Monday, January 5, 2015

Jan 5th 2015

Wow that felt like a long time without talking to you guys hhahaha I was convienced that I was going to sign on and have emails saying that amy had the babay, Good news I didn't revieve that email haha. So this week was a really good one.. honestly one of the most bitter sweet weeks of the misiĆ³n.. its really really hard for me to see it all come to an end but at the same time there are a lot of rewarding things that I got to see this week. But lets start with Sunday, Remember how i told you all about Luis?? The one that the missionaries had been teaching for 4 years but went to church for the first time with us... anyway last Sunday he was baptized :) all of his family was there and it was one of my most Spiritual baptisms. I loved it.
Monday we had the Christmas party, first off thank you Grandma and Grandpa for your christmas package :) it was so nice of you guys to send me something!! Also I got Nates wedding invite!!!!! They look just like Pocohantas and John Smith!!!!! Sweeeeeeetttttt!!!!!! hahahah anyway normally all of the mission gets together to have the party but we are too far away to go so President just comes here and we party. We had to come up with talents to do as a district and one as a companionship. SO for our talent as a district we made a video similar to the one on youtube called "how animals eat their food." Anyway it is hilarious. I will have to show it to you guys when I get there. And then haha for our talent as a companionship we had made a horse suit and we danced in our horse suit :) that is also a video that I will have to show you. Haha But it was cool because Hermana Behan came for the weekend to work wih us!!! She is so awesome and I took her to get to know a little bit of my piece of heaven. Sunday morning I climbed the tree and got down coconuts to eat for breakfast, and I made her take water out of the well haha. It was funny. Lets see, Tuesday was a normal day, working and getting things ready to go because on Wednesday I went to Managua. The leaders meeting was on Friday but due to the whole world celebrating Alyssas birthday we had to leave early. SO we flew out of Puerto in a TINY TINY plane with only 10 people. Ya it was pretty sweet I wont lie. I was sitting right behind the pilot and I asked him annoying questions the whole way such as "what does  THAT button do" hahaha it was fun. The Zone leaders laughed at me. It was however slightly uncomfortable because I had to travel alone with 2 elders and the nurse forgot that she needed to come pick me up from the airport so I had to stick around with the elders hhaha. Weird... anyway I got in to managua at about 6:00pm New Years eve and I went and got to work a little with Hermana Alan and her companion. That night I kneeled down and Thanked my Heavenly Father for letting me pass the whole year of 2014 in Nicaragua...working in HIS work, being HIS instrument and becoming the person HE wants me to be. I am so so grateful for the year of 2014.. It was the BEST year of and for my life. It one of those prayers of solid gratitude. I have been so incredibly blessed this year. I can not get my heart to understand that it is ending because everytime I think about it my little heart breaks a little more ha.. anyway I did buy sparklers but we never lit them haha. I was very tired. But then Thursday I got to work all day with just hermana Alan :) for the first time in a year we were able to work together again. It was seriously awesome for me to see how much she has grown :`) seriously she is an incredible missionary and as her trainer I felt very proud...It was a very tender moment because working with her let me know that the mission is in good hands. I love her so much. :) Then Friday... my last leaders meeting... at the end of it President invited me to give my last testimony... I have been a leader my whole mission and it was strange for me to think that I wont be in the next meeting haha. When they said the closing prayer I cried haha. I cant get a grip on my emotions, its embarrassing haha.But Friday night I got to go back to my old area in Managua and work with Hermana Palencia :D both of my daughters in one week. When she saw me she yelled "MOM" and burst into tears.. it was tender. :) So I got to go see some of my converts and the people that she has baptized since I left. The very last family we contacted together got baptized :) I am so proud of her too. She is awesome. Then Saturday morning I flew back to puerto and we had the wedding and baptism of Jahkalina and Alfredo (they are a family that Ricardo, my convert, introduced us to 3 weeks ago.) They had gone to church every week since we met them and reading the BOM their wedding and baptism was super tender as well!! She was really nervous but we talked her through it and they were super happy. I am so so so grateful that God is merciful and even though I am not perfect He trusts me to do His work and He helps me do it His way. That is why the mission is incredible. Because its nothing that I do.. its all about what the Lord lets me do :) 
I hope you all passed a good new year!!! Next week will be the last time I write... so all of you that havent written in about 18 months should at least send one for next week hahaha. I love you all!!!  Until next week!
Hermana Willardson

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