares me a little how fast time is going!
Tuesday we were here working in our area and we went and visited one of our recent converts. Her name is Miledi but it is pronounced like me-lady. It is always a little humorous to me. She is a 14 year old but the crazy thing about Nicaragua is that people never look their age, she seriously looks like she is about 20. She lives with her parents and her family but is the only one that has any direction in life. Her brothers earn money by betting on rooster fights and raising roosters for these fights. Hahaha oh Nagarote.... Her parents make a living selling tortillas. I got to learn how to make corn tortillas when we visited her. It was quite exiting but really really hot. We also found Hector and Augustina, they are a couple that have children that are all grown and moved out of the house and Hector has had a troubling life. But he was really receptive of us and let us in to talk to him. Our first lesson went really well and we set our return appointment for the next day.
Wednesday I did my first splits as a TL. I was in my area with one of the Hermanas and my companion went to Leòn. As a TL the way I work needs to be an example to the zone so I knew that this day I had to kick it into high gear but I also knew that I couldn't do it without the help of my Heavenly Father. So I was praying really hard all day for a miracle. We went and visited Hector and Augustina and I had the strong impression to talk to them about baptism which wasn't what was in the plans. But I knew that I needed to follow the prompting. We talked about how Jesus Christ was baptised and I extended the invitation for them to be baptised and they accepted! It was literally a miracle. 
Thursday we switched back companions and went out to work we needed to find more new people to teach so that was our focus for the day. We were walking along the street and we went to go contact one house. In this house we found Angelika, she is 9 months pregnant and was ready to pop, literally, as we were there teaching her, her water broke.... most awkward moment of my life.... dont worry though her mom was there so we didn't have to do too much. Oh man.... awkward day. Then we had what is called "Noche De Hermanamiento" which is a night where the branch gets together to have a little spiritual message and eat some treats. I was in charge of the message and since they don't celebrate Thanksgiving here I decided to talk a little bit about thanksgiving. We all went around in a circle and told what we were thankful for. I was telling them that I am very grateful for my family but at the same time the members of this branch have become like my family. They are always so willing to help and I am so grateful for them. To be honest with you I kinda forgot that it was Thanksgiving until the night time haha. 
Friday we had our Zone meeting in Leòn. We did an activity where we were taped together with our companions and we had to leave the chapel and contact one person, imagine that image... about 32 missionaries hobbling along contacting people. Hahaha it was supposed to show us the importance of sticking with our companions and working as a team. 
Saturday we went to an area in our area that is called "Sonrisa de Dios" which means God´s smile. It is so beautiful there but I didn't have my camera. I will have to take it with me next time. There we found a whole bunch of Less active memebers so we will be working in this area to help reactivate the people. 
Sunday Hector and Augustina came to church and were recieved well  by the members and really enjoyed it. They will be getting baptised next Sunday if everything goes well. They really are my little miracle family :) 
Today we went to Leòn to buy somethings because there literally isn't anything in Nagarote. Leòn has a lot of white people and it was really weird for me.. we decided to treat ourselves and went out for lunch. I ordered the American Breakfast and had bacon for the first time in 4 Months!!!! I am very content. 
Well family the last thing I want to tell you is that I know that miracles exist. All we need is to have the Faith, I testify that faith proceeds miracles. I love you all and I hope you have a great week!!! 
Hermana Willardson!

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