Monday, April 7, 2014

From the mountains

Hey there family!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY CHACE!!!!
Sorry about the stinky letter last week we literally only had a little to write and I needed to write President and everything so it was a bit of a rush. Anyway I don't really remember what day happened what so I am just going to explain all of the week and we will see if it makes sense. Haha but my companion doesn't speak english now so I have no one to practice with so if my english isn't good dont judge. 
Alright so last Sunday night I knew I was going to have changes, don't ask me how it was just a sixth sense. Anyway we were saying goodbye to some families and we were with the Chavez family when we got a call from the APs. So we answered and they told my daughter she was going to be one of 2 new trainers so I was pretty excited. She was nervous but I was excited. Then it hit me that that meant that I had to say goodbye to Nagarote... that was awful. It was the first time that I had to go tell people that I had served and grown to love that I wasn't going to be around.. Ya anyway that wasn't fun. So monday we had to go to Managua to drop off my daughter for a new trainers meeting. Then on that night we had our last night together at the house of the nurse. I told her a lot of things that I think will help her be a good trainer. That was also a sad night. I have grown to love all of my companions so much but it is definitely different when you are a trainer because you pass through a lot of stuff together. I hope I get the chance to train again. I really loved it. Anyway they let me know that I would be going to Matagalpa, I was excited because everyone wants to come here. So on Tuesday I went to the chapel in Managua and met my new companion. I knew her from my first transfer but I had never gotten to work with her. I had heard only good things so I was excited. SO we jumped on a bus and headed for 3 hours to Matagalpa. The first day was a little tough because it is 100% mountain so 100% hiking. All the time!! And we all know how much I love hiking right... hahaha so the first day I got to drag my luggage up a huge hill and that was exciting haha. Anyway that day my companion tried to show me all of the area and I was so lost haha because I am super good with directions and all... hehehe. That night when we went to go sleep I got super super super cold. It is definitely cold here... I actually have a cold because of the temperature change. I am gonna need to buy some sweaters hahaha. Anyway... what was I saying... oh ya. So Wednesday we were walking learning the area and we contacted this old man that wasn't interested but I asked him if he knew anyone that could benefit from our message and he gave us a reference for a family named Juana and Mario. SO we went to go teach them, turns out they have been looking for a church to be baptized and married in...well lucky for them that is my specialty haha. It was AWESOME to see that we could get a sweet reference from someone that wasn't positive at all. We have plans to marry and baptize this family on the 19th for my birthday. Pray that all will go well :)
Thursday we headed back to Managua for a leaders conference. There President told meat I waould not just be in charge of helping the Hermanas in Matagalpa but in Esteli as well. Another responsibility that I am happy to have. :) I am glad that President trusts me to give me these responsibilities. Also I know that they help me work harder. Even though I am really tired haha these mountains are killin me. Anyway on the bus ride back there wasn't anyone hardly. We left Managua at about 7:00 and didn't get back until 10:00 and  the whole bus ride they were playing english classics on the tv. Elder Ochoa (quick explination Elder Ochoa was my Zone Leader in Leon and I was his TL for the whole time I was there, he got transfered to Matagalpa as ZL and I got transfered here as TL so we get to work together still haha. funny funny.) Anyway he is from Guatemala but he knew EVERY SINGLE SONG that played so we had a good time singing Celine Dion, Billy Joel and other classics. 
Friday was a day of a lot of work to get things ready for Conference weekend (which is like Christmas weekend in the mission.) We went with every single investigator, Convert and Less Active... literally RUNNING up and down these mountains, not let me assure you that these aren't hills they are mountains. I was pretty tired but the Lord is definitely blessing me with sufficient energie to work. We got to go listen to all of the conferences which was a blessing. There were some amazing talks don't you think? There were some that I know were specifically for me. I love Conference. Anyway we were working really hard because in my first area my Zone Leader (Elder Fusichella Woot woot) made us a promise that everyone that he has ever taken to conference has gotten baptized. This happened my first conference too so I knew it was true. So saturday rolled around and we didn't have anyone come with us because they could all only come on Sunday so we did a special fast to help us have good results on Sunday. Family, Friends and who ever else reads these letters, Fasts work!!!!!!
Sunday morning we had 3 families come with us to conference and the talks were INCREDIBLE!!!!!!! I am super excited to see what happens with these families. One of them is a family where the wife is a member and the husband isn't. He only speaks English too so that has been interesting to try to teach him because I dont know english hahaha. The other family is/are the people that we live with. He is Jewish which is also something new for me because I have never tought a Jew before and the third family was Juana and Mario. We also had Misline which is a joven that wants to be baptized this week and her mom. It was a great turn out and we saw miracles. I love Matagalpa and I am really excited to get my feet down on the area and start working. Anyway I hope you all know I love you so much and I will promise to be a better writer. HEY CONGRATULATIONS TO MY COUSIN CLARE!!!!! Hawaii doesn't know whats coming!!! Hit them hard girl!!!
Love you all
Hermana Willardson

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