Monday, July 7, 2014

Just another week in Paradise

June 23,2014
Hey there family!!! I hope you are all doing well! This week was another great one here in the service of my Lord!!! Actually this week I spent a whole bunch of time in a bus.. that was pretty awful haha but I made the best of it and took some naps. I mean... read Preach my Gospel... haha just kidding. I was exhausted so yes I took advantage of the time and rested a minute or two. I felt like it was justified. 
SO lets start off with Monday, monday we decided to play waterballoon volleyball!!! It was super sweet until someone got angry and then it just turned into a huge waterballoon fight. HAha that was actually still pretty fun though because it was a hot day and we were all sweating. Then at night it rained and seriously it felt like it was snowing because it was SO COLD!!! I had to go to the house to grab a jacket. Yes, it really was cold. 
Tuesday we got to work early and worked hard all day we found a couple new families. One of these new families is named Yadira and Lester. They have a cute little girl named Catarine. I had the feeling to talk to them as we were walking to our next appointment and they were on their way to their house. They were really interested and told us to please come back. We were like well OF COURSE we will come back haha!!! They are super cute!! 
Wednesday we had to go to managua for a leaders meeting. It was with all of the new leaders so I knew some transfers early. :) but it was only us with a couple of the other zones so I didn't know who all of the new leaders would be. It was really great because they trained the new District Leaders how to do things and they trained the Zone Leaders how to be more effective as well. Then they talked to us to help us on how we can do intercambios better. It was a really great beneficial day. I enjoyed it quite a bit!!! I am started to like the meetings because you can learn SO MUCH from president. He is seriously one of the smartest men I know and I am unbelievably (that is spelled wrong I know) grateful to be so close to him!!! He has such a strong spirit and just knows how to do things that will really help the mission. Right now we are changing a lot of things that we are doing to try to better the mission as a whole. How to retain the people we have baptized and how to teach more effectively. Seriously it is a huge blessing for the mission and I know it is going to help a ton!!!! 
Thursday we did intercambios with Hermana Cahan and Hermana Janzen, I was with Hermana Cahan. I was super excited to work with her because I swear she is Annies twin. She is SO HILARIOUS and she has been one of my best friends ever since I got to matagalpa. We spent the whole day laughing. We went back with Lester and Yadira and taught them lesson 1. (the jose smith lesson) Seriously the spirit was so so strong and they were SO receptive to the message that we have. We invited them to be baptized for the 5th of July and they said YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WAHHHHHOOOOOOOOOOO Fill be baptizmal font ladies and gents. I am so happy for them 
Friday we had to go back to managua to drop my companion off and then I came back with hermana RAymond to do more intercambios. I always love working with her because she just knows how to do the work and I always learn from her!!! We found 3 new families and invited everyone that we talked to to be baptised :) Some of them said yes and some said no. But at least now they understand why we are here as missionaries. It was a very spiritual high day :) I loved it.
Saturday I had to go back to managua to drop off hermana Raymond and bring home my compaion. We celebrated her birthday a little bit.. but I am OUT OF MONEY completely from all of my travels to managua... so I couldn't buy her much... I made a pretty sweet card though. Then we brought our golden family to the baptizm of the elders and the spirit was so so strong they are totally going to get baptized :) I am stoked. ALSO my daughter is going to be a TL!!!! WAHOOOO we found out the transfers and I am still with my companion :) killin it here in Matagalpa!!!
Sunday we had 3 families in Church :) it was the miracle we have been praying and working for. Somehting  that I have learned is that I need to work like everything depends on me but pray like everything depends on God. I have such a strong testimony that God answers prayers. Before the mission I knew that He listened but here in the mission I ahve really had to rely on Him. I am grateful because it has strengthened my testimony so so much! And my relationship with my Heavenly Father. I am grateful for you all and for the support you always give me. 

As for my friends that have now completely forgotten about me... a little letter from yall would be appreciated. 
But as for my family you guys rock!!! Thanks for EVERYTHING!!! I LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH!!!

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