Monday, December 9, 2013

Mission of miracles! I don’t think she is ever coming home!

Well family how are you all? Man this week flew by again!!!! Someone start praying for the time to slow down will ya? 
Anyway Monday was quite the experience. After we had our family night we were at home just studying like good little missionaries.... and randomly Hermana Cruz starts screaming!! scared me so bad I fell out of my chair. No jokes. So I ran over to her desk to see what in the world was happening and as I was running over I saw something scurrying across the floor. One HUGE scorpion was running right for my bed. So naturally I screamed too. Hahaha we got the broom and sweeped it into the middle of the floor so that we could keep our eyes on it until we planned what to do. Finally we went and got a coconut and smashed it real good. Haha It smelled HORRIBLE!!! And it was one of the scariest moments of my life because ya they are dangerous. Anyway I took a video of the killing and hopefully I will be able to send it to you. 
Tuesday we were in Managua for a Leaders meeting that made me stressed but motivated. They told us that no one would recieve their Christmas packages until the 23rd of December which was depressing. But as I was talking to one of the APs he told me he would help me out. Hahaha its good to have friends in high places... something I learned from my Father. :) Anyway as we were about to leave President told us that we needed to come back the next day for another meeting. When I asked what it was for he told us that he is meeting with all of the people that are in the top 10% of the mission to see what they are doing to have success... I had no idea that I was in the top 10% so that was a little surprising. But it was sad because it meant another day that we wouldn't be able to work in our area. 
Wednesday we returned to Managua and had our meeting. I got to see some of my old friends so that was fun and after president took us all to lunch!!!! Then the APs told me that they had my packages hahahaha So I smuggled them onto the bus with me. Later that night we went and visited Hector and Augustina and Augustina told us that she didn't want to get baptised until the next week but that her husband was all ready for this week.
Thursday we had a special fast for our little family and that we would be able to see miracles.
Friday I had to go to Leòn to help the sisters out there. They are in a trio and that comes with a special set of difficulties. I helped them find some new people to teach and commit one family to baptism. It is weird that my mind set has now changed. The success of the Hermanas in Leòn is just as important to me as the success that I see in my area. But with that it isn't easy. We work really hard and it is exhausting but I know that for everything we give we are blessed!!!!
Saturday I returned to Nagarote and we went to ahve the baptismal interview with Hector and Augustina. Our District leader Elder Stark worked a miracle and she told us that she would be baptised with her husband the next day!!!!!! The mission is of miracles. That night was a celebration in the Catholic church that is kind of like halloween but they don't dress up. Anyway there were a lot of drunks and no one was in their houses.... So we had to go inside early. 
Sunday sunday sunday... Our day of miracles. Hector and Augustina were baptised in the morning!!!! We were all very happy and very blessed. That night there was the Christmas Devotional that I hope you were able to watch. It was incredible and to be completely honest it made me a little homesick but all is well all is well. Anyway we had to go to the South mission because it is where the closest Chapel is. So we rented a bus and our little branch headed for the Devotional. Hector came with us, we got to the chapel pretty early and sat down. About 20 minutes later a man came up and tapped Hector on the shoulder then the next thing I knew they were hugging and crying. I was a little bit confused as you all can imagine. But as it turns out, it was his brother. They hadn't seen or talked to eachother in 5 years because they lost contact. They are both recent converts to the church!!!! His brother has been a convert for 5 months and our sweet Hector that was baptised that very morning. His brother told us that he had been praying for the missionaries to find Hector. This moment in my mission brought me more joy than I have ever felt in my entire life. I know that our Heavenly Father loves every single one of His children and He answers our prayers. I am so grateful that I get to be a part of these miracles. I am blessed beyond imagine and I don't know if I will ever be able to come home. Don't get me wrong I love you all, but I am going to miss seeing the miracles.

Anyway I love you all very much!!! In 2 more weeks we will be skyping!!!! Have a great week and try not to be too cold... hahahaha....
Love Hermana Willardson!!! 

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