Monday, April 21, 2014

Birthday week!

Well Family!!!! Here I am one year older and wiser too, haha just kidding I am still the same old me. Just now when people ask me how old I am I have to remember that I can't just say 20. Hahaha Anyways this week was quite the adventure...
Tuesday we headed to an area called San Ramon, it is part of our district and the elders there haven't had a baptism in about 2 months so the whole district went to their area to try to help them find some new people to teach. While we were there Hermana Morales and I found three super awesome families for them to teach and they were really excited. But as we were waiting for the bus to go back to Matagalpa we found the statue of the man sitting on a bench so that is where we took those funny fotos if you see them haha. 
Wednesday we got up early and headed off to Esteli, I dropped my companion off there because she really wanted to work in Esteli and I came back with the Hermana Taufoou. She was in the MTC with me and it is the first time I actually got to work with someone that has my same time, so I was super stoked... but at lunch time my companion called me and this is how the conversation went.. I am going to translate it to english don't worry. 
"Hey Willy,"
"Hey Morales whats up?"
" I have some interesting news for you"
"Well that sounds exciting, what happened?" 
"So remember how this week is semana Santa?"
"Well there aren't going to be buses from Esteli to Matagalpa until Saturday..."
"hmmm well that is interesting news isn't it"
"ya and the last bus from here leaves at 5:30"
So Hna Taufoou and I hopped on a bus to Esteli real fast to bring my companion back to our area. We only had 2 hours to work in our area. That night I recieved another interesting phone call...
"Hey Willy!!"
"Hey Hermana Raymond wazup gurlllllll!!!!"
"ah nothin much just callin because we want to do divisiones with you guys tomorrow. You are going to come here to Managua and my companion is going to go to your area. But you are going to be here Thursday and Friday and then Saturday morning we will switch back."
"ya ok :) I will go where you send me"
So bright and early Thursday morning we got on a bus to go to Managua. When I got there Hermana Raymond sent her companion (Hermana Miller) with my companion back to Matagalpa and we hopped in a different taxi. That is where I had another interesting converstion...
"So do you know why we called you here willy?"
"ummm not really I thought just to do divisions like normal.."
"Well that yes, but also we need your help, today you are going to go to "so and so" area and we need you to go find new families with this hermana and put baptism dates with them."
"Uhhh... well ok you put me in an area and I will work"
"well duh that is why we called you in!" 
hahahaha So that day I headed to do divisions with Hermana Ferrin. She is super awesome and we found 3 new families for them to teach!! While I was there I decided I would reward us with some cokes. So I bought us some cokes and as we were walking down the street we went to go contact a famliy. They looked at us SUPER weird and said "WHY ARE YOU DRINKING COKE?!?!?! ARENT YOU MORMONS!!!" To which I replied calmly and told them that we can drink coke. Then they tried to tell me that I was wrong... hahaha... fighting with a missionary about what we believe... silly people. Ok we weren't fighting it was a loving discussion but still I found it humorous. 
Friday I got back with Hermana Raymond when she got to the house of hermana Ferrin we realized that we were 100% matching... same exact skirt with the same color of shirt. We had a good laugh about it because it was a total accident. Then we went to her district meeting and when I got there I remembered that Elder Vivas is her district leader (he was my first DL) so it was super fun to be in another one of his district meetings haha brought back some good memories. Then Hermana Raymond took me to Pizza hut to celebrate my birthday a little early :) She even bought me a brownie... I felt super weird being in a nice restraunt again but it was a good time. Hehe. Lets see then we got to work like normal, with a lot of people asking us if we were sisters, to which we replied that yes. So we just passed the "hottest week of the year" and I was super excited because I thought I was going to pass it in Matagalpa but I got sent to Managua hahaha but it was super funny because you would walk down the street and 7 of 10 houses would have a blow up pool outside of their house and the whole family, and neighbors, would just be chilling in their pool!!!!! Seriously EVERYONE was chillin in a pool outside of their house. It made contacting easy but a little awkward at the same time. just talking with everyone as they sat in their plasitc pools. Haha. That night Hermana Raymond woke me up at midnight to celebrate my birthday a little. We made mashed potatoes from a box and they were pretty tasty haha. 
Saturday I headed back to Matagalpa. 3 hours in a bus haha if someone would have told me a year ago that I would be spending my 21st birthday in  Nicaragua I wouldn't have believed you!!! But I am so grateful that I am here :) we got to work like normal when I got home and that night we went and got some tip top (it is just like KFC) my DL Elder Lopez wanted me to feel at home so we went there hahaha I am not sure why he thinks that fried chicken would make me feel at home ;)  All in all it was a really great birthday!!! I enjoyed myself!!! 
A little update on our investigators, Mario and Juana are getting all prepared for their wedding and baptism this Saturday and Judith for this Sunday after church. We wanted to baptise the kids of Mario and Juana with them on Saturday but they didn't come to church yesterday so we will see what happens. We are still here working hard and hoping that more people will be home this week. Almost all of Matagalpa left to go to the beach this week so it was a little bit of a hard week to work but all is well here in the land that I love. This week I will be hitting my half way mark. Time sure does fly, I know that before I know it I will be sitting on a plane with a million different feelings. SO I don't want to have any regrets, even though I am tired I am going to give this last half all I have. I want to be like the guy that ran the mile in 4 minutes. When I cross that finish line I want to be so so so exhausted!!! I am going to give it my all :) Thank you to all of you that sent me happy birthday emails!!!!! I love you all and miss you tons!!!!
Hermana Willardson

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