Friday, June 6, 2014

June 2, 2014

Hello Family!
This week was another good one, working, falling, getting back up again, and working even harder. This Tuesday we had our monthly leaders meeting and we set a goal for the mission to baptize 102 families this month. It is going to take a lot of hard work and dedication but mostly it is going to take faith. I have learned a lot about faith since I ahve been on the mission, even though it is a small word it is really powerful. I think sometimes we forget about the power of faith. But we set this goal on Tuesday and I knew I needed to give all I have and more. So we started with a clean slate and we are giving it our all. 
This week we saw another miracle. A little while ago I told you all about a girl named Mizline, she has been coming to church with us since my first week here but never wanted to get baptized. This week we worked a lot with the Young Women in the branch and on Thursday she called us up and said "hermanas, I want to be baptized!!" So we were like well that is awesome, when? "Tomorrow" she said. So Friday morning we filled the baptizmal font and had a baptism. I love baptisms for the spirit that is there. With every different convert there is a different spirit and with Mizline I knew instantly that she is going to be not only a big help to the branch but to her family as well. She lives with her mom that was inactive for a long time. As well as her aunt and uncle and her grandparents. Now all of them are active because of her. I know that the Lord will use us as His intruments even if we aren't perfect. 
Sorry this is a little out of order, but Monday after writing we went to go have family night with some converts. When we were about to leave their daughter Johanna showed up with Sindy and her little brother. We found out that Sindy had walked with Ismael (5 years old) all the way to the church from their house (about 4 miles) for an activity. And then they were going to walk all the way back because they didn't have money for the bus. Luckily some members found out and gave her the 4 cordobas for the bus. It was pouring rain and they were soaking wet. It made me realize how lucky we are back in the States, to have the things that we do and yet we are still so ungrateful. This family of Arlen, Sindy, Hector, and Oscar have taught me so much. They live in a house made of sticks and plastic and yet they find some way to be at every church activity, every Sunday, and they are happier than 95% of the Americans I know. Even though they usually don't even have enough money to eat dinner. I have learned so so much from them. I know that God sent them to me not so that I could teach them but so they could teach me. Sometimes I wish that you could all come here to Nicaragua with me so that you could see what true joy really is. The people here have it figured out. 
This week I am pretty sure that we also met Batman. He is this white guy (first off it is strange to see white people here) that lives in the poor part of our area all alone. But he looks JUST LIKE BATMAN I am not even kidding you. He doesn't speak spanish hardly at all but one night he found us and was warning us that we shouldn't be in part of our area at night because it is dangerous. So we said thank you and then he started asking me what I was doing here. So we introduced ourselves and talked about the church for awhile. Then he went on the random speach about how he was in jail and the people there beat him and he almost died. He pretty much explained the whole story of Batman. And now I am convinced that it is him. So that marks that dream off of the list.
Anyway that is about all I have for you all this week. I hope you know I love you and pray for you often.
Love Hermana Willardson

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