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Hey all you Powell Poopers

June 30,2014
Hey there all you crazy Lake Powell poopers. I will have you know that I haven't thought about Lake Powell at all this week.. hahaha just kidding.. Even if you didn't tell me that you were there I already knew :) But I am actually not all that sad that I am not there because things in the mission are going great!!! Remember how I told you guys that at the beginning at the month that as a mission we had a goal of Baptizing 102 families this month?? Well as of right now we have 99 baptized and the possibility of baptizing 4 more today... PRAY REALLY HARD WHEN YOU GET THIS EMAIL!!! The Miracle of June is still very possible!!! We just have today to do it. I totally know that it is possible. We have been working hard to hit our goal, not only here but helping the other sisters as well. I am super excited!! Oh man I can't even focus on this letter there are so many things going on in my mind right now. I got some interesting news today and now my thoughts are just all over the place.. Things are changing back home big time. Haha. Gosh guys why do you gotta be changin?? 
Anyway I will fill you in on what happened this week!! There are so many miracles to fill you all in on. I am stoked. Ok so last week we met a family that the Mom is a member but her husband and son aren't so on Tuesday we went to go teach them and the father and son told us they wanted to be baptized this week... what the... well ok!!! Seriously the Lord knew we were looking for another family to baptize and he put them right in our path. So Sunday after church we had their baptism :) It was a really spiritual experience. I loved it. 
This week I had a lot of moments where I just had to stop what I was doing and thank the Lord for His help in this work. Seriously He has given us some investigators that are INCREDIBLE: Remember how I told you last week that we are teaching Yadira and Lester? Well we had a lesson about the Word of Wisdom which is usually a pretty hard thing for the people to understand. Especially because the majority of them have drinken... drunken.... uhhh... whatever the proper word for that is...  coffee since infancy. But we brought a member with us and the Spirit was SO strong and they understood SO well. They told us that they don't even like coffee and they don't have a problem with any of the other things. Seriously a miracle. We are also teaching the 2 sisters of Yadira, they are named Yasmina (and her husband Enrique) and Elizabeth. They are INCREDIBLE as well. We gave them a Book of Mormon this week for them to read and everytime that we go there to ask if they read the homework we left them they will repeat us WORD FOR WORD what it said. Seriously... I have such a strong testimony that the Lord prepares the peoples hearts just in time for us to arrive. I stand all amazed. 
Another miracle, so this week we were super poor... I am not even kiddin... we had 20 cordobas to split between the two of us and no food... I was like oh man how are we going to survive.. haha because we had to wait 6 days until we could get food and as you all know my personal card hadn't been working. So we decided to pray and then go try to buy some food using my card... I had to put a lot of Faith into that prayer because the debit card that I have is really damaged... So we went to Super Estrella to buy some food.. and when we got to the ummm well that place where you pay I gave them my card and he tried it and it wouldn't work and wouldn't work... I was so bummed because we literally had NOTHING in the house.. not even water.. SO I sent up a fervent prayer to my Father in Heaven and I asked the man to try it one more time. AND IT WORKED!!!! Hahaha.. The Lord always provides. 
Now I have two really funny stories to finish you all off with. So this week I was in divisions with Hermana Quin and the only problem with my area is that if we need to go to the bathroom we have to return back to the city in a bus that takes about 30 minutes... or we could pee in a hole in the back of a converts house... and well she didn't want to do that.. So she was like hey I have to go to the bathroom and I was like well... I don't know where we can go. Then we started walking and ran into the river that is on the edge of our area and across the river is a big grove of trees.. the only problem was that we had to try to cross the river and with all the rain it has been pretty full lately. But she had to go so we started out to cross the river. Luckily I have become a Nicaraguan and I hopped across those rocks like a pro.. But the poor Hermana Quin wasn't quite as lucky and slipped on one of the rocks and got all wet hahahaha it was really funny because the water from the sewage runs into that water... so then she smelled the whole rest of the day as if she had peed her pants. 
This week it has rained a lot.. but not just normal rain we are talking about Nicaraguan rain... This is how it happens. One second you are walking all normal and sunny and then in literally in 15 seconds you will be drenched from head to toe from the rain. It doesn't even matter if you have an umbrella or not. You will be soaking haha. It is really exciting because the streets turn to rivers and then I get to practice my swimming. 
We were at the house of Arlen and her kids and we were going to do the last oracion and Ismael wanted to do it. So he closed his eyes and crossed his arms and this was his prayer "Heavenly Father thank you for sending us the hermanas, so that we can go to church, thank you for the hermana willy willy and the other one whose name I don't remember. Help us to brush our teeth so we can go to church, and brush our hair so we can go to church, and shine our shoes so we can go to church, and eat our rice and beans so we can go to church. Amen" Hahaha it was probably the best prayer I have ever heard. He is only 5 years old and he prayes better than I do. :) I sure do love that family. 
Anyway PLEASE BE SAFE THIS WEEK!!!! I love you all very much. But don't worry before you all know it I will be there bugging you again. 
I love you
Love Hermana Willardson 

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