Monday, November 18, 2013

Letter from Nov 18

Well guys, someone back home must have been praying for me to have something more exciting to write about this week because I definitely do have a lot more to tell you all.... hahaha oh boy.... 
Tuesday started out normal, we had our district meeting and it was probably the best one yet. Then we got to work and we were working really hard like normal because we have the goal to baptise every week. So we were out looking for the people that are ready for us. For some strange reason I had the desire to contact an apartment that was up 4 flights of stairs... Hermana Lopez thought I was crazy but we went anyway. There we found Silvia, she is the niece of one of the members of the ward and had recently moved into our area. So we taught her and she is super prepared for our message. Later that night we had a meeting with the ward mission leader and he told us that we are doing really good things for the ward of Ayapal. As we were walking home we got a phone call from the Zone Leaders.... They told me that I had to pack my things because I am needed in another area. We were really confused because transfers aren't until the 26th. The problem was that they didn't know where I was going or why. So I had to go get my clothes from the Bishops wife and start to pack my things. Elder Vivas and Elder Hernandez came to say goodbye and spend a little more time with us. It was super sad because I didn't have anytime to say goodbye to the members or my converts.. And I don't know when I will get to see them again. So we bought Coke in the bottle and sat on the steps of the apartment and waited for the Zone Leaders to call to tell us what was going on. At about 9:30 at night they called again and told me that I needed to be in Nagarote in the morning and that Hermana Lopez was going to get a new companion that was in our zone. So we went up to the apartment to pack my things and cry a little. It was definitely a sad night. I had no idea what was Nagarote or anything about my new companion. Or why I was being transfered early, especially because I am still technically in training hhaa.
Wednesday Elders QuiƱonez, Gonzalez, Vivas and Hernandez and Hermana Lopez all came to the bus stop to say goodbye.. It was really sad because we were really close and all of us were best friends. But anyway... haha I got on a bus with another Hermana and we came to Nagarote. My new companion is Hermana Cruz and she is really really awesome. There was a problem in Managua and for this we had to have emergency transfers. Don't worry it wasn't anything I did! Hahaha anyway Hermana Cruz is a TL which is the leader for the Hermanas in the Zone. Nagarote is about 45 minutes out of Managua and it has just about everything you could think of. From really really rich areas to extremely poor. Our area is super huge. I have been here almost a week and I still haven't seen all of the area. Hahaha so anyway we dropped off my suitcases and got to work. I met all of their converts and their investigators. I know that this area has a grand potential to grow into something better. Right now the ward is actually a branch. There are 562 people that are members of the church but on Sunday there were only 42 people there... So as you can imagine most of my work is in reactivation. But this town has a ton of problems haha. I am not going to go into the problems but just know that reactivation is not easy.  Anyway here is a funny story for you all, we were in one part of our area that is just dirt road and little tiny houses and we needed to be in another part of the area to meet with the ward mission leader. The problem was that motos, or taxis, or triciclos don't go to where we were. So we started walking, but we were already super late so we were praying for a miracle. As we were walking a man with his horse and cart passed by, I looked at my companion and we both just smilied and proceeded to ask the man if he could give us a ride into town. Hahahahaha so imagine two missionaries sitting in a cart being hauled into town. Oh man I laughed pretty hard. 
Anyway a little more back ground, in my zone there are only 8 missionaries. We are the only Hermanas in the entire zone. Haha So Friday there was a meeting for the leaders and I got to go because my companion is the TL. So I got to meet with President and sit in on the meeting. It was really interesting! After everyone told me that I am going to be the next TL. But I told them they were all crazy because I am still just starting out. 
Saturday we had the baptism of Ady and Alicia which is a family that they had been teaching for almost 3 months, and finally on Thursday they told us they were going to be baptised. So the font here is more like a big boxish thing full of water.. Haha I will have to take a picture for you guys. It is a bit humorous. 
Sunday I was just chillin in Sacrament meeting like usual when the Branch President announced that I would be giving one of the talks... Haha man the life of a missionary. So luckily I remembered my talk on the fall from the MTC so I just used that haha. 
Anyway today we went and hiked to try to find this river...But no one knew where exactly it was. All 8 missionaries from our zone went so it was nice to get to know them a little more,  but anyway, so we were hiking and hiking and it was hot. And we couldn't find this river so we kept walking and ended up at this really sketchy farm, haha, so the Elders went and asked for help. They returned with this man dressed in army clothes and he told us he would guide us to the river. So we followed him but he was pretty much running so we had to walk really fast... I tell you what I don't know why we were looking for this river because I was a river, we were all sweating really bad. Super delicious right? Haha. Anyway finally we found this so called river but it was more like a creek, kinda disappointing. But we brought chicken and bread so we lunched Nagarote style haha. Anyway now here I am exhausted :) Another funny story for you all... So Friday night they turned off the water for all of the city without telling us. We have been without water for 4 days now... This morning we knew we somehow had to shower. So we asked our neighbors (don't worry they are members) If they had some way for us to shower. They lead us to their bathroom and there was a big bucket full of water and a little bowl. So I have officially had my first bucket shower:) Cross that off the bucket list. Anyway I am really excited to be here in Nagarote. It is a little cooler than Ayapal so that is good. It is sad to not be with the people I was used too but I am happy :) I know I am here for a reason and I am learning more and more that in the mission nothing is about my timing. Everything is in the Lord's timing and he knew that I was needed here. I am ready and excited to work more in this area and get to know it better. I just hope that Hermana Cruz doesn't have transfers on the 26th because I don't know if I will know the area well enough haha but who knows! 
Anyway I love you all so much!!! Thank you for your prayers, I promise you I can feel them!
Hermana Willardson

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