Wednesday, June 11, 2014


Hey there family!!! How are you all doin? I am sure you are all loving that it is finally summer there :) Be sure to wear your sunscreen and be careful when you are swimming! I don't wanna hear about any accidents while I am gone ok??? Haha.
This week was another good one with a lot of work. As I mentioned in my last letter as a mission we have set a really high goal for this month. What that means is that every companionship needs to baptize at least one family. That means that as TLs my companion and I are always on the run trying to help out the other sisters plus trying to baptize more in our area too. It is exhausting, but I love it SO SO SO much. A lot of nights this week we have gotten home, send our numbers to the District leader and then just pass out on the couch still in our missionary clothes. We are blessed to have a couch to pass out on. I love the feeling of being a missionary and knowing that everyday I am doing something worth while. 
On Tuesday I headed out to a little town called La Dalia to help out the hermanas there. I kid you not it is literally the jungle. We had to take a bus for 2 hours outside of Matagalpa and then another rickity bus for about 20 minutes to get to this little town. When I got there I just stood in awe of the beauty of Nicaragua. Everything is so GREEN haha. So we got there and got to work. It is the start of the rainy season so when it rains... it rains... and we usually get soaking wet. It doesn't even really matter if we have an umbrella because you get soaked either way. But we were walking down part of the mountain and it was pouring rain. And well.. the streets are just dirt road and my shoes gave out from under me and I slid down the hill in the mud hahaha. My skirt was covered in mud... I would have taken a picture but it is a little dangerous there so I didn't bring my camera. But the hermana I was with was so worried for me and I just laughed and laughed and laughed. I have a feeling that with the rain this is going to happen a lot. It is an adventure on this side of town :). The branch in La Dalia usually has an assitance of about 10 people. Incuding the missionaries there. It is an area a little difficult but we found 3 new families for the sisters to teach there!!! It was a good day. 
Wednesday I got back to my area and we got to work. Right now we are teaching 10 families and we have a goal of 15 families teaching but it is HARD haha. Sometimes there are people that are so positive when we first talk to them and then we go a second time and the Jehovas Witness have gone and talked bad about the church. The people here have some of the funniest rumors about the church... makes me laugh sometimes. 
Thursday I headed out to Ciudad Dario. It is another area super cool. Gosh my English sucks.. haha. Anyway while I was there, we went to go look for some new people for them to teach and we found this old couple that looked really friendly so we went up and talked to them. Turns out that they are Jehovas Witness tambien... so when we got there they were like oh come sit down we want to talk with you ... so I was thinking oh sweet they are positive... then when I saw that the old man went to go get his Bible I knew that they didn't really want to listen. The hermana I was with is new so she didn't really know that when the people want to fight it is better to just walk away so she whipped out her Bible too... Then it was just awful... there are few things that make me mad these days but Bible bashes get me heated really fast.. haha. It is a problem.. so they started going off and I was like this is a waste of time. So I stood up in the middle of the converstation and I was like well when you want to LEARN give us a call. And I started walking away.. the little hermana following behind haha
Friday we had a conference with President. Seriously that man knows how to call the Spirit. I always LOVE meetings with him because he leaves everyone with the desire to go out and work better. We heard the testimonies of the people that are going home and it was weird for me... Elder Whited was my Zone Leader in Leon and now he is the Zone Leader in Esteli so whenever the hermanas in Esteli need help he calls us up. Basically he has been my friend for awhile and he is going home this month. It is always sad to see your friends go and in this transfer and the next transfer we are losing A TON of missionaries. More than 50% of the leaders too. It makes me sad to see my friends go. But that is just how it goes. 
This Saturday we had the baptism of Byron.. I don't think I mentioned him in my last email but we have been working on activating this family and they finally went to church last week!!! WOOHOOO while we were there the little boy came up to us and told us that he wanted to be baptized :) So we taught him everyday and on Saturday his dad baptized him. It was really special to see the joy that the gospel brings to families. I am so grateful that I grew up in a house that always had the gospel. Even though we fight, cry, and sometimes yell, I know that my family is the best thing I have. All of my favorite memories are from my family and I have been truely blessed to have you all. Thank you for all of your love and support these passed 21 years. I love you all so so much!!!
Be good and say your prayers :) 
Pray for the miracle of June!!

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