Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Saying goodbye to Nagarote

Bueno familia... Here is the big news of the week. I had transfers and I will now be serving in Matagalpa. It is the mountain area of Nicaragua and it is really beautiful. I am really excited to go work there. Now I am not saying that it was easy to leave Nagarote but I am learning that in the mission, almost nothing is really my decision haha. I get to put my trust 100% in the Lord and see where the journey takes me. It is the best!!! I get to see lots of surprises. My daughter is going to train!!!! WOOOOHOOOO I AM A GRANDMA!!!! I feel really young to have a grandaughter already but thats just how things work I guess haha. This letter is going to be a quick one because I don't have tons of time to write today. So just know I will send you a bigger better letter next week but we just got a lot to do today. So if I don't write you back don't hate me. I will write next week!!! I love you all and I will be sure to send photos!! 
Hermana Willardson 

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