Monday, November 4, 2013

Week 9 in Nicaragua

Hey there family!! Man can you believe that it is already November? Where did October go right? Anyway I want to start this letter off by wishing the happiest of birthdays to my sweet, beautiful niece Eliza and my stud muffin of a nephew Cayden. I wish I could be there to celebrate but I tell myself its ok because they won't remember this birthday haha. :)
This week was a little crazy, but still really good!
Tuesday we did splits because there was a meeting in Managua for the leaders. I was put with Hermana Kent again. It was a really interesting experience being with another North American. She still doesn't speak much Spanish which meant I was basically alone. She would say hello and goodbye and that was about it. It was really good for me though because it showed me that I really can speak Spanish and teach without a Native. :)
Wednesday we had another meeting in Managua for the trainers and the newbies and I am still considered new so we had to go. I really like going to hear what President has to say. He is a very wise man. Then we got to go to McDonalds again :) It definitely isn't the same as in the states but it was still delicious.
Thursday we were out contacting and I was with a member of the Church who is 15. We knocked one door and the people were super friendly, they invited us in and we had a great converstaion. They told us that they go to our church every sunday but I had never seen them before. Anyway they fed us and gave us juice and just before we were about to go I reminded them where the church was... as it turns out they thought we were Jehova's Witnesses the whole time. Even though I told them at the beginning what Church we were from haha. Needless to say it was a bit awkward.
Friday we had the baptism of Madelyn. She is the daughter of some inactives, but had the huge desire to be baptized. I know for a fact she is going to be a missionary some day. After she was baptized she bore her testimony. This cute little 9 year old girl. She is adorable. Then that night we had a little more time so we celebrated Halloween :) we don't have much though so it wasn't too creative we were witches. They don't celebrate Halloween here because people think it is Satanic... haha...
Saturday was another great day in the work but nothing too much to report. It is getting hotter and hotter day by day
Last night around 2:00am I woke up because my whole bed was shaking and I thought it was Hermana Lopez trying to wake me up. Turns out it was just an Earthquake haha we had a good laugh and went back to bed. This life in Nicaragua sure is crazy. :)
Anyway That is about it for this week!! I will try to do something out of the ordinary this week so that I will have a good story to tell you all next week! I love you all and miss you tons!
Hermana Willardson!

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